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Obama Should Condemn Anti-Christian Violence in Egypt

Even as he renews his outreach to Muslims, President Obama should seek to stem the growing tide of violence against Coptic Christians in Egypt by condemning last weekend’s attacks that left a dozen people dead and scores injured.

The attacks, about which Obama has been silent, also resulted in the burning of Coptic Orthodox churches and the destruction of Christian homes and businesses.

The president needs to say more to stem religious violence that creates opportunities for Islamic extremists who want to seize power in Egypt, our most important Arab ally.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper Monday “strongly” condemned the violence, saying, “We stand behind the Coptic Christian community and their right to practice their faith in safety and security, free of persecution.”

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Obama is preparing to try to reengage Muslims with a speech, possibly next week, that will make the case that Muslims should “reject Islamic militancy in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death and embrace a new era of relations with the U.S.”

Whether Obama views condemning Muslim violence against Christians as inopportune during the lead up to a renewed outreach to Muslims is unclear. But it’s worth noting that after Obama seemed inexplicably slow off the mark supporting the masses of Iranian protestors two years ago, there was widespread belief that he was concerned about compromising his outreach to the Iranian government.

Obama, though a Christian, seems to view his background, which includes a Muslim grandfather and several years living as a child in Muslim Indonesia, as giving him a special conduit into the Muslim world. But I doubt this type of personal outreach by one man changes the way people view the United States. And it shouldn’t interfere with other aspects of U.S. policy.

Obama commendably condemned a New Year’s Eve church bombing in Alexandria, Egypt that killed 21. But he has said little – actually nothing that I could find – about the religious killings and tensions since then, which included the deaths of 12 people Jan. 30 during a raid of Christian homes in Upper Egypt.

Obama also should speak about about the growing violence against Christians in Iraq, a country where we have some real sway. Four were killed and 171 injured in attacks over the weekend, prompting a reaction from Pope Benedict XVI.

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  1. Recall watching a Fox interview of Coptic Christians during the Egyptian riots. They wanted Mubarek to remain in power because they feared an Islamic takeover would be their demise. Looks like their fears were justified. I believe everything is going according to his plans, so won’t be holding my breath for him to express concern or compassion for Christians of any stripe.

  2. This would be front page news if it were Muslims being oppressed. The hypocrisy and anti-Christian bias of this administration is apalling.

      1. How true . Obama may claim he is a Christian but his actions show he is more in tune in protecting Muslims than Christians

    1. Isalm teaches that the end justifies the means, the end is that the entire world is muslim, which equals ‘peace’ in the ‘the religion of peace’—and muslims can kill anyone, including other muslims, to achieve that end……the Social Justice crowd also teaches that the means justifies the end, because the end is so ‘beautiful and just’, so there is the common denominator, both groups, who should hate each other, work together because the END justifies the Means!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. God’s intention is not for his children to kill one another. People who believe in a God who does, believe in a false God.

  3. So why hasn’t Obummer bombed Syria in the name of humanity? That’s because of Libyan oil, but the MSM isn’t going to tell you that.

  4. This is ‘peace and democracy’???

    Source: Michael Youssef
    The situation in Egypt is critical. Radical Islam is on the rise in Egypt. Ex. President Mubarak controlled the expression of this movement while he was in office. Since the revolution, radical supporters have seized the opportunity to transition Egypt into an Islamic state that applies Sharia Law to every aspect of daily life.

    Two days ago, 50,000 of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists gathered near the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt to make several alarming and important
    statements. These statements were as follows:

    1. The United Arab State is coming. They are referring to the unity of all
    Arab states.

    2. The United States of Islam is coming. They are referring to the conquest of the United States of America for Islam and the application of Sharia law.

    3. The new Khalifa of Muslims is coming. Khalifa is the successor of
    Muhammad and is considered the Imam (leader) of all Muslims in the world.

    In addition, clashes with Christians are increasing. These clashes are based on spiritual factors—namely the hatred that radical Muslims hold in their hearts toward Christians, the infidels, and their desire to rid their land
    of those who associate other gods with Allah.

