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Obama Morning News || May 12, 2011

President Obama told Senate Dems at a White House meeting Wednesday to be flexible in the deficit talks. In a “Town Hall” with CBS, he urged companies to start hiring. Obama is pushing for a homeowner fund to help distressed borrowers.

Mitt Romney today will try to explain away his Massachusetts version of Obamacare. Newt Gingrich made his candidacy official. Gingrich came out swinging, saying Obama should be “ashamed of himself.” Obama has been silent so far about his GOP foes.

Members of Congress who have seen the Bin Laden photos differ over whether they should be released.

Lawmakers are urging Obama to take a stand on Syria.

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  1. If you go to there is a photo (#1) of the President from El Paso along with these words on immigration:

    In a debate where all sides are often portrayed as caricatures, the President seeks to break the stalemate by showing that it is a debate about real people and our economic future

    El Paso:
    THE PRESIDENT: You know, they (Republicans) said we needed to triple the Border Patrol. Or now they’re going to say we need to quadruple the Border Patrol. Or they’ll want a higher fence. Maybe they’ll need a moat. (Laughter.) Maybe they want alligators in the moat. (Laughter.) They’ll never be satisfied. And I understand that. That’s politics.
    h/t Hot

    1. We hadn’t thought of a moat along the border, but it ‘s a really good idea. Cost effective, too. Unless the ‘gators get all unionized.

      1. i kind of thought it was a good idea too…..but seriously, this is just stupid fluff he’s throwing out there for effect. i am hoping and praying that a serious candidate will come forward that is willing to confront this president with all his lies, misrepresentations, and to finally expose all of this left/socialist views.

  2. Maybe it´s not so easy to take a stand on Syria. At least if you are a woman. I usually form an opinion of a country on how the women are treated.
    This morning I read an interesting article in my local newspaper ( Sydsvenska Dagbladet). It was about Egypt after Mubarak. The author ( Eva Plesner ) wrote about her experiences there and her conclusion is that the cries for freedom, dignity and justice was about mens, not womens, rights. Womens situation is in fact worse now. There is only one woman in the temporary government, in Mubaraks government there were four. In the important group that will prepare a new constitution all members are men, and two with connections with the conservative Muslim Brotherhood. There is a campaign going on to get rid of the womenfriendly reforms that Mrs Mubarak backed. And this example:All the women working at an electronics company, Telemasrs, will be fired because the management no longer wants to hire women as it´s not according to Allah. Well, it looks like there may be Sharia all over.
    I know that Egypt, Syria and Libya are all different but still, I guard these ongoing revolutions or civil wars with some alarm. I think the worst scenario is that they all turn into little Irans with Sharia laws.

    1. I read that Egyptian men treat women worse than any other Arab country. It’s standard practice to grope women on the street whether they are veiled or not, young or old, western or not. I read this after the Laura Logan incident.

      1. Yes, I saw her on 60 Minutes–then she was totally eclipsed by the Bin Laden killing a few hrs later. As a rape survivor, I was in tears–I am sure many more atrocities will occur when these countries slip out from under any kind of order, even if imposed by a strong man.

        1. Yes, Islam is so threatening to women. Many Muslim men totally lack respect for women. Unfortunately most European countries now have big Muslim populations in the big cities and we have to grapple with problems we couldn´t imagine existed like “honour- murders”.

  3. No Common wasn’t paying a tribute to cop-killer Joanna Chesimard. His daughter’s name is just a coincidence,

    Common visited Chesimard in Cuba according to Wiki. They wrote that his song about her was a tribute.

    Our radical professors at UMass made pilgrimages to Cuba and named their children after Che, Johnnetta Cole as an example. Che Cole and my daughter were classmates. Yes, I live in the heart of the enemy ;-)

    1. You are a brave soul Granny Jan. Good to know there are a few conservatives left there. My husband hails from Peabody and escaped Mass. many years ago. Such a beautiful part of the country, but oh-so misguided politically.

      1. My family is from Salem and Haverhill and I grew up in Marblehead. That area was once Republican. Amherst is in class by itself. I’ve lived here for 40 years. I am grateful to it for one thing. I’m a typical reactionary. I reacted to all the craziness around me and became a Republican. It actually is a nice place to live except for the high taxes, natch.

  4. Just what we need, another program for deadbeats who don’t pay their mortgages. Hasn’t he done enough harm to the housing industry yet? Yesterday Rush talked about the sub-prime mortgage zombie coming back to life through a rebranded ACORN group, the Federal Reserve, and Holder’s injustice dept. Sometimes I feel like we’re in that Groundhog Day movie where we keep reliving the day over and over again.

      1. Also–off topic–I notice on AOL that the “news” topics are more lefty–the bailouts worked, great outfits Michelle wore, etc. So far, gradual–but I am sure this is good old “We don’t pay no stinkin’ writers” Huffington.

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