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The Obama Morning News || May 20, 2011

President Obama called for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations to be based on the 1967 borders, spurring criticism from Israel as Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu get set to meet today.

Republicans said Obama had undermined Israel. Jewish donors warned Obama that his stance on Israel could dry up funds.

Arabs listening to the president’s call for freedom wonder where he’s been. The single biggest piece of news for them may have been Obama’s willingness to slam the crackdown by Bahrain, a key U.S. ally.

CIA Director Panetta told his employees to stop leaking details of the Bin Laden raid.

Michelle Obama is starting to join her husband on the campaign trail, appearing at a fundraiser.

Obama’s plan to keep Meuller at the FBI spurs some dissent from the ranks. Republicans blocked a left wing Obama judicial nomination.

Obama departs Sunday on a six day trip to Europe to remind The Continent that he cares.

And the birther book, titled “Where’s the Birth Certificate,” is flying of the shelves, despite the release of Obama’s birth certificate.

4 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || May 20, 2011”

  1. Here we are again…Groundhog Day. Remember back in 2009 when he got his lackey Holder to release the top secret CIA interrogation memos? Then he made a visit to CIA HQ to gloat about it. Here we go again. Panetta tells CIA to zip it, because it couldn’t possibly be anybody else but the CIA who has diarrhea mouth. Here he comes again, the master of deception, to stand in front of them and blame them for his indiscretions. I knew this man would be bad for America, but I never imagined he could do so much damage with absolutely no challenge from the press or our leadership.

  2. Could dry up funds? and that’s the best that “Jewish donors” could do?
    This Prez could not have been clearer in his message yesterday that he’s hoping that the Israelis commit mass suicide. He throws his/our support to the umpty-millions of Muslims who wish only for our deaths, promises them our money to make their lives better, and dismisses the only democracy in the MiddleEast.
    As word spreads of this betrayal of Israel throughout America, the belief that MrO is, indeed, an anti-American Muslim will grow.

  3. We’ve seen this man’s true colors: Barack Hussein Obama is an open and affirming anti-Semite, typical of the mainstream, white (and black), educated, liberal bigots that inhabit their Klan cubby holes in D.C. They held the pedophile-murderer Arafat in high regard and secretely, deep-down, are supporters of pan-Arab terrorism and extremism.

    Barack Obama is a modern day Kapo. Remember the Kapo’s? They were the Jewish camp guards that did the bidding for the SS in return for better rations and living conditions. Obama will do the bidding of the Arab states … and if it causes a Middle Eastern war in which Israel is pushed into the ocean, feh, who cares. They are just *Jews*.

    Who cares? Jews are expendable.

    Liberals are now modern-day Nazi’s. Doing the bidding of Adolf Hitler.

    Obama is but an expertly coiffed, sweet-smelling SS Obersturmbanfuhrer, that who would, given the chance, sink a knife into the heart of Israel and kill it.

    The Republicans? Where are they?

    The cocaine-sniffing, cocktail swilling, rich, elitists could care less … as a shadowy anti-Semitism has infected the Republican Party. You won’t hear Boehner or anyone else stand up and call Obama a bigot. That would not be nice. Not gentlemanly. A lack of deportment. The Republicans will sell Israel to the highest bidder to get a 3% return on their Wall Street stocks.

    We have a Nazi in the White House.

    The Bible says, “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.”

    Let us pray to G-d to protect the Jewish State from our President, the Arabs, liberal politicians and global anti-Semitism. May the safety of the Jewish State be forever in our prayers.


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