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Live Stream || Carney Briefing – May 20, 2011

21 thoughts on “Live Stream || Carney Briefing – May 20, 2011”

  1. Wow! O is kissing butt – watching Fox at 1:57 where O is mentioning how many times Netanyahu has been to the WH etc

    Quite a turn-around – not exiting out the back door past the garbage cans this time.

    How much you wanna bet that Mossad has compiled quite impressive dossiers on both Obama & that traitor Jarrett? And that Netanyahu shared some of those juicy tidbits with the Imposter-in-Chief?

    Israel is NOT stupid – they’re not amateurs. Living under the threat of death every single day by insane Muslim homicide bombers & slaughterers of innocent families kind of makes you a little paranoid.

    1. N: “the peace of illusions will crash upon the rocks of Middle Eastern realities” …. excellent!

      N is telling O that Hamas even attacked O for killing UBL. Ha! O is getting his ass whipped by a real leader w/ a brain.

      No to “right of return” – he is really explaining the situation in a way that the Leftist media never does.

      N is laying out the history of Israel – what he’s doing is appealing to the American people – good. That’s exactly what he has to do – counter the pure evil w/in the Obama admin by presenting Israel’s case to Americans – who do not want another Holocaust. N knows he is fighting for the very lives of his people.

      “history will not give the Jewish people another chance” …. wow ….

      STUNNING. Martha MacCallum w/ Fox agrees – she just said it. WOW.

      1. Wow is right. Netanyahu just sandbagged Obama…in a very respectful way of course. Now that is how a leader speaks to the people. Concise, to the point, with no ambiguity. Bravo PM Netanyahu.

    2. Please tell me! that at least Mossad has copies of Barack Hussein Obama’s “college records” & “community organizer records” -LOL

      1. Bet they even have a copy of the actual, real birth certificate too!

        Maybe Trump should have hired TMZ – they’ve been posting copies of Ahhnold’s love child’s birth cert, the baby mama’s divorce filings, etc.

  2. Why is Jake Tapper changing the subject?

    Following orders! he wants to be just like Fareed Zakaria w/ CNN & Thomas Friedman of the NYT – get invited to the WH to offer sage advice.


  3. When Jay Carney made his first few speeches I said he was worthless. Keith you said, you thought he would be a good press secretary . I remember saying, “Okay, I will trust you on this.” But after watching this worthless puppet, I have to say I am right, he is beyond awful.

    He makes milk toast look like it has a spine.

    1. Well, I meant relative to other press secretaries. The all do this. Ari Fleischer was one of the champs. I do give him credit for engaging with reporters and trying to answer their questions better than some others – though of course he offers up plenty of non-answers. I just, in comparing him to some of the stonewallers and bull artists I’ve faced in the briefing room, I think he comes out better.

  4. Excellent Keith! Just saw you ask the Carny two simple questions re the ’04 letter that he should have been able to answer. And he got very testy. What a jerk.

    The more heat you get, the more it says about your integrity. You are a real journalist, unlike those other morons.

    Who is that idiot woman behind you? From the BBC/Hamas radio? Complaining about focusing on 10 sec.

    Is that Les Kinsolving? exactly! Guess we should give back New Mexico & Arizona & Texas & the crazy half of California, following Hillary’s/O’s logic.

    1. You cannot give back Texas, they fought for and beat Mexico to gain their independence. They may have California for free though.

      1. I don’t like Jay – namely because he’s knowingly working for a corrupt administration that makes Nixon look like an Eagle Scout – but I don’t dislike him as much as I did Gibbs.

        He was horrible. So snarky, and mean, and sarcastic, and loved to play the humiliation & ridicule card. He must have memorized Alinsky. What a nasty bit of work. And now he’s turned that nastiness toward campaign strategy. Great.

  5. Keith, at 3:10 the stream stopped & went to Obama – I guess speaking at Langley. I wanted to see Jay squirm under Tapper’s questioning him re the War Powers resolution.

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