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Obama Should Condemn Anti-Christian Violence in Egypt

Even as he renews his outreach to Muslims, President Obama should seek to stem the growing tide of violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt by condemning last weekend’s attacks that left a dozen people dead and scores injured.

The attacks, about which Obama has been silent, also resulted in the burning of Coptic Orthodox churches and the destruction of Christian homes and businesses.

The president needs to say more to stem religious violence that creates opportunities for Islamic extremists who want to seize power in Egypt, our most important Arab ally.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Monday “strongly” condemned the violence, saying, “We stand behind the Coptic Christian community and their right to practice their faith in safety and security, free of persecution.”

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Obama is preparing to try to reengage Muslims with a speech, possibly next week, that will make the case that Muslims should “reject Islamic militancy in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death and embrace a new era of relations with the U.S.”

Whether Obama views condemning Muslim violence against Christians as inopportune during the lead up to a renewed outreach to Muslims is unclear. But it’s worth noting that after Obama seemed inexplicably slow off the mark supporting the masses of Iranian protestors two years ago, there was widespread belief that he was concerned about compromising his outreach to the Iranian government.

Obama, though a Christian, seems to view his background, which includes a Muslim grandfather and several years living as a child in Muslim Indonesia, as giving him a special conduit into the Muslim world. But I doubt this type of personal outreach by one man changes the way people view the United States. And it shouldn’t interfere with other aspects of U.S. policy.

Obama commendably condemned a New Year’s Eve church bombing in Alexandria, Egypt that killed 21. But he has said little – actually nothing that I could find – about the religious killings and tensions since then, which included the deaths of 12 people Jan. 30 during a raid of Christian homes in Upper Egypt.

Obama also should speak about about the growing violence against Christians in Iraq, a country where we have some real sway. Four were killed and 171 injured in attacks over the weekend, prompting a reaction from Pope Benedict XVI.

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  1. These events have been warned of since prophcies were first born. Be warned Muslim nation / Obama,,, there is only One God… And we will all see Him sooner than we expect.

  2. Why on Earth would anyone expect Obama to condemn this? He hasn’t so far. Neither has he condemned any unprovoked attacks against Israel.

    He’s too busy reinvigorating his Muslim outreach programs, whether it be through NASA, or through his efforts at damage control with the Muslim community after double tapping Bin Laden through the head.

  3. Why would The Messiah help Christians in Muslim countries. The man is a putz and has no sense of honor; no sense of propriety; no sense at all.

  4. Just out of curiosity, how many Christians were killed, how many Christian Churches burned BEFORE Mubarak was suddenly & un-ceremonisly dethroned by Obama and the UN? Also, where is the condemnation by the UN? It seems that Obama and the UN will pacify the Militant Muslims with the lives of Christians and Jews.
    I still can’t figure out why Mubarak and Khadafi are OK to boot out, but not the warlords in Somalia, not Iran’s leader, not the Syrian leaders….to paraphrase Hamlet, something is rotten.

  5. Because he’s NOT a Christian. He’s a MUSLIM!
    Don’t listen to the CRAP that comes out of his mouth. Look at what he DOES! Muslim this. Muslim that. Muslim Outreach. Muslim Holiday Messages. NO Easter Message. The HOLYEST Christian Holiday!
    “The Muslim Call to Prayer, is the most beautiful sound in the world.” Barack Hussein Obama, to George Stephanopoulos.
    He’s been to Church TWICE, since he and F*T*SS, started stinking up the White House. ONCE, to a Church that had a MUSLIM Guest Speaker that day, and ONCE, to hear another RACIST Black Liberation Theology SC*MB*G, trash this country, ala Jeremiah Wright.
    He doesn’t care about Churches BURNING, and Christians being MURDERED, in his old Muslim stomping grounds?
    No Sh*t.

  6. Actuall Obama’s silence about this issue speaks volumes. Remember to some that haven’t left him after they voted for him he is still their Messiah, their Savior. So he knows about it he just doesn;t care, or he just doesn;t know about it period.
    It reminds me of the rumors of World War 2 how it is said Hitler had no idea of the abuse of the Jews, and yet a question remains in my head, if Hitler was not white, would we be forced to worship him in the name of racial reconciliation in Kiss-African-American-Butt-Becuase-Whites-Are-Too-Stupid-Too-Believe-In-Black-Slave-Owners-Month.

  7. President Obama must have been busy writing his speech for the Hispanic Prayer Breakfast. Is it illegal to ask pastors and congregations to pray for your political agenda, or is it just heresy?

  8. Huge mistake in this article in one phrase:

    “…….. in Egypt, our most important Arab ally”

    Wrong. Egypt WAS our most important ally when the corrupt Mubarak dictatorship was in power. Yes, once again we support a dictatorship that crushes the people under it for decades, and we are surprised when even worse slime starts to bubble up in the aftermath. We just never learn.