  5. Why would anyone expect him to say anything. It’s MUSLIMS attacking CHRISTIANS. To say something, he would have to admit that muslims, at least some, are violent. Christians have always been a fair target for the left to mock, insult and ridicule, therefore, why would Obama see anything particularly outrageous here,

    1. Them there “Mooslims” are not violent,
      and there is no war on terrorism either!
      Ooh, I’m so tired of hearing about them.
      What pests they have become.

  6. It took over 200 years for religious tolerance in America. It wasn’t that long ago that Jews or Catholics weren’t admitted into certain clubs or venues.
    We can’t expect a country whose government is directed by Muslim laws to be anything like the US. Ever. They are not tolerant or just exclusive to other forms of religion. Their goal, as they interpret their Holy book, is to kill all unbelievers, not tolerate them.
    MrO might express dismay and concern to the Muslim community, but other than a nice soundbite it won’t mean diddly to Egyptians.

  7. Anyone but Barry 2012

    More and more of Barry’s actions seem to be explained by a deep seated animosity of the developed world vis-a-vi the third world. Barry’s world view is that the world is a zero sum game, so any time the west benefits, automatically the third world is hurt. I do not think he cares one lick that Egypt is moving to a more anti-west, anti-christian government, so long as the US looses one of its key allies in the region. I think this world view explains his position against Israel, Tunisa and Yeman where he clearly does not support them and it also explains his position on Syria and Iran and his timidity in challenging them since they are already anti-western.

    For the first time in our history, we have a president who views his own country as so deeply flawed and one that has advanced on the backs of the third world countries that he feels we have exploited for decades.

  8. Obama is not a christian. When he got on the podium and said that he believes in God he never said the one thing a real christian would say. Remember, Satan believes in God too.

  9. The silence is because Obama is an Muslim faking to be Christian and he HATES Americans.

    Also, Obama has committed treason on several fronts AND I HAVE WRITTEN PROOF! Yet our military and government lacks the guts to arrest and imprison the traitor in the White House.

    Obama is a waste of skin and the enemy of the state.

  10. MT for re-redistribution

    When B.O. was elected, and announced his intentions to extend a big fuzzy hug to islam, I was curious to see how it was going to go. I thought there was ever so slight of a chance that it might improve ‘things’ (silly me). It’s not improving things. What we should take from this curious but foolish exercise is that islam sees our attempts to ‘make nice’ as weakness, and that the only way to handle islamic extremism is ala Bush, to keep them hiding in caves and rat-holes. Better relations with muslims means stronger extremist groups. Now we see how well trying to get along with these people will go. What are we going to do with this knowledge?

  11. Great piece Keith. Is it me or is this president much like Kissinger. Hard on his own religion so as not to appear that he was showing favoritism. I would argue that was the case except for the appearance that Obama only appears to utilize Christianity as a political tool. Does he have a real relationship with Jesus Christ? Not proselytizing, just observing.

    1. That is a fair question given that he never goes to church and somehow missed all the sermons at the church he supposedly attended. But I’d hesitate to draw a conclusion about what his true religious intensity is.

      1. Actually, this question is easily assessed and easily answered by criteria given by our Lord Himself. He said, “By their fruits you will know them.” The fruits of the Commander-in-Chief don’t pass the smell test for biblical Christianity, by either his words or his deeds. It smells way too Islamic to me.

        1. That is the EXACT scripture I use every time I discuss Obama’s supposed faith with people. It is pretty obvious where he stands.

    2. President BO is not christian because when a reporter (forgot which one it was) asked him if he was christian he gave such a luke warm answer that it made me scratch my head. He is very articulate, so why so vague an answer. He said he agreed with many of Jesus’s peaceful ways. But he did not say that he had faith in Christ Jesus or that he believes him to be the Savior of the world. No he is not a christian. Great artical Keith and great observation Pete.

      1. He’s not really articulate — he just uses a lot of words. When you pick it apart, he’s never saying anything definite,

  12. The Lover of Liberty

    Any Christian American whether black, white, yellow or red who votes for the re-election of B. Hussein Obama needs to have their head examined. We have never had such an anti-Christian POTUS. I hope and pray we are rid of him at noon on January 20, 2013.

