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Carney Ducks off Camera for Today’s Briefing

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today turned off the briefing room lights to address reporters in an unusual off camera gaggle, taking some of the spotlight off the White House as its senior Middle East peace negotiator resigns and questions arise over whether too much information has come out about the SEAL 6 raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Beyond that, Carney may be a bit weary. He’s briefed on camera three times this week already, and he edgily noted as he departed today’s gaggle that he had to cut the 11:35 am session short because he had a “a 12 o’clock meeting with one of my many bosses.”

Carney would not confirm the then-breaking news that Middle East envoy George Mitchell, who was at the White House, was there to tender his resignation. But Carney didn’t deny it and said a written presidential statement would be released shortly.

The decision to hold the off-camera gaggle just before releasing news of the Mitchell resignation is consistent with a clear White House strategy to low-key the departure.

With the news not official, Carney didn’t have to answer questions about it, and he didn’t have to appear to be stonewalling on TV. Obama will not appear in public today with Mitchell to thank him, denying the TV cameras a platform for a cable news feast on the failure of Obama to secure peace in the Middle East after nearly two and a half years of trying.

The stakes in the Middle East are huge for Obama, who came into office disparaging George W. Bush for not placing sufficient emphasis on getting a deal and who appointed Mitchell to do just that. Mitchell’s departure is tantamount to an admission of failure.

Carney may also have wanted to avoid a public spat with Defense Secretary Gates, who yesterday appeared to be suggesting that White House officials broke an agreement to keep quiet about how the Bin Laden raid went down.

Frankly, a week ago Sunday, in the Situation Room, we all agreed that we would not release any operational details from the effort to take out bin Laden. That all fell apart on Monday, the next day.

Gates added that Navy SEALs who performed the operation now have concerns for the safety of their families.

Oddly, the White House press corps bothered neither to ask about Gates nor to find out why the briefing was off camera.

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    • Great job Granny Jan. Very sobering video that puts it all out there. The CNN report gives me a glimmer of hope for the media. Nancy would have already started the inquisition if Bush did this, but sadly Boehner won’t do anything.

      • Thanks Susan. I posted it on Free Republic and got a really negative response. They thought I was deceptive by using the word betrayal. I responded that I should have used the word treason. Another said it was boring. I know that FR can be a nutty place, but I was surprised. I thought they would be attacking Obama not me.
        It wasn’t meant to be entertaining. I was just trying to give out information the best way I could.

        I’m surprised that conservatives haven’t picked up on what Gates said. Can you imagine if George Bush were president and his defence secretary said those same remarks. There would be calls for impeachment.

        • The younger generation relies too much on entertainment to deliver the news. Your video is very poignant, but not the usual mockingly entertaining videos you are best known for. Conservatives haven’t really picked up on Gates stunning admission to the Marine who asked the question, or his sudden reversal in the 60minutes episode. Hopefully they will after the show airs on Sunday. It may just be a case of information overload too. With all the problems in this country, we are being pulled in so many different directions it is hard to know which way is up.

  1. “Most transparent administration” Chicago democrat thug style. Did anyone mention that today marked the great “Nobel Peace Prize” warrior Obama’s 60th golfing trip in 2 years as worst president ever? Utter disgrace while April was the most deadly month of the entire Afghan war the failed celebrity president was busy playing hoops and golfing. The question begs to be asked by all people with a scintilla of conscience, WHERE HAVE ALL THE PEACENIKS GONE? Answer: Illegal and immoral war is just AOK when the president is a Af-Am Chicago democrat mobster.

  2. I wish the lights would have gone out and stayed out. By using Osama to bring Obama up in the polls this White House has unnecessarily endangered the lives of our truly brave military. The polls have already fallen back down to where they were before May 2nd but the damage the foolish little man in the White House has done will be seen for what it was…just another stunt. Bring in the clowns.

  3. yeah yeah all that is fine but we want to know if michelle is as big a bitch in private as she seems to be in public????

  4. I had such high hopes for this young man. Like millions of other, I felt that nobody could be worse than that inappropriate and disgusting Gibbs but I was wrong. Corney Carney seems like a genuinely nice guy but he just doesn’t have what it takes to do the job.