    No telling who will be in power when this shakes out, but it’s extremely unlikely they’ll look on us as friends when we helped a mini-Hitler stay in power over them for years and years.

    And, yes, the president should speak out against this sort of violence regardless of whether it’s enacted on Christians, Muslims, Jews, what have you, anyone who is human, basically. And yet historically the White House speaks out when it suits what politicians perceive as our own interests. Has absolutely nothing to do with the humanity of the situation, unless the 24/7 news cycle picks something up and harps on it so much that the White House has to make some token statement.

    I appreciate the sentiment here, but let’s not pretend what’s coming out of Washington from anyone, left or right, is some kind of moral leadership. It’s economics and politics, pure and simple, if amoral.

  9. Anyone who thinks this illegal alien Muslim Marxist America hater squatting in our White House is a Christian in ANY way, shape, or form needs their head examined.

    With a radical Muslim “father” (more like, sperm donor who abandoned him and his mother when little Barry was 2), grandfather, and a Communist mother, who hated America/Capitalism…are you f’n kidding me? C’mon!

    Google: “The Sworn Affidavit of Bishop Ron McRae” and read it all. Note the part where he testifies under OATH, that Muslims do not have to give up their belief OR faith to be members of Jeremiah Wright (God Damn America!)’s “Christian” Church in Chicago, which “O” and his family belonged to for 20 years.

    And that “birth certificate” he released 2 weeks ago? It’s a completely fabricated document, done with MODERN computer image editing software, ie: Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator. I’ve worked with those types of programs for years and knew at first glance the document was a fake!

    Better wake up America because you’re witinessing the most evil, sinister “man” to ever walk the political landscape in this country, pull the greatest scam in it’s history.*
    Anti-Obama/Democrat/Commie/Union stickers, etc.

  10. Please don’t spread rumors, you don’t know half the story. What really happened was some Muslims went to a church and asked the priest to give them a young Christian-turned-Muslim girl he had imprisoned. He refused, the Muslims got aggressive and attacked the church with stones and Molotov bottles so the Christians attacked the Muslims with firearms. The end result was the death of 12 and a lot more were injured, most of them were Muslims. So other Muslims went and burned another church near it.
    Now that doesn’t mean that there is religion intolerance in Egypt because:
    a) That girl who converted to Islam has been sentenced to jail because of disrupting the peace, marrying two husbands (her original Christian husband and a newer Muslim husband) and faked the conversion paper.)
    b) Those Muslims who went to the church to get the girl were extremists not your every day Egyptian Muslims (Yes Islamic Extremism is rare in Egypt, the bombing of the Church in New Year’s Eve was set up by the government and the former Minister of Interior is being questioned about that).
    c) Today, Friday, is the weekly prayer day of Muslims. In Tahrir Square, where the revolution started, Christians prayed in the morning while Muslims sat around them listening to the Christian preacher. Then afterwards, Muslims prayed and Christians sat around them listening to the Muslim preacher.
    d) Investigations proved that some of the Muslims who were part of the mischief at the church were actually paid thugs.
    Finally we’d like to say that there are no Muslims or Christians in Egypt, there are only Egyptians. And we know that there are plans to disrupt the peace in Egypt and cause sectarian violence to protect the only true terrorist force in the Middle East.

    • I know people from Egypt who will dispute you on what you are
      saying, thay are Christians and face horrible persecution because of their Christian faith.they now live here in the USA.

      • We will not deny that there are some cases of oppression, but that was during Mubarak’s rule. Right now we are a country in transition. A revolution, that was nothing short of a miracle, has just ended, we are now returning from chaos. And because we have not yet regained full control and organization, a very small, very loud and very angry minority is surfacing, and it is not the face of Egypt. And if these Christians you talk about truly love Egypt, then they’d come back and help rebuild it. This revolution happened for Democracy, not for a new dictatorship by the majority of Egypt’s Muslims.
        By the way, I, the one writing these words, am a Muslim, and next to me, helping me answer you, is my best friend, who is a Christian.

  11. That interview with Stephanopoulos was very revealing. If you weren’t a muslim you would never make a mistake by saying “my muslin faith”.

  12. The Queerran teaches it is ok to lie to the infidel in order to do whatever is necessary to him and Obama adheres to this perverted book much moreso than he does to his supposed Christian beliefs. His defense of all that is muslim and his failure to even comment on the murderous muslims says volumes about this impostor/fool the feel good vote gave us in ’08. Let’s remedy the situation in ’12 and kick him back to Chicago with all of the other crooked politicians he has chosen as his closest friends and advisers. Do it for the good of your country. Send ALL muslims back to their IP’sOO!

  13. His Silence Speaks Volumes on his beliefs and views. You see where his Loyalties really are. I mean let’s face it, the man knows how to speak, he’s sure done it enough the past 2-1/2 years..Why Suddenly Silent Barack??

