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Here it is: The Obama Seal Team 6 Action Figure

Yes, this is for real. You can buy it at They are 35 bucks each. You can pull a string in back and it takes credit for the 1969 lunar landing. OK, that last one, not. Thanks to Granny Jan, one of our readers, for the tip.

18 thoughts on “Here it is: The Obama Seal Team 6 Action Figure”

  1. Oh dear. At least they got that grin right.
    By the way, I enjoyed the discussion about that rapper “Common” ( never heard of him before ) and Keiths questions to Carney. Carney talked a lot about how Obama respected the police and so on but what about the event that lead to the “beer summit”. Then Obama showed his true feelings for the police.

  2. Whoa…Barry is borrowing Me!chelle’s arms now? This is just like when Bill was elected and we ‘got’ Hillary too…

    (ps, it looks like they included that annoying moley thingy on the side of his nose…keeping it really, real!)

  3. Oh great. Inflate his ego even more than it already is. He’ll probably have one of these on his nightstand so he has a little mini-me to tell his stories to…first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

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