    1. I agree 100%.
      Of course I was saying that about the large % of Jewish population that voted for him in 2008. Some people, regardless of who the person is, will vote straight part because that is all they know.
      Then, you have the other side of the coin that will vote for him specifically because of the color of his skin. To those people I would ask one thing.
      How’s is Hussein doing paying your mortgage, your gas tanks, do you now have no worries because you helped him and he has now helped you?

      1. Most of us are Christians, does his actions suprise anyone why he does not protect our boaders, protect our economy. I see no love for this country, or it’s people coming from this man. Everything he does is destruction for the United States.

  13. Egypt isn’t the only country who persecute and oppress Christians! There are so many countries where being a Christian can have serious repercussions if you are caught.

  14. Once again, Obummer defines who he really is. He jumps quickly to give rights to Islam, but when it comes to his own supposed faith, Christianity he does nothing. Is he chicken or what?
    What you do, defines who you are, Mr. Muslim president.

  15. I think most people feel pretty confident Obama, our Muslim President is not for protecting Christians, Jews or America, regardless of his statements during press conferences. Actions & In-Actions speak louder than words.

  16. And people wonder why a large number of Americans believe he is a muslim. It is based on his actions, or inactions, and his continual favoritism of those of the muslim faith.

  17. There is a real price to pay for the Christian faith wherever there are Muslims in great numbers. As Christians we must not remain silent and join with our brothers financially when we can and in prayer always.

  18. Hey folks, get real! Hussein is a marxist and muslim, with nothing but distain, if not hatred, for Jews and Christians, thus the silence in the face of genocide against Christians. Israel is toast with Hussein and his marxist thugs in power, which the Israelis must fully realize. Hussein and his buddy, Ahmadinajad, are leaving the Israelis no choice but to hit them with nukes, which will bring out the little one, aka the 12 imam, out of his hole to observe the slaughter. The left has been pushing for change and they are going to get it in spades, but no one will be happy with what is being forced on us by Hussein and his marxist mentors, like Soros.

  19. It is despicable how the President does nothing to express any real connection with Christians. Is it so important to be connected to Muslims that he can overlook his own Christianity and that of others practicing their faith in Jesus Christ?

  20. The silence of this administration about any of the persecution of Christians is deafening. The same persecution if it was of Muslims would be decried over and over and condemned by the lamestream media as well. The administration makes fun of those who think Obama is a Muslim, but their silence contributes to this notion. I have concluded that Obama just feels that Christians have any persecution they have to endure coming to them. I am sickened by his attitude.

  21. Anyone who could willingly sit under Reverend Wright for all those years? Here is one who found a way to label himself Christian (to the uninformed). Yet, reveals by his choice that he harbors a deep hatred for the thinking of Christ.

  22. In your article you state that Obama is a Christian. Just because he is labeled a Christian that doesn’t make him one. IF he truly was a Christian his actions, behavior and attitudes would be much different from what we see. What is in his heart comes out of his mouth!

  23. Would you really care if he did anyway? Do you place importance on anything these jackals say or do? I knew you didn’t.

    ——— says there are larger fish to fry

    911essentials is an introduction to the New World Order Central Banking Police State, its plans for one world government and their worship of the pseudoscience Eugenics.

  24. Just wait. Obama is getting what he wants, Democracy in the Middle east and North Africa. He just didnt think it through very well. Islam is taking over and America will have entire countries against us. More so than before. Way to go Obama, way to make the world safer for everyone. I would hate to be a Christian in the Middle East about now. Wonder what the anointed one will do when Egypt, Syria, Iran, etc, etc, attack Israel then tell us to go screw ourselves. Saudi will be crumbling soon and just think what oil will be like. Especially since we are years behind, thanks to Obama/EPA ban on drilling.

    1. “He just didnt think it through very well. Islam is taking over and America will have entire countries against us. ”

      Au contraire. (sp?) He thought it through very well.

