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Carney Ducks off Camera for Today’s Briefing

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today turned off the briefing room lights to address reporters in an unusual off camera gaggle, taking some of the spotlight off the White House as its senior Middle East peace negotiator resigns and questions arise over whether too much information has come out about the SEAL 6 raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Beyond that, Carney may be a bit weary. He’s briefed on camera three times this week already, and he edgily noted as he departed today’s gaggle that he had to cut the 11:35 am session short because he had a “a 12 o’clock meeting with one of my many bosses.”

Carney would not confirm the then-breaking news that Middle East envoy George Mitchell, who was at the White House, was there to tender his resignation. But Carney didn’t deny it and said a written presidential statement would be released shortly.

The decision to hold the off-camera gaggle just before releasing news of the Mitchell resignation is consistent with a clear White House strategy to low-key the departure.

With the news not official, Carney didn’t have to answer questions about it, and he didn’t have to appear to be stonewalling on TV. Obama will not appear in public today with Mitchell to thank him, denying the TV cameras a platform for a cable news feast on the failure of Obama to secure peace in the Middle East after nearly two and a half years of trying.

The stakes in the Middle East are huge for Obama, who came into office disparaging George W. Bush for not placing sufficient emphasis on getting a deal and who appointed Mitchell to do just that. Mitchell’s departure is tantamount to an admission of failure.

Carney may also have wanted to avoid a public spat with Defense Secretary Gates, who yesterday appeared to be suggesting that White House officials broke an agreement to keep quiet about how the Bin Laden raid went down.

Frankly, a week ago Sunday, in the Situation Room, we all agreed that we would not release any operational details from the effort to take out bin Laden. That all fell apart on Monday, the next day.

Gates added that Navy SEALs who performed the operation now have concerns for the safety of their families.

Oddly, the White House press corps bothered neither to ask about Gates nor to find out why the briefing was off camera.

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  1. Hey, Keith!
    You made Drudge again – well done, effendi (doing that aslamalakehm-hand-thingy)
    As far as Carney’s concerned, I find it interesting how accurately European names describing one’s profession get passed down over the generations.

  2. They are stepping up the Keystone Cops reputation. Did you hear about the 150 acre fire the BATF started in Texas today? As the Motley County Attorney Tom Edwards said, “I will say this and you can quote me on it. That bunch had a real corner on stupid.”
    Just heard the interview on the local news so try to put a Texas twang on that quote to get the right effect.

  3. All of Obama’s press secretaries so far all side step the issues and all the right questions we want answers to never get answered. Obama’s whole administration are nothing but lying crooks and swindlers and are a pack of Chicago street hustlers and pick pockets for Goldman Sachs and Wall Street whores. Don’t even get me started on the traitors, trolls and shills that voted for him. Obama will make American History as the worst president in the history of this nation and it will be taught in all public schools across this land. Later they will mint a coin after Obama made from a metal slug used to jack soda pop machines and by the looks of the economy that will probably be our new currency thats coming as well. If Obama gets elected to a second term it will be proof positive that are elections are without a doubt a complete fraud and it will be no way believable. The corporate media keep showing these polls that are a fabrication and are false to hype up a re election and the American people are not buying thats why all these anchors are being fired and their ratings are down. The American people are fed up with all the over reach and outright lies and fraud going on at the District of Criminals.

  4. I was appalled yesterday when CNN’s Pentagon correspondent made me aware of SECDEF Gates’ stern and very public rebuke of the W.H.’s dangerous disclosures of operational details concerning the capture/kill mission our SPEC OPS men conducted in Pakistan. It is obvious this wanton breach of security was done in order to inflate OBAMA’s severe lack of military knowledge and decision-making. The decision to prematurely release this Intel has placed the lives of our fighting men in jeopardy for selfish political reasons. What’s worse is the fact that this dastardly incident has not been sufficiently covered by the media. Shame on OBAMA and shame on the media.

