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Live Stream || Obama Speaks on the Middle Easts

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43 thoughts on “Live Stream || Obama Speaks on the Middle Easts”

      1. Pretty damn stupid, apparently.

        How can anyone not understand that the Cloward & Piven strategy is being implemented, right here – right now?

        And possible antidotes to Obama – they’re clueless – Daniels, and Christie, and Romney, and Pawlenty.

  1. Why is he always late these days? I remember reading media drivel about how professional, and considerate, and punctual, he was.

    HOW can the WH Press CORPSE continue to give this joker a pass? Even the Fox guys – Wendell Goler & Mike Emanuel – act like stenographers. A week ago I thought ME was asleep – his head was down & he was fiddling on his B-berry/i-phone whatever. Not paying attention at all. And today Goler did a piece on the upcoming address – he was talking about Egypt & the Arab Spring etc – and he showed footage of protests – but the video was of the Coptic Christians protesting against the Egyptian gvt & Islamist thugs who’d been burning their churches! Crosses clearly visible.

    Seriously – do they give out little Dixie cups of Kool-Aid/Jello shooters before the Press Sec’y’s news conferences?

    1. Well said Miranda! Its nothing but the “WH PROPAGANDA Corps” nowadays.
      Why wont the “WH Press Corps” ever ask why THEY (WH Press Corps) are no longer allowed to ask Obama direct-impromptu questions?

  2. The Tollybon … kind of like … Cinnabon

    Pahkeestahn …. like Pokemon

    But AfghAnistAn …. like Stanley ….

    The Bot needs to be calibrated.

      1. This Tin Man not only has no heart – he’s the Cowardly Lion, and the Scarecrow – all rolled into one nightmare. No heart – no courage – no brain.

        And of course we have Soros as the Wizard behind the curtain. Except this is reality – not fantasy – and the Wizard isn’t a pathetic, weak man – but really is the personification of evil.

        Soros minions – Media Matters, OFA, CodePink, Democracy Now, and the entire Leftist media – are the Flying Monkeys – hired thugs – under a horrible spell, like most of the Nazis, who returned to “normal” life after WWII. Hillary – the Wicked Witch of the West.

        And Dorothy? the American people – who just want to go home …. to the land of the free, and the brave.

        We need Glinda, the Good Witch, to help us. As incongruous as it sounds, I see Congressman/Lt Col Allen West as our Good Witch – who embodies goodness and honor – and who points the way HOME.

  3. Have you ever noticed that when the money tree scarecrow gives a speech, he never looks directly ahead at the camera?
    Is he so focused on the teleprompters?

  4. So when is OBobbleHead going to give everyday Americans the same rights and privileges he says the Middle East should promote and the US supports?!? Or maybe we got the feed wrong and this is a campaign speech instead! The man’s obviously confused. He knows the right words to say to outsiders, just can’t seem to apply them to the people and property outside his office window. Oh wait, there’s something outside that window?

    Look right…look left…look right…point finger…look left…blah…blah…..

    1. My same thoughts; freedom of speech without fear of reprisals (check banning certain news outlets for not being “fair”), starting a business without having to bribe a government official (try starting a business in the US without paying the “fees”) and on and on.

      He peeled back the mask when he says that Israel must bow down to the murderous Palestine regime and offers “our” support to the Arab countries that hate us.

  5. He wants Israel to give up Jerusalem. That is effectively what he is saying with the 1967 lines reference. Israel will never do that…

    1. So … Samantha Power/Hillary/Brennan all designed an impossible situation – deliberately – so that Israel will fail. A perfect set-up – and a perfect excuse for the UN to step in & force Israel to cede territory.

      And we have oh-so-conveniently set a precedent for waiting for the UN to set a mandate – in Libya. So the U.S. will simply have to go along w/ what the globalists/Jew-haters want at the UN – for humanitarian reasons, of course.

      Such evil. There’s no other word for it.

      BTW, this is of course exactly what Beck has been predicting all along. And what the articles at American Thinker have said too.

  6. I’ve looked at it ‘six ways to Sunday’ and have come to the conclusion America is ruined. Either we pay our trillions in debt, default or fight the Chinese. Regardless of what policy we half-heartedly pursue, we are boxed-in. It may be 10 years or 20 before the Flag actually changes but we are screwed so throughly and lack the political discipline so completely, that America is ruined. You can’t fight Math.

      1. “I can’t do it…my feet hurt…I’m so tired…I’m out of smokes.”
        That’s bellyaching.
        (I can piss and moan like you wouldn’t believe)
        This morning, I’m just a guy straddling a railroad track, looking at my watch, knowing – with absolute certainty – a train will appear in the very near future.

        1. We’ve got to get the train back on the right track. That means you need to quit dillydallying around and help push. There are enough of us here to git er done.

  7. …and we just screwed Israel on national television.
    “I will Bless those who bless you and curse those who Curse you.”

      1. You are right.
        Before HaShem, me and my house pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.
        …a unified Jerusalem under the Banner of David.

    1. That is probably part of the plan. Muslims believe America is the big satan. At least we know for sure he is no Christian.

  8. It is truly stunning to think of Hillary et al at their fancy schmancy offices at State – and their hotels – and at the bloated, corrupt UN (I pic the UN like a debauched, corpulent Marlon Brandon) – to picture them chatting amiably among themselves, thinking Big Thoughts, making decisions, and planning Big Plans – to carve up Jerusalem – to force Israel into a box – knowing – KNOWING – that many, many people will DIE – horrible deaths, like the family of Israelis slaughtered like goats in their own home.

    Is there no hope?

    1. I really really hope people take this to heart, that this is an evil man. Just who the hell does he think he is? I’m even seeing obots say this is out of line. When people realize who would have control of all the holy sites and that they WILL be destroyed they will see the folly of this. That this man is an imbecile.

  9. I can’t even speak I am so upset about what Obama said and what it means for Israel. I was blessed to spend two weeks there in 2009 and have seen first hand what happens when the Palestinians get a hold of holy sites in Nazareth and Bethlehem. I pray to get back to Jerusalem this summer to take it all in again. We seem to reward those who hate us and our way of life and punish our friends. Israel is a diamond in the rough and deserves our support as a real democracy where men, women, gay, straight of all faiths have an opportunity to succeed in the Middle East.

  10. manno man ! is our islamist president that far out there??? does he really want to insult us by expecting us to believe this camel dung he’s serving up ??

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