    Kick him out of the White House, It’s time to take back our Country.

    • Everyone must Pray!!! God please hear our prayers to put the RIGHT Person in the White House in 2012. We pray for a good Christian Leader who loves God, a Patriot, Truthful, and has a Backbone to stand up to Evil in the world, countries taking us for a ride…. We need to clean house in the White House, definately. Maybe Mike Huckabee, Donal Trump, Herman Cain, Tim Pawlenty, Sarah Palin, Babara Bachman….someone who STANDS up for the People of these United States, and not give us away and tear our country apart and have us be part of the European Union. GOD HELP US!

  14. This is yet another warning flag … This president is up to his ears in brotherhood … his pals are …. Rev. Wright, Bill Ayres, Common, Sorros, etc., etc. He’s a fraud, hasn’t kept one promise, he’s sneaky and he lies. However, he is very good at playing golfs, having parties, going on vacation, playing basketball, and bull Shi$$ing … all by the way on our dime.

  15. When Obama to the oath of office the word were scewed up and he did have his hand on the Holy Bible. The oath had to be retaken so that the wording would be correct. When he took the oath for real with the correct wording Obama did not see the need to have his hand on the Holy Bible. So, we have the first president sworn into office with out the use of our Christian Holy Book.

  16. Obama can claim to be a Christian but his attiude towards Christians leaves something to be desired. Franklin Graham was being interviewed on MSNBC and saids that he believe that a Christian is someone who believes that Jesus Christ died for our sins, rose from the dead and sits at the right hand of God. I have never heard Obama confess anything except the call to worship for the muslims sound so wonderful. You are known by your fruit.

  17. Saying your a Christiand and actually being one are two different things.

    The Holy Bible says you will know them by their fruit.

    Yes this calls for wise judgment.

  18. Honestly it sounds like a fear of persecution to any family members abroad. But one has to ask, if you take the highest job in the country, then you take with It its risks. He has an obligation to this country to which in most cases he has failed. But now, flying on the coat tails of an assassination he feels invincible, yet he still is doing nothing. So again he fails in his obligation to this country.

  19. he’s a Christian??????? Really???????? How far do you have your head stuck someplace it shouldn’t be????????? What an idiotic statement.

  20. I condemn Obama’s lack of concern for the Christians being killed overseas. Seems he is just acting out his part well; a stooge of the illuminati. Well, of course, they put him in power, and he has to go along with their edicts. Nothing changes. WAKE UP AMERICA, you have a MUSLIM president. He is only a Christian when it is “convenient” to be one.

  21. and yet obama was not shy about calling for the muslim brotherhood inclusion in egypt political process at a time the brotherhood was illegal in egypt

  22. I am certain that the targeting of Chistians is a consern but generally getting the violence to decrease in the Egypt and the Middle East right now will also effect the violence against Christians just like defeating the Nazis and the Japanese in WWII stopped sectarian killing of Gypsies, Jews, Chatholics, homosexuals and the handicapped.

    Also, this article mentions the killing but does not mention who the Egyptian-Muslim perpetrators are. Are they rebel gangs or are the perpetrators sent in by the government of Egypt. Did it stop when Mubarak finally stepped down? When so many people are being killed suddenly it hard to tell if this is gang/mass psychology or state instituted mass murder/genocide. I do not think Muslims like to be preached to by an American and certainly not a Christian. So I think for his speach to have the desired effect of stopping the sectarian murder of Christians as human being to the Egyptian people. Just saying something will help him in America with the Christians here.

    Now, although the audience matters to whom Obama would address, I think a mere appeal to the general people as Egyptian to not kill other Egyptians religious or any other sectarian reasons is reprehensible human behavior would be most effective.

  23. Obama is a NOTHING president and an EMPTY suit, SELF-INDELGIENT-concieted human being—oh, yes human NOT super human. He cares not for CHRISTIANITY only himself and his dictatorship, and ruin of AMERICA. HAS he NO shame????Of course NOT—NONE!!! DID you expect any more??? OR any BETTER?????he IS a JOKE. NEXT…………

  24. If indeed President Obama is a Christian then yes, he should condemn and and ALL violence against Christians! I know our Awesome God would definately approve. Jesus Christ is coming back soon. God Bless America. I pray as do many other in our great country U.S. of America pray that this country will get back Under God, you know…the ONE who Created the Heave and Earth and ALL things. Come on people wake up. Draw close to God and He will draw close to you. “For God so loved the world….” John 3:16.

  25. I am with you Prime Minister Stephen Harper for saying that Christians are free to practice their faith without violence and I pray for them that are dieing for the name of Christ.

  26. barry soetoro is NOT a Christian…He is a MUSLIM, that vgrew up in the islamic CULT…Just who the hell do you think you are fooling buddy??