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Netanyahu Rejects Obama Plan in Front of Obama

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu today rejected the key proposal in President Obama’s Thursday address on the Middle East, stating unequivocally that Israel will not return to the 1967 borders.

Netanyahu, in deeply personal remarks made in the Oval Office after the two leaders met, called the borders indefensible and said they had created the temptation for past attacks.

While Israel is prepared to make generous compromises for peace, it cannot go back to the 1967 lines — because these lines are indefensible; because they don’t take into account certain changes that have taken place on the ground, demographic changes that have taken place over the last 44 years.

Remember that, before 1967, Israel was all of nine miles wide.  It was half the width of the Washington Beltway.

While saying he planned to continue to try to find a peace deal, Netanyahu ruled out negotiating with Hamas and said the Palestinians could forget about the right of return, a key demand that would allow those who left after the 1948 war of Israeli independence to repopulate Israel and effectively end the Jewish character of the state.

Leaning forward as the two men sat in adjoining chairs, Netanyahu seemed to be almost pleading with a physically recoiling Obama to understand that Jewish history had passed the task of safeguarding his people onto him in his role as prime minister.

And now it falls on my shoulders as the Prime Minister of Israel, at a time of extraordinary instability and uncertainty in the Middle East, to work with you to fashion a peace that will ensure Israel’s security and will not jeopardize its survival.  I take this responsibility with pride but with great humility, because, as I told you in our conversation, we don’t have a lot of margin for error.  And because, Mr. President, history will not give the Jewish people another chance.

Obama in his remarks did not mention his proposal of yesterday to start negotiations with the assumption of a return to the 1967 borders. He sought to minimize differences that occurred during the 90 minutes of one on one meetings between the two leaders.

Obviously there are some differences between us in the precise formulations and language, and that’s going to happen between friends.  But what we are in complete accord about is that a true peace can only occur if the ultimate resolution allows Israel to defend itself against threats, and that Israel’s security will remain paramount in U.S. evaluations of any prospective peace deal.

Ninety minutes of meetings between world leaders without the crutch of aides is a remarkable testament to the knowledge and confidence of both men. And if the two leaders didn’t know whether to like or dislike each other before, they know now. And judging by Obama’s body language during the session, it doesn’t seem like they suddenly became buddies.

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  1. The Great Insulter of DC got knocked back on his behind today by a much bigger man than he.
    When MrO scheduled his oh-so-important speech on the MiddleEast one day before meeting with PMNetanyahu, he hoped to force the Israelis into accepting his two-state plan by insulting their intelligence and their resolve.
    By relying again on receiving the undue respect from those he has insulted in the past, he got his long overdue smackdown.
    It was a grand moment.

    1. Yes it was a grand moment srdem. PM Netanyahu made me yearn for the days when we had a president who would stand up for America.

    2. Wholeheartedly agree srdem65.

      Long overdue rebuke, and obvious to all that Obama couldn’t carry Ben’s lunch box.

      I wonder if Barry will be grabbing 78% of the Jewish vote this time around or do they just not give a shit.

    1. Granny Jan – You said last week that the time for the I, I, I, Me, Me, Me, my, my, my video had passed. I don’t think so. How much more egotiscal/narcissistic (sp.?) can this guy get? Observations on body language (Mr. Present) would be appreciated. My, my, my mom who works hard to earn money for my, my, my dinner needs to feed me, me, me. Hope to awaken ( the first thing I read in the morning} to another video tomorrow (the last thing I read at night. Boo Kitty

  2. I saw the replay. During the whole thing, I kept hearing a bell ring. Probably because Netanyahu was taking Obama to school.

  3. 20 years of Rev. Wright’s preaching into Obama’s ears about the eeevils of Israel and the Jewish people has had its effect. Obama is about to destroy Israel and if so, bring forward a true conflagration in the Middle East.

  4. What?

    Reject The Messiah’s plan for peace?

    Why not have Jewish families walk into the waiting muzzle’s of FATAH and HAMAS’ Kalashnikov’s? Why not have Obama establish concentration camps, staffed by liberals from the Democratic Party as Camp Guards?

    Obama is a sweet-smelling, erudite, educated, Nazi. He seeks the total elimination of the Jewish state as the proxy of the world’s Arab fascists.

    It’s time Jewish leaders stood up and called this pathetic peice of human garbage what he is: Racist Filth.

    1. Thank you Tom. The unthinkable has already been thought – by, yes, the Nazi’s in the WH – Jarrett & Power & Obama & Soros nee Schwartz – the self-hating Jew collaborator.

      It gives me chills, literally, to think of Hillary & Jarrett & Power – the Nazirinas – plotting to destroy Israel and to create some NWO Palestinian state, with Jews as a “protected” minority, knowing – KNOWING – there will be massive bloodshed – and countless innocent lives lost.

      1. Roger that Miranda.

        Obama is a creature of 1970’s. Educated at the Marxist mental asylum at Harvard, he was later fed pro-Nazi trash by his bigot-racist preacher in Chicago: the *jews* are the enemy; Israel is a Zionist state seeking to murder Palestinians; we must support the Arab Nations. He learned from Rev. Jeremiah Wright that Jews must be “dealt with” and that Israel must be “forced to conceed.” A Nazi is not just a tall, blue-eyed, white-skinned Aryan. He can be lean, with coiffed hair and chisled good looks and have black skin. The black racist trash he ran with in CHI-town, taught him to hate the Jewish State and worship at the foot of Al’lah.