      1. I just can’t understand how he is still in office. I pray that by the power of the Holy Spirit, that he comes to his senses and steps down. He needs to think of how badly he is frightening our children.

  25. Unfortunately the author has not yet grasped the fact that President Obama is a fierce proponent of Social Justice, a central tenet of the radical Left. (this is in sharp opposition to the Equal Justice, that most Americans judge by).

    In the hypocritical eye of the Social Justice elites, we should all work to level-out prosperity World-wide. Obama will always neglect, denigrate, use, and abuse the groups and individual people that he feels have been in a place of dominance in recent history. They have room to fall, where those downtrodden groups and individuals will be given a pass, and often US Taxpayer Dollars as well. Who decides how to “properly tip the scales”? Well, the Ivy-League elites, of course!!

    In the case of the oppression of the Coptics in Egypt; the thought process goes something like this: “Christianity has been the religion of the affluent oppressor for WAY TOO LONG. Let them suffer a bit” “After all, the Muslims wouldn’t be so angry if the white, rich, Christians hadn’t been keeping them down for so long” “Any violence they engage in is warranted and will be ignored”

    Never mind the fact that Obama and his ilk are all rich. Or that the Coptic Christians in Egypt have never been an oppressor toward the Muslims. Liberal whites are given a pass because they are dedicating the power of their position, or office to help level the global prosperity. Obama is a member of a victimized minority community that deserves to be wealthy (for a change).

    You can see how this basic idea meshes so nicely with other Liberal values such as, “Redistribution of Wealth”, “Eco-Justice” and my personal favorite; “Moral Relativism”. Once you understand these ideas you can see how quickly they will run amok like our present situation.

    It’s worth noting that on the surface, these ideas can be made to sound very appealing, so are often successful in persuading voters. This fact has polluted the minds of many GOP and Independent politicians that have openly espoused ideas rooted in Social Justice to buy votes vis-a-vis R.I.N.O’s like George W Bush, Lindsay Graham, et al.

    I hope this will help those attempting to use traditional American values to understand Obama’s bizarre policies, (or lack thereof). The next time you see a crazy policy or behavior from the likes of the President, the more liberal members of Congress, the DOJ, DHS, FCC, FDA or a Liberal activist Judge, try looking at it through the lens of Social Justice, it should make more sense.


    1. Chris, You hit the nail on the head. This piece is very thought out and well written and beyond that FACTUAL. I hope everyone reads your post. Copy and paste it wherever you can. It is the truth and explains the actions of not only Obama but the New Democrats (Liberals).
      Thanks Chris, May God bless you and yours.

  26. Maybe Obama should just resign since he has contributed to the mess in the Middle East. Obama’s world view is incompetent and divisive.

  27. Obama is a product of the anti-British, anti-colonial attitudes he was exposed to as child. You could see it from the very beginning with the return of the Churchill bust. I have some experience in training naval officers from former British colonies. When talking about WW2 with these young officers, the British were the bad guys and the Germans the good guys. Kenya didn’t achieve independence from Britain until 1963. Obama then lived in colonial/post-colonial Indonesia for a period. While I’m not saying his worldview is “un-American,” I would say it’s “not like the average American.” He didn’t get the My Three Sons, Leave It to Beaver, Combat (starring Rick Jason!) macho John Wayne stuff as a kid. He lived elsewhere in a foreign culture, places with a different view of America’s role in the world, most of it not flattering to the U.S.

    1. You got it. This is why Obama LOVES Social Justice so much. It allows him to knowingly allow terrible things to anyone he equates as having benefited from the actions of a past (or present) oppressive or dominant group, because they deserve to take a fall. It is all about leveling out the prosperity on a global scale. Look at any Obama policy that fall outside the norm, devotion to applied Social Justice explains all of them.

    2. Not Only the Post Colonial attitudes, but he also Studied the Koran as a young child, and that has had more influence than anyone has dared to talk about, he has any ingrained, early childhood, attitude that is very similar to the attitude of most muslims, never say anything bad about what another muslim does.

  28. Yes, most of the world leaders are speaking out against the violence against Christians except Obama.

    Perhaps he believes, as he does America, that Christians have perpetrated atrocities against the muslims and now “justice’ as he would call it is being served.

