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Obama Greases Political Wheels With Big Oil Attack

Obama is busy running the country. He’s in Washington, the campaign is in Chicago. David Plouffe, the 2008 Obama campaign manager, is in the White House to  . . . well, to serve the people.

Do you believe this? Come on, you must. The campaign is ALL THE WAY IN CHICAGO. It would take weeks to walk there from Washington, or even to send a message via bicycle courrier.

The president who promised to do it differently and once mumbled something about being willing to be a one-term president if that’s what it took to do GREAT AND WONDERFUL THINGS is operating the most politicized White House in history. A year and a half out from Election Day.

George W. Bush certainly had his political adviser, Karl Rove, at his right hand for most of his presidency. His aides would tell us one day that they didn’t care about polls, and then read the good ones to us the next.

But Obama might as well paint the letters DNC on the gates of the White House.

Here’s the latest evidence.

Obama this week devoted his weekly address to gas prices – a grave threat to his reelection. He partially caved on drilling, saying he would work to open up new areas for leasing.

And then he went on the attack, where he is comfortable. It’s clear the Democrats are going to defend themselves on the gas price issue by taking Big Oil and bashing Republicans over the head with it.

Finally, the third step we should take is to eliminate the taxpayer subsidies we give to oil and gas companies.  In the last few months, the biggest oil companies made about $4 billion in profits each week.  And yet, they get $4 billion in taxpayer subsidies each year.  Four billion dollars at a time when Americans can barely fill up their tanks.  Four billion dollars at a time when we’re trying to reduce our deficit.

This isn’t fair, it makes no sense.  Before I was President, the CEOs of these companies even admitted that the tax subsidies made no sense.  Well, next week, there is a vote in Congress to end these oil company giveaways once and for all.  And I hope Democrats and Republicans come together and get this done.

Of course, just hours before Obama’s weekly address was released, 2012 Campaign Manager Jim Messina sent out a message to the vast Obama campaign email list saying basically the same thing.

I spent this week moving boxes and getting set up in our new campaign headquarters in Chicago, but something happened in Washington that I want to make sure you know about.

The CEOs from the five major oil companies — which together booked $36 billion in profits in the first quarter of 2011 alone — went to the Senate on Thursday to try to justify the $4 billion in tax giveaways they’re receiving this year . . .

When the Senate tries to strip these oil company giveaways, it’s likely that a minority of senators will block a vote from happening. And even if the Senate manages to pass a bill eliminating the giveaways, there’s little chance it will be brought up for a vote in the House.

Here’s why: These five companies are expert manipulators of the money-for-influence game in Washington that the President is working to change. It’s simple math — they spent more than $145 million last year on nearly 800 lobbyists whose job is to defeat bills like this one. The $4 billion they’ll likely get to keep as a result represents a 2,700% return on their investment.

What we can do is build a campaign that will keep a spotlight on issues like this and the fundamental reasons why Washington doesn’t work.

But we have to start building right now. Add your name to our call for a new kind of politics today:

But that’s just the campaign talking. Nothing to do with the White House.

Didn’t you notice? Messina is out in Chicago moving boxes. I don’t think he even remembers where the White House is, even though he was deputy chief of staff there until early this year.

24 thoughts on “Obama Greases Political Wheels With Big Oil Attack”

  1. “Giveaways,” huh. There was a letter to the NYT about how insurance companies are raking in huge bucks bec people are too broke to go to the doc–and the letter said, “I will never EVER vote Republican while there is breath in my body.” Well, first, what is the link between these? And what about the health plan’s chopping Medicare–making it even harder to get care if you are old and, you know…sickly?

  2. The last two paragraphs of MrMessina’s message just scare me silly; “Washington doesn’t work” and a “new kind of politics” are code words or phrases for demolishing our way of life and our political system.
    This isn’t partisan politics, this is calling for an overthrow of what has worked for us for 300 years.
    The last two years the Democrats had a stronghold on the Senate, Congress and the WhiteHouse and still blamed the Repubs for holding them back in implementing whatever they deemed necessary. This is what the Obama campaign claims “doesn’t work”. So what will work?
    These people are scary dudes.

  3. Thank you Keith. Excellent article detailing just how duplicitous these people are. The line between his primary job as CEO of America, and his re-election campaign is disappearing faster than a tamale in the presence of Michelle. Either they think we are really, really stupid or they are flipping us the bird. I’m a firm believer that it is the latter. Senator Hatch said Obama knows what he is doing is unconstitutional and he doesn’t care. He is not only violating the constitution, but he is violating the rule of law. Laws don’t matter to him.

