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Carney Ducks off Camera for Today’s Briefing

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today turned off the briefing room lights to address reporters in an unusual off camera gaggle, taking some of the spotlight off the White House as its senior Middle East peace negotiator resigns and questions arise over whether too much information has come out about the SEAL 6 raid that killed Osama Bin Laden.

Beyond that, Carney may be a bit weary. He’s briefed on camera three times this week already, and he edgily noted as he departed today’s gaggle that he had to cut the 11:35 am session short because he had a “a 12 o’clock meeting with one of my many bosses.”

Carney would not confirm the then-breaking news that Middle East envoy George Mitchell, who was at the White House, was there to tender his resignation. But Carney didn’t deny it and said a written presidential statement would be released shortly.

The decision to hold the off-camera gaggle just before releasing news of the Mitchell resignation is consistent with a clear White House strategy to low-key the departure.

With the news not official, Carney didn’t have to answer questions about it, and he didn’t have to appear to be stonewalling on TV. Obama will not appear in public today with Mitchell to thank him, denying the TV cameras a platform for a cable news feast on the failure of Obama to secure peace in the Middle East after nearly two and a half years of trying.

The stakes in the Middle East are huge for Obama, who came into office disparaging George W. Bush for not placing sufficient emphasis on getting a deal and who appointed Mitchell to do just that. Mitchell’s departure is tantamount to an admission of failure.

Carney may also have wanted to avoid a public spat with Defense Secretary Gates, who yesterday appeared to be suggesting that White House officials broke an agreement to keep quiet about how the Bin Laden raid went down.

Frankly, a week ago Sunday, in the Situation Room, we all agreed that we would not release any operational details from the effort to take out bin Laden. That all fell apart on Monday, the next day.

Gates added that Navy SEALs who performed the operation now have concerns for the safety of their families.

Oddly, the White House press corps bothered neither to ask about Gates nor to find out why the briefing was off camera.

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  1. Wait and see—–this WHPS will soon resign—–he is probably getting tired of spreading BS for the TOTUS (teleprompter of the United States)

    1. You might be right, BillyBob. MrCarney looks like he aged 10 years since his appointment and seems to be having trouble with pointed questions.

  2. I’m glad to see that the “most open & transparent administration in history” continues the trend. It comes as no surprise that Obama’s minions couldn’t keep their traps shut about the OBL operation details. Obama is so desperate to show that public that he’s done something right, he’s willing to let everyone (including the terrorists) know what went down. He’s spiked the football & continues his endzone dance.

    1. Robert you should have finished Obamas story after he wore out the
      football and danced the end zone jig he was singing his favorite song.
      “Didn’t I do good. Didn’t I do good”

  3. Obama is only transparent when he gains points with the press. There was no need to tell the world how we got ben laden. Just that the guy is dead. Yes this addministration gives out too much info. Why? So Obama will gain points in the polls.It is too bad that obama and his croonies will milk this for a long time.

    1. I wish I could agree with you, but I can’t. Yes, releasing the OBL operation could be seen as an effort to get votes, but only if you believe BHO is that foolish. First, he will lose part of his base–those who hate war, American exceptionalism, and America itself–as they equate OBL’s death to murder. Second, the election is almost 18 months away, and there is no clear GOP candidate. Getting votes when there is no opponent is a complete waste of time. And last, giving out information may result in negative consequences, _costing_ him votes, so why do it? His cronies might _think_ they can milk this for a while, but that’s foolishly optimistic. By November 2012, if there is no massive improvement in the economy, he will be an a bitter struggle to stay in office.

      This whole thing was bungled from the WH end, much like Viet Nam was bungled by the Johnson White House. By fall 2011, the WH will be begging the press to “move on”.

      1. No way… there will be no moving on. He will play this Bin Ladin thing right up to election day. There will be other distractions as well… just you wait and see. He will win the next election if the media picks the Republican candidate as they did in the last election cycle.
        He certainly can’t campaign on his record.

  4. Bring Gibbsy back – he loves to lie for Dear Leader. He relished ridiculing the press corpse … oops I meant corps of course.

  5. Hmmmm…things not all well and good with the “dream” team….again. Somebody had better grab hold of the orrs before they ALL float downstream. Never seen so much division at the top….ever!

    1. Put him in a flat boat on the Mississippi River and let them float past Baton Rouge on their way to the Gulf. If he makes it past LSU he can go check out all the idle oil wells.