  5. The “PRIVY COUNCIL” PRESS is beyond feckless. They are not dealing with an administration of nuance and competence. They are dealing with the weakest, worst administration in history and playing along with the seemingly endless bungling as S.O.P. The White House Press Corps are, as a whole, lame and unworthy of the name “Press.” Why aren’t they hammering Carney and the president? It’s time to pop their heads out of their *$$es and do their jobs, i.e. if they know how!

    Not enough emphasis has gone into debating the dangerous clown “Smiling” Joe Biden for disclosing and exposing our valiant SEALs as the group who took out O-Dead-One Bin Laden. That buffoon spilled the beans. He shot his mouth off, in a political speech, putting service member families and U.S. Navy sailors at risk.

    The White House Press Corps, which should now be known as the “PRESS CORPS(E),” in recognition of the death of journalism, is best-suited to be in a darkened press room, as it is a glaringly accurate metaphor for their clueless and in-the-dark state while facing this administration. It’s also hard to interview and face-off with a presidential administration when reporters are smooching BHO’s gluteal region. “Reporters:” GET OFF YOUR KNEES!

  6. I was channel surfing and came upon Ed Shultz boot licking Obama stating how smart and perfect this community organizer was making fools of his detractors. From the beginning Imthought he was running his mouth too much about the operation jeopardizing the safety of the Seals and revealing tactics. This man continues to be an incompetent boob along with the boot licking Ed Shultz of MSNBC.

  7. baby blarney does not have a clue about how to deal with the press and the mess nobama is creating in our great Nation. He stammers, hems and haws and says things like “even I’m confused” and it won’ be long before he chokes on the lies he has to put forth to try to explain this sad administration.

  8. Did anyone bother to ask him about the 30 Soros organizations yesterday found to be paying off major media to write stories supportive of Democrats and critical of Republicans? Of course not – most of the people in the room are probably collecting a Soros paycheck.

  9. Will the people of America never learn? Why do you continue to engage in the media game of find the pea? What we need to do is to change the Constitution and make it possible to impeach and remove from office anyone who withholds truthful, declassified information from the people and the people’s news sources.

    1. We don’t need to change the constitution. The constitution already defines the impeachment process. As long as Harry Reid is controlling what gets passed and what doesn’t, we have to wait until November of 2012 to toss his butt out. He doesn’t have the patriotism of Richard Nixon to resign. Once Nixon finally realized he had lost the American people, he left voluntarily. This guy has an agenda and has no intention of resigning.

  10. “Oddly, the White House press corps bothered neither to ask about Gates nor to find out why the briefing was off camera.”

    Do sheep question why they are moved to another pasture?

  11. Carney is stuck in a mess and it doesn’t suit his style, he’s a deer in the headlights … just remains how long it will take for him to bow out.

    Obama is like a family of cockroaches which have moved into the White House.. absolutely corrupt.. liar emeritus, devious, sleazy and a clown.

    I don’t think we could have done worse if we had tried.

    Ruining everything in America and destroying foreign relations .. where there was hope now there is despair.

    Obama is evil.

  12. Obummer’s problem is that he has NO respect for the Office or the America people that he serves. He considers himself a victim and is trying to get everyone to like him.

    This country needs a leader, one that sets the example, provides inspiration, gives us a goal, not poor me or it’s his fault. This guy is a joke and the world is watching and laughing at US.

  13. “Oddly, the White House press corps bothered neither to ask about Gates nor to find out why the briefing was off camera.”

    Wouldn’t it be easier on the press corpse if they did away with the daily briefings and just reprint the DNC Talking Points? Seems like that’s the daily news we get anyway.

  14. Any idea how often darkening has been used? I mean..I wasn’t aware this was ever done. Maybe Carney was having a bad hair day? Does he not remind everyone of Alex P Keaton?

  15. What’s with this Administration? They keep testing the waters for decreasing transparency – this along with unconstitutional positions and appointments.

  16. Shut out the Press in an effort by “the most transparent Administration in history” to keep the American public in the dark about policy failures?

    Yes we can!

    Another dose of Hope&Change!

