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Give Me Five Gallons of Obama Regular

Are you full up with Obama? Would you like to fill up with Obama?

Looks like the owners of this gas station in South Carolina have opted out of the usual price war with their neighboring competition and decided instead to gain market advantage by branding their outfit with the president of the United States.

Boy, and the guys next door probably thought they’d performed an act of Rockefellerian business genius when they came up with the name El Cheapo for their station. Gosh, what are they going to do now, rename the place Romney?

I love the quotes from our ambitious entrepreneurs.

“It’s the first president of the black people,” explains the owner, summarizing his marketing calculation. “I see more people come in,” he reports.

Yes, but not all “the black people” are impressed, as you’ll note in the video. Appropriating the president’s name to sell gas, as well as cigarettes, beer, and lottery tickets, may not be such a smart move after all.

And what’s with the first interviewee and the modified Hitler moustache? This whole thing is weirding me out.

I’m filling up at El Cheapo.

8 thoughts on “Give Me Five Gallons of Obama Regular”

  1. We should put Obama’s name next to every gas station, and grocery store for that matter. He IS the reason gas is so expensive. Maybe more people would start relating the high gas prices to his policies.

  2. I’d be going to El Cheapo too Keith. That is downright creepy. William is right, they are more like disciples. I always thought they were just misguided fans, taken in by his charm and charisma. They behave more like cult followers…professing their love and devotion to him and totally blind to all the havoc he has caused. They don’t realize they are putting their faith in a false prophet who cares nothing for them or their future.

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