  6. The entire ‘Osama’ situation once again demonstrates How To Turn a Stunning Victory to the advantage of America’s enemies……..Ob..had to go for him, had he declined, it would have leaked, and he would have looked bad, so he had the Seals kill him, Ob…proclaims a victory, and then proceeds to give our operational secrets to the world———Ob…is not Stupid, he is doing this to weaken the America because he believes we have been on top too long……..Ob…did the same with the economy, an outrageously expensive recovery bill that did nothing, continuing with policies that inhibit recovery to weaken America, so a newer Crisis can be Exploited—-remember—don’t waste a perfectly good Crisis, and if there are none around, create one—need I mention the Middle East—same scenario——! ?!?!? !

    1. It’s not just the middle-east. The WH and senate are once again pushing for sub-prime lending backed by Freddie and Fannie for the poor and minorities. Can we say another housing bubble.T

  7. What’s it take a 2X4 upside your head to know that we have a serious problem with this administration??

    Ah the poor baby, suck it up buttercup!!

  8. Typical of this administration. One lie after another, and then hide everything that doesn’t make them look good. These people are pathetic.

    BTW- We are all going to see the death pictures of bin Laden. You can bet the farm that during the election season the pictures and video footage of the raid will be made public and touted by the LWM to attempt to take the heat off of this administration’s grade F fiscal and job destruction policies.

    1. Oh yeah. The chest-thumping for killing Bin Ladin will be be in full view come election time. “Never let 1 good thing BHO has done during his time in office go to waste” LOL

  9. It would seem that Obama’s visit to KY base last week was something of a “Judas Kiss” of betrayal. Also, the amount of information that is being leaked is TREASON. Why are we telling an enemy that we have Osama’s play book and that we have terrorist attack plans. To let this information out is TREASON and puts American men and women, civilian and military, in harm’s way. I also don’t understand releasing information that each SEAL had a camera recording all events. Is that “need to know” information? And just exactly when will this information be made available through wikileaks access. (curious…infor leaked thru wikileaks was thru the state dept… wonder what the state dept has been up to this last week….just asking…”

  10. “[Carney] edgily noted as he departed today’s gaggle that he…had a “a 12 o’clock meeting with one of my many bosses.””

    It’s hard working for the Keystone Kops.

  11. Great blog/note Keith. But I hope you were being fecetious re: the “oddly” part…you know full well why no questions. They might not like what they hear.

  12. Of course Carney is a bit weary. You have to remember he’s busy at night shooting the “Dennis the Menace” sequel.

  13. These people grew up thinking life was a John Hughes movie. In the end all they want is to be alone and in the dark. Cowards. We are led by cowards.

  14. This guy is embarrassing! After 10 years of briefing Colonels and Generals, I could do a better job than this guy. Not that I would even offer my services but truly, this guy is Way out of his league.

  15. The question to ask on the bin Laden raid is why they immediately announced it to the world, reducing the value and the time frame to act on intelligence taken from the compound. But as far as our Narcissist In Chief is concerned, the whole operation is about him and his re-election. The main reason his death was confirmed by Al Qaeda was to alert the rest of the network that the story was true and to take appropriate measures.

    1. When the helicopter didn’t completely blow up, witnesses were left, the WH had to admit they raided the compound. I would not be surprised to learn that the mission was a kill mission. The WH probably thought it was a fortified (soilders, weapons, and OBL) compound. Instead, when the seals arrived, they found women and children.

  16. The Day After . . . Part Two

    May 3, 2011

    Dear President Obama,

    When we won WW2 what happened? Did President Truman issue orders to protect the indigenous population from domestically based Nazis or Imperial Japanese? No. Did President Truman use the word “I” 5,000 times in a speech to the nation after we made the tough but necessary decision to drop Atomic weapons on Hiroshima and Nagasaki? No. So why do you? America is a team, divided now because of your failed efforts to lead this nation, that, for lack of a better word elects the President. So why do you insist on taking credit for things you are not doing and not standing by decisions that will make a doctor, a hospital bed, and a gallon of gas more expensive?