  17. I thought it would be impossible to get a bigger anal orifice for the White House Press Secretary that Gibbs. Damned if they didn’t in the person of Jay Carney. At least Gibbs had a set, as rude and insulting as he was. But Jay is a wimp beyond compare, and is clearly WAAAAAAY over his head, having reached his level of incompetence several jobs ago. Can anyone miss how painful it is for Jay to face the press? Talk about a ball-less wonder!

  18. So, when citing Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in regards to controlling the outcome to justify ones intentions, what is there not to understanding in regards to the White House professing they are transparent?

    1. zactly … it really should not be a shock …. it should be perfectly comprehensible to both media & conservatives.

      Too many are hoping against hope that Odumbo is “in over his head”; “naive”; “inexperienced” …. Jimmy Carter 2.0, to the nth degree …. but the harsh truth is that the Soros/Jarrett/Brennan/Sunstein machine is running the show, and lying is merely a tactical necessity. Nothing immoral about it – because there is no such thing as “morality” – or objective truth to these post-modernist, existential construct-your-own-reality Big Thinkers.

      1. You are right Miranda….and it scares the hell out of me. What about Clinton? I can’t imagine she would let these folks ride roughshod over the country without getting her piece of the pie.

        1. She must be getting something out of this. I know that whole “White House Insider” sage may well be complete fiction, but a lot of it rings true Hillary/Gates/Panetta/Daley vs Jarrett/Sunstein/Brennan/Power/Soros/FLOTUS. But it falls flat when you consider Gates parrotted the “gutsy call” nonsense just like Brennan & … oh, who was it – late, I can’t think.

          Course Gates is pissed because the WH is feeding the press corpse lots of juicy tidbits. Which means he’s mad at someone in the WH. Very strange.

          Now Hillary is a NWO type too – saw her on video giving a glowing intro to Soros … she is not a patriot. I still find it hard to believe that Bill – despite his many sins – really would stand by & watch America as we know it get destroyed. Guess as long as he can fly around the world giving speeches & thinking he’s important, he doesn’t care. He’s come a long way from Hope Arkansas – unfortunately.

  19. Robert Gates is doing the CYA. He’s the one who made the most scyophant remarks about Obama after the raid. He’s a liar like his boss. There was a 100% certainty that Osama was there.

    Outgoing Defense Secretary Robert Gates is giving his boss President Obama strong reviews for ordering the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

    “This is one of the most courageous calls — decisions — that I think I’ve ever seen a president make,” Gates tells CBS’ 60 Minutes in an interview to air Sunday night.

    In excerpts released today, Gates said it was a “gutsy call” because so much could have gone wrong.

    “This was a very risky operation,” Gates said. “So, I was very concerned. So was the president.”

    Then there was the fact that Obama and his aides could not be certain bin Laden was even in the compound in Pakistan that was the object of the raid.

    “There was a lot of uncertainty about whether he was there,” Gates said. “And that was my principal concern.”

    1. So which story are we to believe? The story before he got called to the carpet, or the propaganda piece he is forced to make public through their favorite mouthpiece 60 Minutes? What happened to the statesmen who used to serve this country? All we have now are a bunch of lilly-livered cowards looking out for number one. What a shame.

  20. Isn’t it interesting that Obama behaves more like someone who won the lottery than a serious government executive working for the people?

    1. He has been coddled his entire life. When someone doesn’t have to work to attain a goal, they don’t respect it. His grandparents gave little Barry everything he wanted, and from there all his achievements have been handed to him. Exactly how did he earn that Nobel Peace Prize?

  21. Bammmm. Schot themselves in the foot again. Transparency, the free speech section on the constitution. Who needs these stinkin things anyway.
    Words from a guy with brown eyes, (you know what that means), big ears, and lies like a rabbit.

  22. Has anyone noticed that none of the high-ranking Whitehouse and Intelligence officials have stated publicly, on-the-record that they have personally seen the UBL death photos?
    I find it highly suspect, especially because they now have elected representatives out there to try to vouch for them, in the name of “public interest”. I don’t care if they all say they have seen the photos, I refuse to believe they are real until I hear Gates, Panetta, Clinton and the POTUS say on record that they have seen it.

