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The Obama Morning News || Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Obama is set to renew his worldwide Muslim outreach effort, asking Muslims to reject Islamic militancy in the wake of Bin Laden’s death, the Wall Street Journal reports.

President Obama sought to recast the immigration debate, telling Republicans that border security is sufficient now to allow for immigration overhaul. The Washington Post says the credit the White House is giving itself for adding border agents actually belongs to Bush. Immigration advocates find Obama’s proposals lacking.

During his immigration speech yesterday, Obama took a little jab at Fox chief Rupert Murdoch.

Obama thinks he can win in Texas, POLITICO reports. Jon Huntsman clashed with the White House over his presidential run while he was still Obama’s ambassador the China, the Daily Beast writes. Some Democrats are telling ABC News that Huntsman would be the toughest Republican for Obama to beat.

Vice President Biden is meeting with Republicans on the deficit, but a sense of pessimism prevails. Treasury Secretary Geithner won’t sell U.S. gold resserves to avoid hitting the debt ceiling. Obama will focus on the debt issue in a meeting today with Senate Democrats.

13 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || Wednesday, May 11, 2011”

    1. Call me stupid, but I’m all in for the moat. and land mines. and sharpshooters. Whatever it takes to show we mean business.

          1. They need to coat the fences ( and finish the other half) with razor wire like at prisons but a sea of it, 20 feet wide n 20 feet high.Seismic monitors to watch for diggers,and instead of a measly 1200 national guard ,we need 10,000 of them on the border.Period.They can use his some of his stimulus funds that are unused to pay for it.It needs completed to by the end of the year.We also need to consider armed drones.

  1. Obama didn’t win Texas last time and I’m fairly sure there’s not much he’s done during this term to turn the tide for him to win Texas next time. But I guess he needs to sweet talk dollars out of the foolish down there somehow…

  2. He is delusional if he thinks he can win Texas. Maybe he didn’t pay attention to the 2010 elections. Republicans swept the Texas State House, winning 101 seats. They just passed a shiny new voter ID law, which will put a damper on his call to all illegal aliens.

    He’s also going to have a hard time with his racially divisive politics, because we’ve been united as Texians since the Alamo. We’ve got a lot of fools who think he’s the best thing since sliced bread, but not enough to sway Texas to his column, thank goodness.

  3. I’m kind of confused by the first paragraph; has Obama ever ceased his Muslim outreach?
    He bombs some and shoots some but many Muslims do that to each other.

  4. “Some Democrats are telling ABC News that Huntsman would be the toughest Republican for Obama to beat.”

    Yeah, I just bet they tell the All Barack Channel that … “speaking on background … ” to Jake “I pretend to be an ethical reporter but I love those insider parties with the cool guys & the CinC just like the next guy” Tapper. They just want to McCain the election. Bet they’re praising Huntsman as “rational” and “moderate” and “centrist”

    Oh wait … that’s just what they said. Imagine that.

    Jake Tapper – Plouffe’s right-hand guy.

  5. Andy from Beaverton

    I don’t know where you got the idea of selling off the gold reserve, but the government will be taking a massive loss. We only have $11 billion in gold on the books. It would take an act of God or the supreme court to allow the government to sell gold for what it is worth on the open market.
    The price of $42.22 an ounce was the result of Section 2 of the “Par Value Modification Act”, Public Law 93-110, as amended, passed by Congress on September 21, 1973 This was upheld by the Supreme Court ruled in 1984 in Franklin Mint v. TWA, TWA was only liable for paying FM $42.22 an ounce.

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