    Boehner need to stand up and start investigating whether or not the taxpayers are paying the salaries of any of his campaign staff. If he doesn’t have the huevos to do it, he needs to get out of the way and turn Issa loose on them. The Hatch Act is still around even though Clinton managed to dilute it quite a bit. Federal employees are not allowed to campaign on the job, and I bet you dollars to donuts his and the tamale queen’s “staffers” are doing exactly that.

    What do we have to do to get it across to the conservative Republicans that these aren’t your old cocktail party Democrat and RINO friends? Remember what Alcee Hasting’s said about how they make the rules up as they go along? Forget the idiot rules, they have. Stand up and challenge them to their face, or betray the people who sent you to Washington to do the people’s work.

    Whew, I fee better now. Thanks for letting me vent Keith.

      1. I don’t see how this releasing oil lease thing helps except on paper–won’t the benefits, if any, be way down the road–just like the uptick in domestic production he took credit for that came from Bush’s releasing lands? It’s all cosmetics. I heard prices might go down anyway–from whatever is causing them to go up (versions vary) and he will say, see, I did it, me by my own self.

  4. Cass Sunstein describes Barack Obama in 2008 before aliens kidnaped him and replaced him with what we now have. There is no resemblance between the two Obamas.
    Sunstein wrote:
    As president, Obama would set a new tone in US politics. He refuses to demonize his political opponents; deep in his heart, I believe, he doesn’t even think of them as opponents.

    Expect transparency to be a central theme in any Obama administration, as a check on government and the private sector alike.

    In short, Obama’s own approach is insistently charitable. He assumes decency and good faith on the part of those who disagree with him. And he wants to hear what they have to say.
    h/t Legal Insurrection

    1. Alinsky taught his acolytes to hide their true goals by any means necessary. I’m thinking Sunstein is a full blown member of the Cult of Alinsky. That is the only way someone, who seems to be a pretty nice guy on the exterior, can look someone right in the face and lie to them with no hint of guilt or remorse.

      This article by Ryan Lizza from March 2007 describes the wons political education. Very interesting….

      1. Thanks. I actually think Obama is the manipulator and Sunstein probably was mislead but sincere. An example, which is typical Obama, is in the article. Obama had already had made up his mind that rendition was illegal and Sunstein thought it was legal.

        Obama was never going to change his mind but he manipulated Sunstein into thinking that he had an open mind about it. I’d say Sunstein is gulity of willfull blindness. Obama is 100% Alinskyite and more. I just don’t know what that more is.

    2. I don’t think Sunstein would have said this if he didn’t believe it because otherwise it would sound too silly. Spooky and cultish. Frightening that a politician with such large ambitions would inspire such thinking in his acolytes.

  5. Jeez, I feel a twinge of cognitive dissonance when I say this but I sure miss the days when just the Lincoln Bedroom was for sale.

      1. Somehow less scary–someone who wanted sex. we could relate somewhat. Someone who wants ultimate power, to remake the Constitution, to decide how we should act, what we should buy…well, that gives us the jeebs.

  6. When the multi billion dollar subsidies for unproven green energy companies (aka friends of the administration) are eliminated, I will believe this is serious and not political.

  7. The most politicized White House in history. Yes, I think you are absolutely right and I can sense your anger. I think the Obama machine gets worse and worse, more and more slippery. Resistance !

  8. Any word yet on General Electric gving any tax break profits back? Imelt still sits on the President’s Economic Advisory Board and NBC is still cranking out the disinformation on the President’s behalf.
    And the only way they can raise a billion in this economy is to bring it in from over-seas. Of course, no one will ever know or care about foreign donors.

  9. You recall he was in the Senate for a little over 5 months when he announced he was running for president. The scariest comment he ever made was 5 days before the 2008 election when he said….”We are just 5 days away from fundamentally changing America’ .No on ever called him out on that.

    I think what he is doing to not doing anything at all so that America will go broke. We get along with one another by the exchange of dollars. Dollars are choices. If we have no money in our pockets we are not free to choose.

    1. Absolutely right Old Timer. To fundamentally change America, he must first tear down the current structure. He is tearing things down at a rapid pace. My advice is to prepare as best you can by becoming self-sufficient, and then as Swedish lady advised…Resistance!

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