    1. Funny you should say that Dianne. There’s a vexing problem with the matter of UBL’s beard …. he was, of course, a fundamentalist Muslim, which means he took every verse in the Qur’an quite literally.

      Well, seems it’s against Islam to dye one’s beard … unless it’s by henna, which leaves a beard with a reddish-brown tint.

      But UBL’s beard in the videos recovered in Abottabad was clearly very black. Be sure to read the 1st article – it has pics – linked w/in this one.

      Details, details …. ever think someone deep within the bowels of Satan – opps, I meant the WH, is having the time of his life, sending out reems of disinformative news tidbits to the ravenous, sycophantic press?

  23. “Oddly, the White House press corps bothered neither to ask about Gates nor to find out why the briefing was off camera.”

    Of course they didn’t. They are as much a part of this problem we have in the WH as are the pols.

    We have no press.

  24. THe people working for the white house are bailing because they cannot deal with a president who is coming apart at the seams. History books will tell how paranoid and mentally unstable Obama “was.” Perhaps how he returned to the hard drugs he admitted using, in his autobiography.

    Obama seems completely unaware of what he says from one day to the next, and oblivious to the fact that the previous day’s statements have been recorded.

    He no longer makes even a pretense at following the U.S. Constitution and operates with a “Who’s gonna stop me?” attitude. He has started a war with LIbya a country from which we neither get, nor have any commerce with. He has ordered an assassination completely 180 degrees off from any standards he has laid out for our military.

    At what point can he be relieved from his position, and who can do it? Are there any Constitutional provisions for removing a nut case? Military coupe? Congressional action? Mental commitment?

    It would seem that those closest to his mental aberrations continue to jump ship to save themselves. But who will save our country?

  25. The degree of White House incompetence is unmeasurable. What a bunch of amateurs, and worse than that, revealing info about the Seals to the extent they must worry about their families is outrageous and sickening.

  26. I think someones head should roll for putting all that information out as to how that osama mission went down,and espeically the unit that done it.

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  28. Where do they keep finding these goofball WH sec.? Do they have an understudy in the wings? I enjoyed the first one the best. He should have been awarded an Oscar for the most uh-uh’s in a single sentence.

    The present one should go back to high school and major in Community Organizing.

  29. A news briefing with the lights off? Why, whats the big deal? Didn’t Obama promise to
    have the most open administration ever? He recently banned a reporter or two for using their
    cell phone cams, so for Obama to have Jay “Opie” Carney turn off the lights during a daily presser seems to be just right inline with his real agenda.

  30. It seems obvious that Carney is not a natural liar. He should resign before he ruins his health and self respect. How could anyone get before TV every day and make excuses for those people who are ruining our country.

  31. Slink away Obama Bin Lyin.

    “The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation.” – Sen. Barack Obama December 20, 2007.

    BIDEN FLASHBACK: ‘If he gives authorization to war… without Congressional approval, I will make it my business to impeach him!’

  32. The big takeaway from the Obama Experiment is just how in bed the media is with the democrat party.

    If they minstream media would have vetted this discrace of a President during the 08 primaries we wouldn’t be in the dire straights we are now. What is worse is they keep running cover for him.

  33. Keith, Can’t tell you what a breath of fresh air you are in what seems to be an awful stench coming from DC. Your are an excellent journalist who asks direct questions without the fluff, and your articles are not only insightful but refreshingly honest. One added bonus…you don’t try to censor the comments of the posters who visit your blog. Thank you!

    1. Thanks Susan, I am trying to do something different with respect to White House journalism. And on the blog, I try to let most of the comments on unless they are racist or crudely attack another commenter.

  34. I don’t if I should call it transconspiracy or contransperency, maybe consparency…still not sure…WTF are these guys doing again?

  35. Maybe Obama should just cancel these Press briefings and hire Bagdad Bob to put out the information. Of course the MSM would still clean his crack for him. Disgusting there is no Journalism now just propaganda.

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