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Common Avoids Advocating Cop Killing

Appearing tonight in the East Room at the White House poetry celebration, the rapper Common avoided saying anything about killing police, as he has rather frequently in the past.

He did launch into some kind of work which was, I suppose you could say, impressionistic. Some might say it was stream of conscious. And others might say it was incomprehensible. Also, some of it rhymed.

He started with some recorded sound of Martin Luther King speaking, and ended by repeating the line,

“One King’s Dream he was able to Barack us.”

18 thoughts on “Common Avoids Advocating Cop Killing”

  1. a friend turned me on to your site; am enjoying it so much i added to my toolbar. looking forward to reading about more “common” interests. LOL

    1. I came here via MOTUS-Michelle’s Mirror. With a lot of blogs you’re really just talking among yourselves. This blog has a lot more influence and because of that it is important. Of course, it should be more important.

  2. Shameful. But, the Obama’s have no shame and no clue what shame looks like. So, I suppose Michelle’s invitation to this “poet” makes as much sense as anything else she and her husband have espoused as “hip and cool”.

    1. Agree. In their universe, 50yr old people are young, not middle-aged.
      They seem to think that acting like demented children playing games we won’t notice that they’re old.
      I bet they never read any poetry before the WhiteHouse gig, never played outdoor games with children, never shot hoops with the guys and never went on a vacation outside of Illinois.

  3. It’s a sad state of affairs when the Commander In Chief must carefully avoid the appearance of advocating the murder of police officers.
    We’ve come a long way, baby.

  4. “One King’s Dream he was able to Barack us” … Oh, freakin’ brilliant.

    The cult of personality – its stench is overpowering. The Emperor has no clothes, but the simpering Dems and fawning Leftist media are still head over heels in love with their Dictator, who hates most of his fellow citizens based on the fact that their skin tone/tint/shade is slightly lighter than his.

    Now, imagine that Sarah Palin is President. She invites some “white” country star who wears a Confederate flag shirt, talks about black women being only good for having sex with – would never date or marry one – and sings about killing thugs in da hood. This guy’s hero is some woman who killed a gangsta, and got convicted of murder, but escaped from prison & is now living in Bermuda. And he sings about guns and killing cops and burning the last President – Barack Obama.

    Obviously Palin is no racist, and she would never disrespect the WH, the office of the President, and the American people by having some racist fool who glorifies violence in the WH. But imagine if something like this happened – there’d by rioting in the streets.

      1. I think I’m going to vomit.

        It’s hilarious … yet truly sickening. That human joke didn’t order the kill mission – Panetta did.

        BTW, Steve Hayes (Weakly Standard) came here to speak a few days after the UBL mission – he was asked about the Panetta deal – he said he had heard from several sources the same thing – didn’t out-of-hand dismiss the idea as crazy. He said though he’d assume (absent proof to the contrary) that Obama deserved the credit. Kept meaning to post the video.

        1. You know what Hayes does that drives me nuts. He will say a few sentences, then say, “Having said that..” and conclude the opposite.

          1. Yeah you’re right. He seems like such a nice guy but I want to smack him upside the head to wake him up out of his Ruling Class stupor. I still watch Baier’s Special Report just to throw objects at the TV screen. Well, not really – can’t do that anymore w/ flat screens. Now those big solid old-fashioned cabinet types – you could throw a can of beer & the TV wouldn’t blow up.

            Video of Hayes in NC – scroll down to get the specific video (ithe complete presentation isn’t on youtube):


            Start watching at the 36:30 mark. Now Hayes was speaking on Wednesday, May 4, just days after the UBL mission. He says he’s heard reports that Panetta et al made the decision – by e-mail, word-of-mouth, and that “somebody called in w/ experience w/ SEAL Team 6” ….. and as we all know Hayes is hardly a wild-eyed Tea Party Beck conspiracy-theory kind of guy.

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