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The Obama Morning News || May 13, 2011

Defense Secretary Gates says a Situation Room deal not to release operational details of the Bin Laden killing was broken almost immediately, and the SEALs involved in the operations are concerned for their safety. The push is growing for Obama to release the Bin Laden death photos.

President Obama’s meeting with Republican senators on the budget was polite but short on specifics. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants significant spending cuts and big changes to Medicare and Medicaid.

The White House seeks to set standards for cybersecurity.

Ron Paul threw his hat into the ring for the third time. But Mitch Daniels, the reluctant candidate, did not. Romney defended Romneycare.

The White House is ending the practice of having Obama re-read part of his speeches for photographers.

A Mulsim man was arrested in Ireland for threatening to kill Obama.

And the White House is trying to make good on a promise by Obama by hooking up the daughter of a 9/11 victim with Justin Bieber.

14 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || May 13, 2011”

  1. Meeting with the Rs & Ds separately is a fruitless endeavor. The only way anything is going to get passed is if the Republican’s fold. With McConnell and Boehner in charge that will probably be the most likely outcome. The gang of six is no different from the gang of ten during Bush’s term. They put their heads together and figure out a way to sell-out the American people time and time again. I hope they know they aren’t fooling any of us.

  2. If the legislators raise the debt ceiling, don’t reduce our budget or fail to produce a budget, 2012 will be an historic electorial rout. The tea party and it’s supporters and those who want a fiscally responsible government are waiting and watching. “Throw them all out” could be the slogan that turns the country back to responsible governing.

    The WhiteHouse should keep their paws off of the internet unless they’re in the mood for some serious backlash from umpty-millions of users. No politician should have the authority or ablility to stifle free speech by hiding their actions under the cloak of “security”.

    The BinLaden affair is over; we don’t believe anything they’re saying anymore.
    The much sought after Obama poll bounce is swiftly turning into a plunge with the conflicting stories of events that sounds like they’re lying to us. again.
    Americans understand that some things or activities need to remain secret under the heading of NationalSecurity and the BinLaden papers fall into that catagory. Telling our enemies what we found out in the confiscated hard drives, et al. is a mistake and foolish. It’s way past time to STFU on this.

    1. I agree, SrDem, the Bin Laden deal is over–distasteful, overdone, creepy, over. As for cybersecurity, I am in a complete CF right now over some spam deal that suppresses content–I missed a deadline that could have been good for me…no one can get emails–they just don’t come–with clickable blogspot urls in them or Orkut or something. I don’t even know what Orkut is. For a scary second, I thought those WH dweebs were after me, then I settled down. I have no business now. Gosh, that is discouraging.

  3. I don’t understand why Gates remarks aren’t getting more play. He’s obviously implying that the Obama administration played politics with the killing.

    Gates also said that by Monday the agreement was kaput. Was he being polite to Obama because three hours after the event on Sunday night, Obama was on TV.

    This is important because the value of our intelligence was diminished by Obama playing politics. If it were george Bush people would be calling for his impeachment.

    1. Since there has been a flip on what was to happen to OBL, originally it was reported that ST6 had a green light to terminate with extreme prejudice, and now the reports are coming out that ST6 acted on their own volition, I expect the Justice Department and the WH to push for criminal charges of “murder” against the actual shooters (they have the helmet cam video). This entire operation will end up being another kick in the groin to the finest fighting machine in the world.

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  5. Somehow, I doubt that anyone on the team involved in killing Bin Laden is actually worried for his own safety. It’s the safety of their much more vulnerable friends and families that they are most likely concerned with.

    1. Exactly my thoughts. All of them have family and friends. If their identities are exposed, they are the one’s who will be vulnerable to retribution for Osama’s death.

      1. Have these guys been on talk shows or anything? What has been released? When Obama went to their base, didn’t he meet with them privately? Am I behind the times here?

        1. I said “if” they were exposed. I’m sure you know how many people are involved in any meeting with the president, some of whom are WH personnel. We now know someone is leaking information to the press. If this person/persons knows the names of the team members, who’s to say they have the loyalty to keep that information under wraps?

          1. It’s not likely that anyone in the White House knows the names of the team members. The threat arises from identifying the unit which narrows the focus of those seeking to do harm. If it had been left at something like “forces” then anyone from the Rangers to Special Forces to the SEALs to Marine RECON could have theoretically been involved.

            Since we know which team it was, it won’t be hard to go where this team’s base of operations, and it can be determined who they are through simple surveillance. It might take a couple of years, but it can now be done. The damage is done.

          2. Never considered that aspect. Biden let it slip that the SEALS were involved, which means the damage was done before the private meeting was arranged.

      2. Muslim logic at play in Afganistan yesterday;
        suicide bombers kill 80 muslims, wound ?? to avenge BinLaden’s death at the hands of Americans.

        If there is any retaliation on anyone because of all the leaks and flappadoodle lips, the blame rests at the WhiteHouse.

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