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Trump Folds

There was one portion of Donald Trump’s “I’m not running” statement today that I took particular note of. It was this: “I am not ready to leave the private sector.”

Well, that was sure true. Because Trump splattered himself all over the political scene this year without a single thought in his head other than this one: Trump.

He had no serious policy proposals, played to xenophobia on China and oil prices, seized the birther issue as a means of stirring up passions on his behalf, and generally presented his inimitable self as the solution to all our problems.

He was a demagogue and it’s a good thing for the republic he stood down.

I say this with regret because, before he entered politics, I had a lot more respect for Trump than most people do. I admired his no-nonsense demeanor, his business brains, his love of real estate, his ability to pull himself up off the mat after being pushed near bankruptcy, and his willingness to be frank in a world slathered in political correctness.

I’ve read a couple of his books, and I’ve found them useful.

He brought some of the same refreshing qualities to the campaign trail. But unlike in business, he didn’t do his homework. He was improvising, and a politician who improvises is entertaining and may say some relevant things, but you don’t want to give him real power.

Study up, Donald. Get as serious about politics as you are about condominiums. Then come back and see us in four years.

14 thoughts on “Trump Folds”

  1. This is a good thing. Now if Romney would bow out we could narrow the field to some folks that stand a chance of evicting Obama from the “Peoples House” in 2012.

    1. Romney is going to have a hard time getting Tea Party votes in the primaries. He couldn’t get past McCain in the 2008 primary, so that doesn’t bode well for him.

  2. TheDonald won’t run again. He had some fun, shook up the WhiteHouse and made us all pay attention to what’s going on.
    MrsPalin isn’t running, either. They can quit bashing her credibility, her family and her intellect. She’ll be playing KingMaker in 2012.
    Just an observation on the quality of the Repub’s running for Prez; if they’re banking on ‘anyone but Obama’ it could work. I look for them to put all their money and time into the Senate and Congressional races and let the Presidential race be what it may.

  3. I’m happy to hear he wasn’t serious. You are spot on srdem. He did us all a big service by getting everybody talking about this president and his policies. I salute Mr. Trump for that.

  4. He had a good thing going, in my opinion, but that speech he gave in Vegas told me he couldn’t be serious about running. He’s too smart to not have known that you can’t talk like that in public. Oh well, hopefully the Republicans can bring someone else that will press Obama on the issues.

      1. Trump loves the American Dream, which in and of itself is America. That is what capitalism is and always will be, the American Dream, to succeed on the abilities of one’s talents. Trump has talent, Obama not so much.

  5. I agree with many of you here. Trump at least got the media to discuss the credibility of this president. Obama must have been really nervous as he all of a sudden produced this, well…..birth certificate. And now Obama suddenly looks invincible. The “gutsy call” transformed him into a modern day Churchill-Bonaparte. That the US is on the brink of bankruptcy is apparently a small, neglible detail compared to his heroism. In one of the comments (JBH) I read that Obama seems to have a checklist of things to do to get each niche´ vote. This trip to Britain and Ireland must surely be to get ordinary white and especially Irish American people interested. He is of course very aware that both Kennedy and Reagan went there looking for their roots. The White House have dug up a distant relative in Ireland who is to meet with Obama. I guess Obama will highlight his white side during this trip. This very, very expensive journey for no apparent other reason than photo opportunities to use in the Obama campaign, shouldn´t the media scream about it ?

    1. That’s right–Ireland. Wah! I like Ireland.

      O’Reilly said last nite the media will be ALL OUT to get whichever Republican runs–heavy on the racism. David Gregory kicked it off Sun with his comment that saying the president was the “food stamp president” was “racist.”

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