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Obama Strategy Aids Taliban Negotiators

The Obama administration has a unique new strategy for conducting negotiations: Back yourself into a corner, and then talk.

The Washington Post reports today that President Obama wants to be able to announce progress in talks with the Taliban when he tells everyone in July how many troops he’ll be withdrawing from the country.

Asked what Obama hoped to announce in July, an official said the president would not offer details of any talks. “It would be something like this,” the official said. “ ‘Here’s my plan on troops, here’s my overall vision for Afghanistan. The secretary [Clinton] said we were going to produce some diplomacy and laid out our desire to speak to the enemy. . . . I want to tell the American people . . . we’re making that policy real.’ ”

So let’s get this straight. The Taliban perceive that we need some results by July and so we are stepping up our engagement. They think, “Wow, Obama needs some results. Let’s make this easier for him and grant a bunch of concessions.”

No, of course, they don’t. They’re just not that kind of people. They think, “We got him where we want him.”

5 thoughts on “Obama Strategy Aids Taliban Negotiators”

  1. Instead of handing our money to the Pakistan officials, we’d be better off to just give the Taliban suitcases of dollars when they come to DC.
    The Prez could also put them on the Federal payroll as “advisors” or something. Give them shiny badges, new Chevy Volts to herd their goats the modern way, and the phone numbers of the herion pushers in NYC and DC.
    Maybe have some of the junior staffers take them to the nudie bars in DC..

  2. remember back during one of the debates when Mcain had to correct obambo about his ignorance of the military chain if command ? obambo has zilch knowledge of how to win a war except that which was given him in his marxist,socialist indoctrination he got at harvard.. at every turn he drags this country’s integrity thru the mud… this man’s narrow vision of our exceptional nation is simply not the vision most of us hold.. from his “bong filled days”
    in hawaii to his ultra-radical days in college, he has never really had to work.
    only by taking advantage of his ethnicity has he made it to where he has…
    and that my friends leaves us with the most unconnected, arrogant,political hack this country has ever seen… his lack of leadership takes to daily new lows.. pray for America …

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