    See that is the real rub Mr. Obama. Sure the liberal left can hope to resuscitate legions of useful dope smoking idiots to vote for you, and to be fair most will, but in the end there is this other party that has it’s ears on, I’m not talking about the big ones you are sporting. Recently Mrs. Pelosi remarked how she wished that elections did not matter; in essence she was hoping for a dictatorship lead by a liberal socialist that stood for “social justice.” Now that is some of the most un-American sentiment I’ve ever heard expressed. Elections must matter, because of all the peoples of the Earth, of all the countries of the Earth, the citizens of The United States of America deserve to have the final say on whether we place that final nail in our coffin as a nation in the form of “Obamacare,” or we choose the wiser path. When I was in my formative years a man named Ronald Reagan was the President.

    Mr. Reagan did what ever he could do to remind us, the American people, that it our success wasn’t his doing. On his desk he had a plaque that read “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.” People of your political stripe hated Mr. Reagan and worked against his efforts. Of note is a movie called “The Day After.” This movie depicts nuclear devastation and subconsciously blames President Reagan for it. What we really had though was peace, then victory, and prosperity. Even for the defeated Soviets as they focused not on building bombs, but oil rigs and trade. Not all good trade, but at least their main focus was not dropping a hydrogen bomb on the White House. The American people know exactly what you are, and the political class thinks you may not win. By November of 2011 we will both know whether or not you are going to face a primary challenge. You see Mr. Obama we no longer live in an era when we are only given a limited number of media choices, we have changed the channel on you so many times no matter what you do, other then change your mind entirely, will we ever click back.

    We’ve had it.

    Or as my father used to say, “If you don’t clean up this f-ing room I’m throwing everything the f- out!” Well, he did. And the American people are going to take your toys away on November 6, 2012 because, brother, you are making an f-ing mess, and there is not a garbage bag big enough to clean it up if we allow you to hold onto the Presidency.


    Joe Doakes

    1. Excellent letter as usual Joe Doakes. Do you actually send these letters to the WH? If so, has he ever responded? Of course they are only looking for letters from one of the takers asking for his help. The letters from patriotic Americans with brilliant advice probably go straight to the Deleted Items file.

      1. It is an excellent letter written by Mr.Doakes. I doubt they deleted the letter. Mr. Doakes has probably now had an extensive background search, been placed under surveillance for a while and automatically placed on the “Man-caused disaster” List, formally the Terrorist Watch List-which now only applies to bankers, CEO’s and Big Oil.

        1. Audit and the permanent Jury Duty list. They even got the surreptitious handwriting sample. I’ve got friends:)

          They’ve had it. And so have I.

          We’ve got to fix this country or we are screwed.

      2. I use to send them with a stamp and all the rest. Gave it up when I could do this. His minions read them. No one ever responded. Maybe if I wrote them in crayon:)

        This guy couldn’t take advice from the Pope. Obama thinks that he is smarter than everyone.

    2. Joe, kudos my friend….”Charlie Foxtrot” I haven’t heard or used that since my time in the military in the 80s…President Regan was my first voting experience…wow the memories…I also remember the gas lines and the “sweater speeches” about turning the thermostat down from a few years earlier…the more things change….

      1. 1979 . . . It Sucked! (Your living it now . . .)

        Dear President Obama,

        I’d like to tell you a story. As a boy I walked into my fathers office with a book. It really isn’t a book per se it is more like a tome – in the old days the Encyclopedia Britannica would include a set of books called the “Book of the Year.” Anyway, I’ve got this book and in it are the statistics and subjects that cover the milestones in the given year. The year in question is 1979. So there I am, some time in 1995 in my old mans office with this massive book cracked open, and I pose a question: “Dad, Why didn’t you invest all your money in the Dow Jones Industrial Average in 1979?” My father looked over the nose of his bi-focal glasses, and simply said “You and your sister needed to eat.”

        Well I was not gonna take that for an answer. I mean for crying out loud, do you have any idea how much money we would have made if you had just done that! What could have been easier? Just take a little of your paycheck and invest it or live cheaper and we could have an awful lot of money now! My old man took this enthusiasm as an opportunity to give me a lesson in economics and money management, actually Mr. Obama had you been present for that lecture, hundreds of millions of Americans would have more than a fair shot at prosperity now.