    Nah, most likely he simply doesn’t care. Right now he has to hustle oil companies out of more money…and don’t forget, he is now in campaign mode so he’s too busy slandering his enemies.
    Those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder don’t view the world the same as the rest.

  29. Why would a mooooooozlum care or feel anything for a Christian? obama made it clear that he would side with izlam if there were ever any fighting between the 2. obama has brought hope to the izlamic world, and has changed the world for ever, using those who hate America against America and our allies. Why is this phoney still soiling the Oval Office? He is still ineligible to be president as his father was NOT an American citizen.

  30. Credit for nailing bin Laden will end up going where it belongs – to the military – despite Obama’s constant preening. Obama himself continues his appeasement, for which he truly will be remembered, while innocent Christians are horribly persecuted throughout the Muslim world.

  31. That miserable muslim-loving president of ours would be hollering bloody murder if it was Christians killing muslims. It is about time for that to happen. We need to eliminate the muslims so that the world can live in relative peace. They will always be trying to kill someone. Obama is really a useless piece of dung as far as it goes.

  32. In his own words in his own books and speeches and by his acts, Obama is anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Caucasian and anti-free enterprise. Obama is either an atheist or a Muslim, but he’s no Christian. That’s mere cover to get elected, much like Clinton walking out of a church with a Bible before have services rendered by Monica Lewinski. Obama hates America so much he is obsessed with “fundamentally transforming” America, including a priority of wealth redistribution to fellow blacks. America could not have elected a worse traitor who, if he could, would do the same things Hugo Chavez has done to Venezuela.

  33. Actually, Jesus said Christians would face persecution. The Bible also says in the Last Days before the return of Jesus there would be persecution. But, of course, this doesn’t excuse Obama for not speaking up, even if he is a Muslim.
    Interestingly, throughout history the persecution of Christians usually results in more people becoming Christians. Unpleasant eternal punishment awaits those who persecute Christians.
    From the way things are going, I feel it is safe to say–Jesus will return soon.

  34. Christian if you enter a town and they reject your message knock the dust form your sandals and move on

    Muslim if you enter a town and they reject your message kill them

    any other questions?

  35. Well, it only took 450+ years for the first self-defensive Crusade to stop Muslim murder, rape and robbery. Christians need to unleash the lions because being sacrificial lambs like Jesus isn’t helpful. Muslims have been attacking Christians for nearly 1400 years now. The majority of Muslims are evil, just like the pedophile Mohammad they worship. The only people who don’t get this are a large majority of socialists, communists (generally atheists) and Muslims. Ironically, 3/4 of American Jews vote for Democrats along with socialists, communists and Muslims while Muslims slaughter Jews in the MiddleEast.

  36. Of course he is. Obama is one of the most aggressive liberal Marxist Progressives who in the United States have been practicing organized Anti-Christian bigotry since the 1962 SOCTUS decision on School prayer. They are emboldended to inacction on such things because Christians do not rate such protections….but the Muslims in Serbia do…even though they murder there and all over africa and all over the middle east.

  37. So what going to happen when the same thing starts happening to muslims in this country? Will obama turn a blind eye and keep his lips shut then???

    1. No, it would be nice if it were that simple but it isn’t, read my (long-ish) post above. He is actually a Secular Humanist (God is only a tool for political maneuvering to the man), a narcissist and most importantly; an ardent disciple of Social Justice. Also. be sure to read “The Roots of Obama’s Rage” by Dinesh D’Souza, tells the whole story in excellent detail. (better than my babling drivel)

      1. Disagree. Muslim with secular humanism as an acceptable veneer. You don’t spend your formative years (4 to 10?) studying the koran in the largest muslim country in the world without absorbing it. Have you all read about the money and time he spent getting his cousin elected to a kind of co-presidency (after he lost the regular election) where he promises to install sharia completely?

        1. Vladdy, your’e so right. When someone is brought up in a faith from a very young age, it molds a person. I was baptized, as an infant, in the Catholic faith and that is the essence of my being.

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