  5. Obama Transparency=
    No cameras at press conferences
    Expose the SEALS and secrets of their undercover missions
    Expose the secret intel collected
    Trying to eliminate secret ballot for Union membership
    Eliminate anonymous gift donations

  6. It’s painfully obvious that this Administration is disturbingly out of its depth when it comes to presence and perceived competency. While I can empathize with the difficulties that Carney’s job entails, at the end of the day he accepted the position, so he should either suck it up and do it, or resign. If you sling waste for a living, eventually some’s gonna get in your hair and mouth.

    I think what this Administration fails to recognize is this: the American constituency is quite capable of accepting mistakes, and bad news. The thing we have a real problem with is being lied to INCESSANTLY. We don’t need to know all of the details on a military raid, etc., but on the basic stuff just tell us like it is, and RESPECT our ability to put things in context.

    This President’s repeatedly arrogant, disdainful, holier-than-thou, I’ll make my own rules approach to HIS bosses – the voters and the Constitution – has everything to do with the extreme polarization that exists in the electorate today.

    OK, that’s my theory. Is it 2012 YET?

  7. AND…. Keith, good blog and post. Please keep up the good work; we need the lights kept ON.

    I am curious to know, however, whether a “lights out, cameras off” chit-chat briefing is relatively commonplace. If not, I would like to know why this occurred. My guess is to cajole the WHPC to work with the Admin on holding off on reporting some items til they had a chance to “position things” or develop additional information? An Off The Record Press Briefing is an oxymoron in my mind.

    I mean, really, the arrogance level would go beyond the pale were the reason to be just to throw a little FU at the press, yes?

    “Let me be clear. NO SOUP FOR YOU!. Next!”

  8. Carney has a tough job, as did Gibbs, keeping up with the fairy tales coming out of the White House. BinLaden is a tough subject. Hard to put down. The White House has made a huge mistake trying to take credit for campaign reasons and not answer to the mainstream.


  10. “cut the 11:35 am session short because he had a ““a 12 o’clock meeting with one of my many bosses.””

    …….I guess George Soros is in Town.

  11. I believe most Americans would rather protect the SEALS than leak out detailed information which might compromise future operations or worse, who these men were that did such a magnificent job. Regardless of Obama’s opinion of average Americans (Bible and gun clinging idiots); we have a far better sesnse of character and what is good for this country than he does. Everything he does is tempered by how he can win the next election, so he can continue to ‘change’ a country he deems responsible for all the ills of the world.
    How’s that change working for us so far?

  12. “Oddly, the White House press corps bothered neither to ask about Gates nor to find out why the briefing was off camera.” Well, at least no one can claim the MSM isn’t fulfilling its responsibility as journalists.

  13. The WH press corps did not bother to question Gates’s concerns or the off-camera meet, noooooooo! Everything in LaLa land D.C. is normal then. The press corps has been Obama’s cheerleading team forever.

  14. The WH press Corpse has made itself irrelevant, much as the Congress has made itself irrelevant. Why appoint someone that is competent to fill this job of dispenser of BS.

  15. Too much info where is it, that osama had porno? this is silly game of lies, deception, and misinformation. This is your United States of America and the left has control God help us.

  16. “Oddly, the White House press corps bother neither to ask about Gates nor to find out why the briefing was off camera.”

    They know that if they ask difficult questions, they’ll be cut off by the administration and not get to ask ANY questions in the future.

  17. What a DUNCE…if he would only read the HOLY BIBLE…he would know that there will NEVER be peace until the KING OF PEACE returns!!! DUH

  18. Clinton is happy, Carter is gleeful. There’s a new contender for ‘Worst President of all time.’ EVERYTHING Bozo does is calculated to lessen the health of the economy, redistribute wealth, payoff unions, and cripple corporations. The Justice Department could do something about this except it’s run by a commie crony. These are awful people.

