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Is This Jewish Voter Week at the White House?

President Obama has been working the Hispanic vote as of late, staging a series of events designed to let Latinos know that he cares, with the unstated notion that if they care to vote for him that’s fine.

So, gosh, it’s hard not to note the preponderance of Jewish themed events at the White House this week, so many that it might make you wonder if another important constituency isn’t being asked to take notice.

This afternoon President Obama is hosting a White House reception in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month, which as a Jew, I had no idea existed, and which I’m honored about unless it somehow entitles us to some of other people’s tax dollars.

Thursday there’s a Very Big Moment speech on the Middle East which will surely include avowals of the need to guarantee Israel’s security.

Friday Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu drops by for a session that likely will feature unctuously obsequious treatment given the rude brush off Bibi got on a previous visit to the White House – and since there’s little reason to be tough with him since with the joining of Hamas and Fatah, Mideast peace is off the table. The conversation will assuredly include avowals of the need to guarantee Israel’s security.

Finally, Obama will appear before AIPAC, the Israeli lobby, on Sunday, remarks that will surely include avowals of the need to guarantee Israel’s security.

Jews went for Obama overwhelmingly in 2008. But Republicans are always looking to make inroads into the traditional Jewish support for Democrats. And given the earlier perception of Obama as perhaps a little too evenhanded toward the Palestinians for Israel’s taste, it’s not surprising that this looks like Jewish voter week.

9 thoughts on “Is This Jewish Voter Week at the White House?”

  1. It’s sad that this President seems to trot out different groups for his political gain when poll numbers drop…or he needs campaign sound bites.

    1. That one gave me what I call a belly laugh! Be careful what you ask for. His IPAB death panel will surely be in attendance at that shindig.

  2. Had to look that up Keith. It is a fairly new addition to the group of preferred classes. Bush proclaimed Jewish American Heritage Month in 2006.
    Obama is just carrying on the tradition. They are trying to Balkanize Americans, by chopping us up into different racial, ethnic, and religious groups. Divide and conquer…that’s the goal.

  3. Just wondering what would happen if our Jewish friends from the Heritage reception run in King Abdullah in the White House hallways. It might make a great Saturday Night Live sketch.

  4. Any Jew that can’t see through the pandering and falls for Obama’s sweet talk AGAIN only shames him or herself.

  5. I just got an email from Frank Luntz’ group yesterday, asking if I was interested in being part of a focus group on Jewish voters’ opinions. sounds like they’re really going to take a look at this group in 2012. I’m hoping this is the year the GOP finally makes some inroads with my oh-so-liberal Jewish brothers and sisters.

    IMHO, the only Jews who could vote for Obama now, knowing what we know, have to be of the self-hating variety.

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