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Obama’s Springtime of Latino Love

Anyone who might be confused about whether President Obama has started his 2012 run for the presidency in earnest – yes, you’re right, the calendar does say it’s still 2011 – need only look at his intensifying campaign of pandering toward Hispanics.

Obama appears to sing in the Rose Garden
Obama suddenly breaks out into a canción de amor for Latino voters in the Rose Garden. Photo by Keith Koffler

Obama not only has to win the Hispanic vote, he needs to win it pretty big. He received two thirds of it in 2008, helping put him over the top in key battlegrounds like Florida, New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada.

So Obama kicked off his Spring 2011 Hispanic-voter-pleasing campaign with a March trip to Latin America, which he refused to cancel or truncate even though he was busy starting a war with Libya.

He followed up almost immediately with an “Univision Town Hall.” Then on April 7, he hosted the president of Colombia at the White House, and on April 28, the president of Panama.

He made his way on April 29 to Latino-vote-rich Miami, where he delivered a commencement address at the esteemed Miami Dade College, where everybody knows how to dance.

Obama later remarked:

This is a school with more than 170,000 students who come from 181 different countries, speak 94 different languages.  The graduates were so excited, they were so proud.  They spent a good portion of the ceremony dancing and doing the wave.  I mean, you know, there were Cubanos there.  There were Haitians. There were — there were Puerto Ricanos.  I mean everybody was there.  Everybody was there — and everybody could dance.

OK, it’s nice to hear there were 181 flags on parade, but 69 percent of the school is Hispanic. Please understand what’s actually going on here.

A week later it was May 5, and time to open the White House up for the annual Cinco de Mayo festivities.

Obama noted to the assembled guests that he had just launched a new Spanish language White House website for people who can’t be bothered to learn English. And he said the time is right for a National Museum of the American Latino. This of course will be paid for by China, which adds a multicultural hue to the endeavor.

Last Tuesday, May 10, he was in El Paso, Texas pitching for immigration reform. The initiative has no chance of passing Congress, but it does have a good chance of motivating Hispanic voters to get to the polls.

And then Thursday, Obama dropped by the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast in Washington. There, he asked for everyone to pray for immigration reform, in the hope, I suppose, that God can be convinced to weigh in on legalization.

So I’ll keep doing my part.  I’ll keep pushing and working with Congress.  But the only way we are going to get this done is by building a widespread movement for reform.  That’s why I’m asking you to keep preaching and persuading your congregations and communities.  That’s why I’m asking you to keep on activating, getting involved, mobilizing.  That’s why we all need to keep praying.

So I’ll do my part, you use your pulpits and do your part, and then God will do his part to intercede with those damn Republicans.

I don’t understand. Why all the pretense. How about just hosting a “White House Celebration of Hispanic Voters?”

27 thoughts on “Obama’s Springtime of Latino Love”

  1. I get the impression they have developed a checklist of things to do to get each niche’ vote. What am I talking about, of course they have!

  2. Hispanics out here (not the cartel types which are a small percentage) are family-oriented, no-nonsense, pretty hard to fool, have been around, are bilingual (most), savvy and work hard. They aren’t for just saying oh, well, and signing everybody up for citizenship. At least that is my take.

    1. Agreed. The American Hispanics are not thrilled to be lumped in with the uneducated or criminal border jumpers.
      The Hispanic community in Arizona (north of Tucson) has been established for generations and are highly successful in every venue.

      The business community that uses these illegals as cheap labor do not want them to gain legal status or amnesty. Illegal workers do not file for Workman’s Compensation if they’re injured on the job, are afraid to file for Unemployment benefits but go to the local welfare office for relief.

  3. I do believe he is starting the ‘transparency’ portion of his term. Pathetically and transparently huckstering for every single vote he can get.

  4. I will add that many hard-working Hispanics did not apprec SB 1070 allowing our questionable sheriffs out here to roust people. That is how they saw it.