  19. How can anyone even listen to these liars? Liberal leftist lie, cheat, steel and do about anything they can to get what they want. They feel they don’t have to answer to anyone about anything. They will use any childish tactic they can to move the blame of their inadequacies and stupidly from themselves. Obama in a recent question was asked what he would do if he was faced with the problems average Americans have today with gas and food prices increasing and no jobs. Of course his answer was to blame Republicans and Bush. Liberals are useless, ignorant power hungry criminals who need to be put back in their cages in 2012. Their voice has no credibility and many more are seeing them for who they are. All you leftest liberal voters who sniff their behinds can go with them.

  20. I don’t think we can trust the White House “crew” to keep secrets or to keep their “word” about anything anymore…Many of them want to please others by “leaking” info…The day of the “statesman”…a person with integrity who can be trusted and depended upon…that day has long since passed… and our Congress is a disgraceful group of little boys and girls who are wanting to please themselves rather than their constituency…

  21. Well so much for open and transparent. I guess he got his undies in a bunch. Typical of a young man who can’t discuss the facts or is boggled by facts, eh? Team “O” is failing at every turn.

  22. “Gates added that Navy SEALs who performed the operation now have concerns for the safety of their families.” Oddly enough, the BBC showed video of a SEAL at work in bin Laden’s compound. You could see the SEAL’s face as plain as day. I don’t know how the BBC gets this stuff but the US media gets nothing. No photos, no DNA report, no video of the burial at sea, no helmet-cam videos — just some staged photos taken in the situation room. I’m grateful to the BBC for showing us something, though I think they should have blurred out the SEAL’S face.

  23. Oddly, the White House press corps bothered neither to ask about Gates nor to find out why the briefing was off camera. Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them. Duhhh It their brains were gasoline you couldn’t drive a car a foot going downhill.

  24. The term “White House Press Corpse” should be adopted as both more descriptive of their effectiveness in providing meaningful information; and in appreciation of the president’s command of the English language.

    It is hardly odd that the WHPC didn’t ask any meaningful questions about anything this disgraceful administration does: it is in fact quite normal. Unfortunately our Constitutional Republic requires an informed populace, not one merely unudated with misinformation and non-information. Thus President Obama.

  25. To hell with the clown carney, the IMPORTANT part is what Gates said.The idiots in the white house shot their mouths of and now the

  26. To hell with Carney. He is a fish out of water.The IMPORTANT part is the idiots in the white house shot their mouths off and as GATES said SEAL TEAM 6 is WORRIED ABOUT THEIR FAMILIES SAFETY.

    • Always thought Orin Hatch was one of the country club Republicans, so it surprises me to hear him discuss Obama so frankly. My jaw dropped when I heard him say Obama does whatever he wants regardless of its constitutionality. We are in big trouble when the executive branch can’t be controlled by the legislative or judicial branches of our government. Our beautiful American eagle is heading for a nosedive.

    • Granny, thank you so much for the links you put up – I try to keep up w/ things but there are only so many hours in the day. Will add your blog on my to-visit-every-day list.

      Didn’t Brennan refer to O’s “gutsy call” as well? Was it Mon or Tues after the raid? It was when he shoved the Carny Man aside at the podium to take over the WH press conference.

  27. Slowly but surely dispite all the hype and lack of transparency, Mr Obama is going the way of Jimbo Carter.

    His spin on the economy must even tick his supporters off if you are still out of a job. You don’t care if the numbers are down at all you can not pay your bills or find a descent job.

    2012 cannot get here fast enough.

  28. and the Lord said ”I will send them strong delusion”….Look at these idiots! White House,take a look at yourselves and then study how ducks can walk in a straight line whereas you can’t.Your a disgusting spectacle of stupid arrogance, and bush league incompetence. Time is coming when you’ll beg for serious media coverage, but by that time the whole world will be deriding your so called brilliant staff at the White House. You talk like fools, you walk like fools (some of you even waddle like ducks), you are fools. Look at yourselves, idiots and fools that quack like ducks ,waddle as ducks do and run for cover when things get too tough four you, like ducks. The Duck and Run White House. God Help Us!

  29. so much for transparency, and they should feel bad about leaking the raid information. its called top secret for a reason

  30. No wonder, alot of times he makes this grimace before answering
    (or better yet waivering) a question that makes him look like the

  31. Un F’g believable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Failure at its worst!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!