        Back to the lecture. So the Oldman asked me for the book. Dad pointed to the table on interest rates for the time, and the asked me a question “Joe(my name’s not Joe, but lets just call me Joe) If I told you that the US Government would give you a guaranteed return of 10% or you could risk your entire nut in the stock market what would you do?” My answer was “No way pop. I’m not going to take that bet.” Then I pressed him further, “Why didn’t you buy those bonds and make 10% for 30 years?” Then he launched into the concepts of inflation and price controls and disposable income and all the rest. By the end of it I said simply. I get it. “We needed to eat.” Then he gave me the save for a rainy day lecture, and why that is the breeding ground for success as well as survival, he called it “insulation from poverty,” and how to save through diversification and how to use debt wisely.

        So fast forward to August of 2008. The old man calls me up “Joe, 50% chance of rain.” He was talking about you Mr. Obama, you are the rain. But, I had prepared for your socialist redistributive economic philosophy, while preparing for the usual financial setbacks. Actually I noticed that a whole lot of people began to go into a similar mode of anticipatory economic survival. Companies shed workers to protect capital, operations in Union friendly states began to diversify in “Right to Work States” or out of the country entirely. The job losses mounted and mounted and you and other Democrats took this as a golden opportunity to win an election, because Americans often work under the false assumption the government can cure what ever ails them, so they went Big Government, they went for you Mr. Obama, and they regret that choice.

        Now, if you had been in that office with my father and me, you would have known exactly what to do. Alas this was not so, you reached for the Federal Credit Card, and man you spent, and spent, and spent, and now you are a failed CEO millions of employees, trillions in debt, trillions in deficit, and all you can talk about is some poor broad who you canned on the bases of ten minute snippet taken out of context, right before you go on your one hundredth vacation or play your next golf game.

        This isn’t even funny anymore, this is a disaster.


        Joe Doakes

        1. hilarious.

          Obama was to blame for the economic collapse because of ‘anticipatory economic survival’.

          You’re a good writer, just so absolutely blinded by your partisan prejudices you will be forever incapable of logical thinking.

      2. You had to mention the “Sweater Speeches!” I thought I had placed that trauma of the Carter years in the “Do Not Go There” part of my memory! That was my first time to vote too, and I remember fondly my bumper sticker in ’80 simply saying “Goodbye Jimmy” I still can’t believe we now have a president worse that Carter. Wonder when Obama will tell us he harbors lust in his heart like Jimmy. I guess if HE did, I really couldn’t blame him.

        1. “We the People” and The Will of The People . . .

          Dear President Obama,

          A liberals greatest fear is not a Republican president. It is President that has both “We the People” and the will of the people on their side. We’ve had a few like that in history. George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt during World War 2, Ronald Reagan and a few others. That is your greatest fear. I was watching the Communist News Network prattling on about the military using psychological operations against Senators and I could barely stop laughing at such nonsense. Obamacare the most unpopular piece of legislation this side of prohibition passes, and they think the military can put the whammy on them? Do they not think we on the Constitutional side of the aisle might of tried a little hocus pokus if we thought it would do some good?

          So this gets me thinking. I think that you think you can’t win nor can you keep control of the Senate in 2012 and I think you and your minions are going to use your respective offices to do everything you can, but your jobs, to wreck this country. Why you think that this is a good strategy is beyond me. If I were the first black President I would want to be remembered as the President that did something good. Not just kept Blagojevich out of prison with the hope of a pardon to keep his mouth shut. I would want to transcend that. Not you brother, you’ve got the weed whacker out and any vestige of what is right and holy about this nation you are not only using the whacker, but you are spraying herbicide on it just for good measure. Defense of Marriage Act? Can’t have that! Just take a whack at it. States rights? Can’t have those! They might actually do something good. Like actually solve some of the problems that we face. Whack those too. And we thought you would listen to something as quaint as the will of the people. What were we thinking?

          Thats the whole rub isn’t it? Our Constitutional Republic was set up so that for two years we get to see and experience what you do. In 2010 we took a vote and decided that not only do we not like what you are doing we don’t even want a democrat licensing our dog tags, as he might give us a disease called socialism. Now we’ve got these new politicians in the game and they are fighting for us; the governor of Wisconsin is one of them. Mr. Walker has the will of the people on his side. What do you have Mr. Obama? You’ve got an office with a microphone. In time you may even pull a Jimmy Carter in a sweater by a fireplace and castigate America for not agreeing that our standard of living is something we should all feel guilty about. Screw that. Like Paul Simon said in that wonderful song “Have a good time,” it goes like this “God bless the USA and God bless our standard of living, Let’s keep it that way and we will all have a good time . . . “ The American people instinctively know that you, and your feckless policies, are a threat to it.

