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Bob Gates Signs Up for Gutsy Call

Et tu, Gates?

Appearing last night on 60 Minutes, which is becoming the go-to forum for the Obama propaganda machine, Defense Secretary Robert Gates joined the legions of on-message Obamaites shouting that the president had made a “gutsy call” by deciding to kill America’s Public Enemy #1.

I like that he seems barely able to say the words, like they’d been planted in soil that usually doesn’t grow spin.

Notice how Katie Couric immediately tries to sign up for Gutsy Call herself, barely able to contain herself as she demanded to know, “What was it like being near him?”

What was he supposed to say? “Oh, Ms. Couric, I got a contact high just being in the same room with him.”

Katie, ask Gates what magazines he reads, please.

27 thoughts on “Bob Gates Signs Up for Gutsy Call”

  1. Gates’ comments were the most sycophant of the entire group. He had every talking point down perfectly. The interview took place on May 10th so he already knew about the Obama’s leaking classified information a day after the raid as he said at Camp Lejeune two days later. He should have resigned over that.

    Gates is a special type of person: a “gutless” wonder. When I first heard Gates’ “gutsy call” I had him confused him with Brennan. They made almost the same taking points:

    1. You certainly called this one Granny Jan. What a sell-out Gates is. He has done so much good for the country in his past, and it was all wiped away with the utterance of one phrase. Gates is our modern day Benedict Arnold.

        1. This one is harder to swallow. Powell was already out of the picture when he changed coats. Gates just told Couric the polar opposite of what he told a Marine audience a few days prior.

  2. I know, I KNOW–Couric was nauseating. I never loved her anyhow, not being a morning TV fan. I did find Gates’ concern for the truth believeable and even a little touching. Still, must we have this weekly set of devotionals? I include Meet the Press–OMG, the usual suspects, Noona, Dionne, blabbety–also some guy who kept saying it was all going to be OK because Obama’s “personals” are so high. They are? The snootiness, snideness, mocking, phony grin–America is stiill in love? I have the Monday blahs, don’t mind me. I am getting a new (to me) computer–my life is going into play.

          1. Maybe you should get an alligator head for self-protection. It works everytime. Go to to get an alligator, bear, tiger or anything you like for your future protection.

  3. Voting over for sycophantic question o’ 2011: “What was it like being near him.” -KCouric

    I’m already blackballed by many major media outlets, most of other cartoonists and the larger awards like the Pulitzer because of my criticism of BHO. It has become career threatening not only to criticize the POTUS and I can envision the day it’s illegal for me to even draw the man in any unflattering light. Sound like anybody you know?

    hint: he has 2.5 billion followers.

    1. Remember the joker poster and the uproar that caused? They all swore up and down one of those radical Tea Party racists was responsible for it. That is when I first realized how arrogant and duplicitous the guy is. He never said a word in defense of Bush when the true believers were pummeling him with all sorts of derogatory images.

      One thing you can count on….if he wins the 2012 election anything goes. I can imagine a time when anyone who expresses anything unflattering about him is drummed out of their profession or sent to re-education camps.

    2. Thank you for the link Keith. You are a very talented artist Mike. You don’t know how uplifting it is to know that not everybody in the art and journalism world is in lock-step with this administration. I’m honored to meet you on Keith’s fantastic blog.

      1. Hi-lite of my morning routine is checking the only WH pool reporter I know. It’s my job and he’s got an insight/access like no other. Thanks, K. This is not a post-racial Presidency. It’s a Reparations Presidency and I don’t even blame BHO. I blame my own profession. After writing the Mohammed observation/comparison yesterday I realized, it’s not only not hyperbole, it’s REALITY! Already happening.

        I’m no Newt fan (not our job to be “fans” of ANY pols) but among the “I will die if accused of racism” crowd, the David Gregory question Sun. was jaw dropping:

        But at least it came from one person, this is corporate. A freakin’ ADVERTISING campaign by a major network no less. (one in a series but this is best of show):

        God help us.

  4. My 28yr old grandson and his friends voted for MrO because “McCain was too old”. Yesterday, he and I chatted about the killing of BinLaden and I asked his opinion of this. He said “Obama is taking the credit for ‘our guys’ doing the job. What was he going to say, don’t do it?”.
    About half of his close peer group have lost their jobs, most can’t buy a home or new car(truck) and won’t be voting for MrO again.

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