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The Obama Morning News || May 19, 2011

Obama’s Middle East speech today will be mostly a general statement of principles with some aid thrown in, according to a senior administration official who briefing reporters. POLITICO lists five things to watch for when Obama talks. The speech marks a shift in power from the military to Obama’s civilian foreign policy advisers, according to the Wall Street Journal. Obama is speaking more toward a domestic audience than the Arab Street, writes Time.

Defense Secretary Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mullen think it’s time for everyone to shut up already about the details of the Bin Laden raid. Gates said he doesn’t believe Pakistan’s top leaders knew Bin Laden was there, though “somebody” – either a past or current official – did know.

Niether Republicans nor voters are buying the White House line about the urgency of raising the debt limit.

Obama sought to ratchet up the pressure on Syria’s Assad, imposing sanctions on him and six of his aides. Obama is expanding military ties with Saudi Arabia as a counter to al Qaeda and Iran.

The administration refuses to release the names of the companies denied waivers from Obamacare, the Daily Caller reports. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was involved as solicitor general in crafting the legal defense of Obamacare, raising questions about whether she should recuse herself from the case when it comes before the Supreme Court.

Republicans are vowing to block Obama’s most contentious judicial nominee yet, saying Goodwin Liu is a liberal activist who would play fast and loose with the Constitution from the bench.

Rahm’s renter, who nearly kept him out of the Chicago mayoral race, is finally leaving.

The Secret Service tweaked Fox News in a Tweet.

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  1. Obama at Boston fundraiser:
    “And, Boston, if we want to reduce our deficit, our sacrifice has to be shared. And that means ending tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans in this country. I mean, this is the big thing for Republicans, just making sure that millionaires and billionaires keep their tax cuts.

    I made a snarky comment #2 and linked to this video
    But I haven’t been able to figure out make good links at Politico.
    Anyway, the video about evil, Republicans pushing Granny over a cliff is sadly funny especially since the organization says they want a new tone in politics.

    1. Erica Payne, dedicated Soros compatriot, was on Neil Cavuto’s show yesterday discussing that fear mongering video she produced. The man pushing Granny over the cliff is supposed to be the likeness of Paul Ryan. This isn’t her first foray into hateful smear campaigns. She tried it with the Tea Party with her “F*ck Tea” campaign last year…

    2. This is a typical strategy of letting outside groups do the really dirty work while the White House keeps its nose clear. But even Obama, as the quote you site shows, is going to be deep in the mud. He likes it there.

          1. Interesting…I saw her on Cavuto and they showed poor Granny (no relation to Jan) being dumped over about six times, panic on her little face…Cavuto always boils it down to what if we did nothing…Can’t we have more choices? Puh-leeze?

  2. “Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan was involved as solicitor general in crafting the legal defense of Obamacare, raising questions about whether she should recuse herself from the case when it comes before the Supreme Court.

    I’m not so sure that this doesn’t loom large as the final challenges to the law are decided. The calls for her to recuse will be loud and her refusal to do so will be met stir outrage. If this happens before the election in 2012….

  3. The SecretService monitors a TV station to find out how their actions in interviewing a 7th grader for possible terrorist connections are addressed or portrayed. The SecretService? and they have a Twitter account?
    The official response to this “breach” is insulting; the ‘tweeter’ thought he was sending an e-mail to a colleague.
    The question not answered is what would have been their response if they didn’t like what FOXnews said about this incident. The other question; did they monitor the other MSM news reports.

    1. Agree with you srdem. I always thought the Secret Service was one of the more responsible bureaucracies, but now it seems someone has too much time on their hands. Who is taking care of business while they are busy monitoring what Fox says about them? Or rousting little kids for innocuous Facebook comments? Now that is a scary thought.

        1. Remember that report on 60 Minutes about how SS guys go to troublemaker’s houses to be sure they are on their meds? I thought that was weird.

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