  5. Perhaps the US needs to take a lesson from another democratic country whose intelligence service has a successful history of hunting down terrorists, an unparallelled safety record for its airlines, and no problem enforcing its border security. A country that has been pilloried in the press, the UN and now by this administration. A country that, when faced with enemies on all sides, pulled together as a people to repel an attack. A country that utilizes its natural resources for the benefit of all its people. A country that took a land made desolate by neglect and lack of imagination and turned it into a veritable green pasture. A country that will take care of those that are injured, even though they oppose its very existence.
    A country called Israel.

    1. Maybe–but Israel is tiny. I see trying to whip this joint into shape as akin to herding cats, to coin a phrase. Would require some pretty strict tactics–then we get into dictatorship country,

      1. Speaking of tactics–what about the other seg of 60 minutes–those sovereign individual types–I am sovereign, I can kill people, you can’t do anything about it…what’s up with that?

      2. We are heading towards a dictatorship of the minority. The pandering to specific “voting blocks” has become nauseating. I am beginning to think the country needs an enema or a massive dose of Maalox to cure the over all illness we are experiencing.

        1. I don’t like it either, and they all do it. This week he’s pandering to mine – meets with Netanyahu and addresses AIPAC. Bush was even worse when it comes to Hispanics. Well, maybe not.

          1. Balkanization, Keith, and it means the end of our nation. Perhaps we have proven that people of different races, ethnicities, and religions cannot get along, but will always divide into competing blocks. I hope not, but the self-segregation of blacks is especially troubling. The indifference of latinos to the infllux of illegal aliens is troubling — and don’t think that silence on the issue isn’t tacit approval.The need of muslims to build HUGE complexes so they can practice their gender apartheid comfortably and isolate their people from other citizens is troubling. The list goes on and on.

            It boils down to this: does the U.S. have a culture? Or is it just a territory in which competing ideologies struggle to impose their culture on the geography?

          2. Great points, Anonna. The left thinks people who want to limit immigration are racists. What those who oppose legalization and who seek to stem border crossings want is a level of immigration that can be assimilated into U.S. culture. Otherwise you get Balkanization. It’s already destroying Europe, and you are right, it could destroy us as well.

          3. Keith,

            Their my people too. It really ticks me off how the Dems think that all members of the tribe will automatically vote for them. Unfortunately too damn many do, I don’t know if it is out of some sense of loyalty for Truman giving official recognition to Israel or what, but I know a lot of my family members are totally in the tank for the Dems.

    2. Up until recently America and Israel were strong allies who shared many common values and beliefs. This regime got in a few sucker punches on America and we’re pretty wobbly right now, but I have faith we can withstand the fight. It won’t be a quick and easy win, but freedom and liberty will win in the end. Give it time and America will be back, standing side by side with Israel.

  6. Is Obama’s growing relationship with Desperate Housewife/personal border security adviser and “brainstorming” partner Eva Longoria part of Obama’s Springtime of Latino Love?

    How about the Michelle and the tamale hankering jokes? Will Barry be bringing back Thalia to do a little more Salsa dancing?

    Maybe he can show solidarity with the Mexicans by rolling his R’s while they roll heads across the border like bowling balls.

    Either way, it’s downright heartwarming.

    1. If he fakes the hispanic accent as well as he pronounces vocabulary from muslim culture I’m pretty sure I will have to hurl!

      1. What’s wrong? Don’t you appreciate his “Laa-teen-o” – “Pock-ee-ston” accent? He’s a true corpse man who really knows how to add spice to his ever growing appreciation for cultural diversity!

          1. Not if you’re chubby – not that I’m implying — there’s an exemption chubby hurlers are not exempted from the pre-existing condition rider. Today – Florida doctors decided chubby people will have to die as punishment for the sin of Twinkies. Obamacare has to find ways to save money you know. So its hurlers, chubbettes, and probably Granny and Gramps none of the manual rules apply to those three groups.

  7. “There were — there were Puerto Ricanos”? Did he mean puertorriquenos? Or did he think that people of every Hispanic nationality can be described by adding an “-os” at the end? I’d bet dollars to doughnuts those lines weren’t on the teleprompter.

    1. Or did he think that people of every Hispanic nationality can be described by adding an “-os” at the end

      That one. Don’t forget, he told us to learn a second language, but he hasn’t. Out here we speak Walmart.

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