          On November 6, 2012 I’m going to have a real good time voting for the other guy, or gal.


          Joe Doakes

  17. Carney is about as incompetent at his job as Obozo is at being president. Long pauses… uhh’s…. ahh’s… loads of BS and no personality to boot. He’s a perfect representative for his boss. I’d hate to have his job. I thought Gibbs was the worst ever, he may have to settle for second spot now.

  18. “Oddly, the White House press corps bothered neither to ask about Gates nor to find out why the briefing was off camera.”

    The WH press corps (more like corpses) did exactly what they were told to do by the Obumbler administration. Then the WH press corpses reported exactly what they were told to report by the Obumbler administration. Then the WH press corpses failed to ask any relevant questions of the Obumbler administration. Keith, their is nothing even slightly ‘odd’ about this failure of our pseudo-journalists. This has been their standard operating procedure for at least the past 3.5 years, since getting tingly legs on the Obumbler campaign trail.

  19. Carney has more trouble covering up than a cat in a sand pile. The poor fellow is overwhelmed by the lack of information from the Administration and even modest questions from the timid MSM. A serious question turns the room into a room to cool beef.
    He is afraid some out of control cell phone camera may catch a glimpse of the Administration at play but claiming work.

  20. This Administration is as CLOSE as we’ve EVER had to a Communist regime. They ignore court orders, risk contempt of court repeatedly, bribe, threaten, get caught lying, and HIDE usually released information OVER AND OVER again! I voted for this man, and feel totally cheated and lied to! I will NEVER vote for another Democrat again, as they almost all support this joke, no matter what he/they do………….

  21. Transparency….Fail.
    I don’t know who chose Carney, but they better chose someone with a pair or Carney better man-up. It takes a big pair to tell the the Chiefs lies..uh..stories.

  22. The idiots in the White House should be arrested and tried as traitors to the Republic. Fearless leader appears to have more in common with Islamic terrorists than any of us.

  23. George doesn’t want to be caught in the nuclear fallout when the bombs start falling!!!!! Obama wants Israel gone!!!!

      1. He sees the writing on the wall … If he has an ounce of human decency he will speak up about this administration. But I doubt he will – he’s considered an “Arab-American” because he was adopted by a Lebanese family – supposedly he is a Maronite Christian. And he’s pro-Palestinian & anti-Israel about most issues.

        Maybe this is just part of the plan – Mitchell can say the peace process is hopeless & a dead-end, and blame Israel. Just set the stage for the UN to intervene.

        Who will stand up for Israel? Obama will stand on the sidelines, waiting for a UN resolution, all the while watching her burn.

  24. Character is what you do in the dark. The only transparent thing about this administration is their desire to wreck the economy and try their hand at socialism. The sooner they all depart the political stage, the better.

  25. The most inept, incompetent administration ever. God help the SEALS survive these keystone kops. Bet Gates is wondering why he ever agreed to stay with these dangerous clowns.

    1. Because the Bush WH was competent? Getting us into Iraq for no apparent reason and making a total blunder of it?

      I’ll say this for Obama, he hasn’t made a colossal mistake like that. The bar was set so low for him.

      1. How’s that whole “open-ended” Libya thing workin’ for ya? Now THERE’s a vote-getter. Yeah, I’m thinking “battle management” is not a topic you want to dog too deeply into.

        The current POTUS “owns” the action – the last refrain of “Bush did it” was sung a long time ago, slick.

  26. Of course the bama made a deal and broke it. The bama cares about the bama, period. Make any deal, tell any lie, promise anything to anybody to get them to do what is good for you. Then after they comply, again do what is good for you regardless of the cost to those who helped you. All of the bama’s hero’s and philosophical mentors; Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro subscribed to the notion “The end justifies the means”. America is paying a steep price for having taught Bush a lesson by electing the bama. Perhaps a people gets the government they deserve. Hoo boy that says a lot about the American people. The fruits of 50 years of the liberals watering down education to purposfully create a populace of dependent easily swayed drones who depend on government take care of them and make them happy. The United Saps of America!

