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The Obama Morning News || May 18, 2011

In his Mideast speech Thursday, President Obama will argue that the “Arab Spring” helps the prospects for Mideast peace. He’ll also say he wants to spread more U.S.wealth around the Mideast and Northern Africa. Obama is pondering putting more pressure on Syria’s President Assad to stop killing his people.

Treasury Secretary Geithner urged the IMF to get busy installing someone to run the place as its director, 62 year old sex maniac Dominique Strauss-Kahn, gets ready to stand trial for rape.

Bipartisan talks to solve the deficit mess appeared on the verge of collapse as one it the”Gang of Six,” Sen. Tom Coburn, (R-Okla), withdrew, but the key deal will still have to be between the White House and Republicans. Talks between the White House and the GOP yielded progress, but a deal is far off.

Gingrich’s bumpy start deepens doubts about his candidacy, the Washington Post writes. POLITICO discovers he owed hundreds of thousands of dollars to Tiffany’s.

And Time dissects why the White House fears Jon Huntsman.

10 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || May 18, 2011”

    1. Just read the story from a link on Drudge. Amazing isn’t it? They are picking and choosing who covers his money grabbing soiree’s based on how “fair” the reporting is. Totalitarianism here we come…

      1. The Press has no obligation to be “fair” to one candidate or another.
        Newspapers all over America will be presenting their editor’s endorsement for one candidate next year.
        We wouldn’t be in this mess if the Press had done their job and vetted MrO in 3008 in a fair manner.
        I agree with you and GJ, all of the Press should show their independence by boycotting the events in Boston or it will just get worse.

  1. Newt did something unforgivable last weekend. He ambushed the Republican medicare reform effort. That is something he can’t walk back. He just gave the Democrats fodder for their campaign commercials…count on it. Calling Paul Ryan’s plan “right wing social engineering” will be the dominant phrase. Put a fork in it, Newt’s campaign is done.

  2. The POTUS might want to “spread our wealth” around our sister states that are in a financial crisis due to natural disasters instead of our sworn enemies in the Middle East. He must not have noticed that we send them our “wealth” every day by buying their oil, while they buy weaponry from us.

    As for MrGingrich, DrK put the kibosh on him and that’s it. The father and son gadly duo known as “the Pauls” should tend to their respective duties in DC and shut up and sit down.

    1. I saw the Newtster tell Greta he would only answer questions that had to do with the welfare of the American people he loves and hugs and kisses–not his personal jewelry purchases. Come on, Newt, you won’t make that fly…By the way, where is my aqua box?

    2. DrK Krauthammer, the Peripatetic Shrink, not DrK, Kervorkian, I assume. O’Reilly was complimenting him on being quite the little kingbreaker by trashing Trump and he smiled indulgently. He could get on my last nerve if he tried–I sure watch him enough.

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