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Obama’s Laudable Memphis Flood Victims Visit

President Obama seems to finally be getting that he needs to be the Compassionator in Chief when tragedy strikes the country.

He’s missed or been late to several disasters over the course of his presidency, so it’s nice to see him work a peek at the Mississippi flooding into his schedule today.

He’s meeting right about now with victims of the waters in Memphis, Tenn., to hold some hands and offer condolences on behalf of the compassionate American people.

Only the president can do this. Biden can’t do it. Nor can the director of FEMA. Nobody feels better if the second string is sent in to share in the grief.

What Obama has also failed to pick up are the political benefits of compassion. I know, it’s cynical, but this is politics.

His descent from avatar of Hope and Change into the Dr. Spock, Harvard Law School, teleprompter-reading presidency he’s got can be mitigated if he gets to show off his compassionate side.

Remember, Bill Clinton made tremendous strides toward reviving his presidency with a single speech in the days following the Oklahoma City bombing.

But then again, Clinton specialized in feeling our pain.

It’s good to see Obama taking on some of it too.

10 thoughts on “Obama’s Laudable Memphis Flood Victims Visit”

  1. I live in Memphis and the flooding has been worse than I think many in the country realize. It happened so slowly that it wasn’t the eye popping event that some disasters can be.

    President O wouldn’t have come here if it weren’t for his selection of Booker T Washington High School as the winner of his commencement speech contest. I’m sure he will shake someones hand, tell them how bad he feels for them and then turn away and ask someone else if they saw the Bulls put a spankin’ on the Heat last night and then laugh.

    Time for the Serenity Prayer!!!

    1. You are absolutely right JBH. Texans are feeling the heat here. The drought and wildfires came on gradually and have grown progressively worse. We all know how insincere he is, but at least he is acknowledging the floods in Memphis. He jetted in to Texas to stir up the illegal alien base and grab some money from the Austin elites. He didn’t even mention the fires that have destroyed so many ranchers and farmers livelihoods.

      Good thing we Americans are a resilient lot. The lyrics to a Sinatra song is very appropriate here…take a deep breath, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and start all over again.

  2. Oh, please. He was scheduled to give the commencment speech at a Memphis high school. He could hardly pass up a photo op to show how he really, really cares about the flooding victims while he’s in the area.

  3. The very sad truth is that many citizens of this great country will not be able to discern that the show is just that. Case in point, PeeBo could not let his miniscule “compassion” for cops at the ceremony yesterday get in the way of his PASSION for golf. Why show your respect to those that gave the ultimate sacrifice when it would mean giving up “Golfing Sunday.”? If his speech at the commencement would have been scheduled for a Sunday, you can bet your ass he would have declined and kept his tee time.

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