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Obama Golfs for the Seventh Weekend in a Row

President Obama is skipping church this morning to head to out to the golf course, playing with two of his usual mates – White House staffers Ben Finkenbinder and Marvin Nicholson – as well as guest player Ron Kirk, the U.S. Trade Negotiator.

Okay, I shouldn’t say the president is skipping church. It’s not fair. Because actually, the president never goes to church, so he can’t exactly be said to be skipping it.

Gosh, I’m really being hypocritical now, because the fact is, I don’t go to church either. But at least I have a pretty good excuse: I’m Jewish.

Kirk, BTW, has failed in nearly two and a half years as USTR to negotiate any new free trade agreements – or to move any of the ones Bush negotiated through Congress – so perhaps he should have been seizing the free time this morning to get some work done.

For those of you keeping score at home, this is also the tenth time this year the president has been out, and the 68th time he had golfed as president.

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  1. “scoring at home” reminded me of that long-ago time when Keith Olbermann was still a rational human being. his Sportscenter riffs included “For those of you scoring at home, or even if you’re alone…”

    those were the days.

  2. Don’t feel bad Keith, I’m a Christian and no longer go to church. Too much social justice propaganda for my taste. I feel comforted knowing we live our faith, which is much more important than attending a church that no longer does the same.

    My guess is things are going along just as planned for all the jubilant golfers. As old Saul used to say…pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it. Seems like America is the bullseye and they are just celebrating their continued success in effecting their vision of change.

  3. I don’t think anyone will care until he hits 100. Then they won’t be able to ignore it.

    I think it’s odd that Ben Finkenbinder, a 26 year old low level staffer, who worked on the campaign in 2007, a true believer now in the press office, has this much access to the President of the US. He did play golf in college and he is handsome, but I really don’t get it. If Bush had a 26 year old side-kick you would have heard about it.

    1. Granny Jan, That new avatar is an nice play off the famous moat joke. What is in the gator’s mouth? Moochelle’s favorite crustacean?

      As far as the young, attractive companion…don’t forget Gaddafi’s well-endowed, blonde nurses. He never left home without them.

      1. It’s either a crab or a poor illegal alien. I’m not sure which. I used a scary alligator as a the background on my blog, too. I love to change the themes, but I was a little late with the alligator.

  4. Put me in the “don’t really care” column. As long as he is incommunicado on the greens chasing a little white ball, he’s not speecifying us with his lies, insults and wishful thinking.

    1. I’ve seen lots of comments that use that same cliche that he can’t cause us trouble on the golf course.

      The hypocrisy is what concerns me. The staggering unemployment, 3 wars, and inflation would put a dent in any Republican president’s activites otherwise they would be pillored by the press.

      1. You’re right that the MSM gives this Prez a pass on things that they (and the Dem mainstream) would have raised holy h*ll over.
        Not too long ago while MrO was teeing up on the golf course, the adults who actually run our government were finalizing details on the mission to kill BinLaden, and the men who would actually do the job were putting their affairs in order, writing goodbyes to their loved ones and praying for guidance from the Almighty.
        Not one news outlet said that the Prez was called off of the golf course to witness this mission.

    2. No mention of what is going on in Israel right now either… Today marks the anniversary of Israel’s Independence Day, and Palestinian protestors are attacking their border on three different fronts.

  5. The old saying..”Nero fiddles while Rome burns” is out the window..The one replacing it is “Obama golfs while the USA comes apart at the seams.”

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  7. Too bad today is the National Law Enforcement Memorial and the president is expected to give a speech every year to the families of fallen police officers. He sent Janet N in his place and headed out to the golf course. Bush made 7 of 8 years, Obama is now 1 for 3.

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  9. So, I guess I want to know his scorecard vis-a-vis Bush the Younger, a man who was consistently pilloried for playing golf.

    Do we know how many times GWB played golf in his first term (or overall), and how that compares to Barry? I’m sure the libs publicized that tremendously.

    And Granny Jan, nice implication there that Barry likes himself a little veal in his foursome. I wouldn’t put it past him to scratch an itch with a scratch player.

  10. $58,000 Per Second

    $3,480,000 Per Minute

    $208,800,000 Per Hour

    $5,011,200,000 Per Day

    $1,829,088,000,000 Per Year

    I think at this point we can all say it is time to panic.

  11. Kevin,
    Thanks for the update. I find it dismaying that he calls himself a “Christian” but doesn’t seem to think it important to do his personal duty to worship his “chosen” God on The Lord’s Day, however, when compared to the majority of Americans, (depending on which survey you believe) doesn’t seem to be out of the norm. A small percent consider themselves weekly Church goers. Only when American’s put God first in their lives, will things get better. IMHO, this president has a malformed Christian conscience (undoubtedly due to the influence of Rev Wright) so he is spiritually blind and cannot see the Truth. Sadly, many Americans follow him as their “messiah”, thinking he has all the answers…but in the last 2 years, have seen he was a radical politician, promising what the people wanted to hear, only to find out that he is a charlatan, just like all the other politicians.

    BTW: As a Jew, I will not let you off the hook, either. :) The demands of the Jewish Shema requires you to “love the Lord your God will all your heart, with all your mind, with all your strength” Deut 6:4-9. God loves us all and wants love in return. We show him this by the “obedience of faith”.

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  13. why dont you read this:

    Bush spent 1020 days of his presidency on vacation.He spent 69 days in Crawford during his first year in office.according to Obama spent all of 26 days of his first year in office on vacation.Since when is shooting hoops or playing golf a vacation?No president has ever been as lazy as Bush,who spent 1/3 of his time as president,on vacation.its funny how republicans would try to float such a stupid lie

  14. At least I know why he was not at the US Capital that morning to great the families of the fallen Police Officers. I was there along with thousands of Officers from around the world, yes I said world not just our county. Ah, but not our President. Golf was at the top of the list this morning not the families of nearly 200 Officers that died in the line of duty in 2010.

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