        Obama’s objective is the complete dismantling of the Jewish State, whether by fiat or with the support of the cocktail-swilling, cocaine-sniffing Republican elite’s who are willing to sell Israel to the highest bidder, in a McCain-esque way of gaining succor or favor from the Marxist-dominated press. Not ONE Republican has stood up and called Obama an anti-Semite. They are too afraid of the “political blowback.” They are pussies. Yellow. Weak.

        Obama see’s Israel, not Palestinian terror, as the stumbling block; only a man as violently unprincipled as he could render such a statement as: “Back to the pre-1967 borders.” Israel is but a small, tiny nation, surrounded by bigoted, racist, anti-Semitic Islamic nations who seek her complete and total eradication. Only someone as stupid as Barack Obama would think otherwise.

        When you spend time listening to gutter trash Cop-killing gangster rap, playing basketball and working NCAA brackets, you have no time to read history and discover that the Palestinians were supporters of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi Party and the Grand Mufti; you forget that the Nazi’s raised two complete divisions of SS-Muslim soldiers in Yugoslavia (fighting against Tito) or that the Arab states had backed the Nazi’s during the Second World War.

        Only someone like Barack Obama could be as gullible, stupid and juvenile.

  5. I know! damned inconvenient of those Jews to not want to commit suicide. what is WRONG with them? don’t they see the radiant glory of The One? oh–no wait–that’s right–they don’t like him because of his middle name, remember?

  6. Just watched it after work.All I’m gonna say is Bibi couldn’t of done a better job putting Barry in check.Only improvement would of been to reach over and slap him… I see Barry squirmed so much he looked like he had to pee.
    Sadly ,I expect war around Aug-Oct of this year between Hamas and Israel,and quit possibly the West Bank.I hope so then Israel can kick them all out and seal the border for good.Screw the neighbors.. Iran’s coming soon to a theater near you,and a poll I seen surveying 33 Arab countries residents and 64% actually favor Nato hitting Assad anfter Libya if he keeps killing his subjects, so who knows there..Ill look for the link to that,always better to go to the sources instead of the NYT,lol.

  7. Obama wants Israel to return to its old borders, then I say fine, but let Israel pick which prior border. I would recommend the borders from 990BCE when Israel extended from the Sinai to well north of Damascus. After all Israel lost those lands during wars, not unlike the lands that Egypt, Jordan, Syria et al lost when THEY invaded Israel.

    1. Israel should INVADE the West Bank, take it back, and then INVADE the Sinai and reinforce it. Stick two armored divisions (south), anchoring a line from Sharm-el-shaik to the coast. And if need be, INVADE Lebanon and create a 25-mile buffer to the north with Lebanon-Syria-Jordan. Abdullah II is no King Abdullah. He cannot be trusted.

      It is time for Israel to repeat her Sixth Day War victories and seek total border security.

      Palestinians who revolt – should be forced OUT of the land and into Jordan. Let the Arab World deal with this racist group of Nazi’s. These are the same people who supported the Pedophile-Terrorist Arafat. They were also driven out of Jordan in 1970 when Arafat attempted to create a Narco-terror-state in Jordan – out of this came Black September and the Munich Massacre Jewish athletes.


      Never again.

      Israel should attack, INVADE and BUFFER.

      In 20 years the Arabs will attack Israel and if the Israeli’s are not prepared, they will be driven into the sea. Dont think it cant happen. It can. Rhodesia was destroyed … and in its place we have the holocaust of Zimbabwe, where the Communists have all but destroyed the nation, courtesy of England, the U.S.(Carter) and the U.N.

  8. I just watched the entire 7min 50sec presser at the WH between Obama and Netanyahu.

    Several points:

    1. The pre-1967 borders would reduce Israel to an 8-mile wide nation, enough for two battalions to break through, cut the nation in two and cause panic among its citizenry.

    2. The Palestinians (who were led by the Nazi Arafat and now by the Nazi Abbas) seek a complete state *WITHIN* Israel … and as Bibi so delicately put it, “this will not take place. Not within the Jewish state.” Amen, brutha.

    3. The solution will have to come from the Palestinians. Do they continue their war against Israel or make true peace and become partners? Do they continue schooling and indoctrinating their children in racist, anti-Semitic propaganda (with money from Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and other “American allies”)?

    The obvious answer is obviously: No. There will be no peace. Were past that.

    Obama will attempt to hobble Israel with sanctions or threats of reduction in funds to bring her to the table to deal with the Arab-Nazi’s.

    The Israeli’s must tell Obama to f— off.

  9. Tom –Not ONE Republican has stood up and called Obama an anti-Semite. They are too afraid of the “political blowback.” They are pussies. Yellow. Weak.–

    While it appears it is mostly the reps who have condemned and called on this DEMOCRATIC president on several occasions about his total disrespect and regard for ALL out allies. Especially Israel.
    Call him anti Semite?
    That would be great if any REP could .. but I would assume EVERYONE knows that would be the equivalent of personal and political suicide.. I suggest you address your outrage towards those who built, bought and paid for this fool. The Democrats. Especially the the democrat Jews of this nation who are funding and backing this President.. The republicans do NOT keep this President in power.. it is the ENTIRE democrat machine that does his bidding.

  10. Israelis unwilling to commit suicide: yet more than up to continued murdering of the native Palestinians, whose land they have usurped, in order to preserve their precious “chosen ones”-selves.

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