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Obama Schedule || Monday, May 16, 2011

8:45 am || Departs White House
10:00 am CT || Arrives Memphis
10:30 am CT || Meets with families impacted by the flooding, state and local officials, first responders and volunteers
12:00 pm CT || Delivers the commencement address at Booker T. Washington High School, the winner of the 2011 Race to the Top Commencement Challenge
2:25 pm CT || Departs Memphis
5:30 pm || Arrives White House
5:35 pm || Welcomes the University of Connecticut men’s basketball team to the White House for a ceremony honoring their 2011 NCAA national championship
6:55 pm || Delivers remarks at a DNC event; Washington
9:25 pm || Delivers remarks at a DNC event #2; Washington

All times Eastern except as noted

6 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, May 16, 2011”

  1. What an action packed day!

    Phew…I don’t know how he does it all? (/sarc.)

    Now…how carefully have the ‘families impacted by flooding’ been vetted? What far left liberal agenda will furthered in Memphis? My guess…’GloBull Worming’ will be trotted out ‘if only we had carbon credits, Cap and Trade, floods like wouldn’t happen…’

  2. Now we know the real reason for the trip to Memphis. When I read, elsewhere, that he was looking at the flood damage in Memphis, I thought, “Well, finally some compassion.” Little did I know it was a previously scheduled event – how convenient for him.

  3. KK, you have been tracking his golf outings. How about tracking the time he spends at the desk in the Oval Office? Mark today as zero. Also, give him credit for only half time when he has his feet propped up on the desk. Maybe we ought to get him an easy chair and an Ottoman.

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