  27. He probably turned off the lights because he knows he appears as a dolt every time he gets up in front of the camera. He squints, squirms, stutters and stammers. I seriously doubt he believes anything he says. He looks like someone who is being prodded from behind the big curtain, get out there boy and tell them what I said to tell them, believe it or not! He took the job he should look like he is on the team, at least Gibbs looked like he beleived in what he was saying. Carney just looks scared, maybe he really knows the truth and is afraid, very afraid!

    1. I know–that kid Susie from the Verizon commercial–she could be press secy! By the way–that commercial is on WAY WAY too much. And can anyone explain why Gordon Liddy makes more money than I do flakking gold when he’s a big jailbird?

  28. I’m not really sure why anybody attends those propaganda sessions. Fairy tales and other fictional stories are available in libraries and bookreader download. Why go out of one’s way to match up to Jay Carney’s schedule?.

    Maybe I’m setting myself up for a major fall, but these days I would rather have a story sourced to some anonymous leaker than to hear it from the President’s mouthpiece. Really.

    1. Ever notice how they’re all a bunch of kids? Carney looks and acts like a frat boy. Favreau, the chief speechwriter and master of cliches; is 29 and was hired at 22. Bama plays basketball and listens to rap. Michelle either has cleavage, tight clothes or something by a hideous “hip” designer. They invite thug rappers ands treat them as poets. They go on spending sprees — “road trips” in the air with our money. They take posses and entourages everywhere they go. And they party their asses off.

      They hang out with Beyonces and Jayzee. And they’re ghetto fabulous.

      It’ s bad enough having the place full of teen-agers but ..

  29. Maybe, MAYBE, this will teach the MSM that when you play s*ckup daily to a tyrant, you get tyrannical treatment like the minions you are. If the press doesn’t wise up to the king elect, they could find themselves sued as an unstated arm of the Dem. Party and for campaign contributions that are undeclared.
    As for the WH press secretaries, Bork’em. They should know the horrors they are getting into the minute the second hand swings and points to them.

  30. Oddly? Please, the press is in the bag for Obama, why would they want to ask why TV cameras were left out? Now if Dana Perino, of the Bush Administration, had asked for no cameras, I can guarantee you MSNBC would be looking to put Ms. Perino in front of a firing squad and the MSM would be asking for the impeachment of President Bush.

    Since it’s Obama not allowing cameras, does the saying ‘Nothing to see here, please move along” mean anything to you?

    This is the most corrupt, closed in, secretive WH in history. Unless of course the President Obama assassinated Bin Laden himself then we must get as many stories as possible into the media mem, no one will know what to believe.

  31. It’s awfully hard for facists to operate in daylight. They sneak and slither through the darkness, passing bills, creating chronie capitalists, destroying the foundations of the country, and avoiding all uncomplimentary news opportunities.

    Obamao and his buddines are facists of the worst kind and we haven’t begun to see the damage they have planned for this country.

  32. Does Claire Shipman receive a tax credit for being married to a retard. She has to know that he’s profoundly retarded and has accepted it, or else she would have to be ashamed and in denial – everyday of her life for the last six weeks or so.

    I mean, yes, when he worked for Biden (a no-value al queada target – hahahaha), he was arguably the smartest guy in the room.

  33. Amateur Hour at the White House- two years running now! At some point the lapdog WH Press Corp has to realize what nearly everyone in America already knows: This Administration is so incompetent that it takes even a Propaganda victory as large as OBL’s death and turns it into a nightmarish fiasco via it’s own inability to coordinate and control information even within the West Wing!

    Obama continuously disrespects the American People by his condescending manner and actions, disrespects and undercuts the Military be his complete lack of understanding of Military Rules and protocol, and undermines the relations with our closest allies by either outright disrespect or blatant neglect of basic diplomatic protocol and courtesy.

    I would say this is the most incompetently dangerous Presidential Administration since Franklin Pierce, but that would be disrespectful of the memory of even as sad a Presidency as Pierce’s!

    1. If you want legitimacy, vote for Ron Paul in the next election. All the the other GOP candidates, with the possible exception of Herman Cain, are all internationalists. In their world, Americans are secondary. Same goes for all Dems. As far as I’m concerned we have an illegitimate Govt and have for decades. Why? Because it violates the Constitution on a daily basis. Don’t believe me? Go to the airport. And that is just one recent example……there are countless.

      1. Paul acts so erratically to me–get rid of the Fed, etc. He seems well intentioned, but can you imagine even four yrs of his stuff?

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