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What? Not Even a Look Out the Window?

President Obama doesn’t seem to have even peered out his Air Force One window to view the swelling Mississippi, a minimal show of interest for which George W. Bush was pilloried when he took a peek at the damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. At least Bush bothered to look.

Obama is traveling today OVER the devastation being wrought by the Mississippi in order to get to events in Texas, where he will rally his Hispanic supporters with a speech on immigration in El Paso and then head to the Lone Star state’s liberal bastion of Austin for two fundraisers.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, who spoke with reporters aboard Air Force One, was asked whether Obama had bothered to get a view from above.

“I haven’t seen him do that but I haven’t been with him for the full flight so far,” Carney said.

Well, it certainly doesn’t sound like they were on the lookout for it, and it’s clear the plane is not intentionally headed over a particularly devastated area for a look-see.

Obama’s hopscotch over the Mississippi flooding is emblematic of his disaster no-show policy.

He’s currently getting slammed for visiting wildfire-plagued Texas for political purposes while refusing to grant the state disaster declaration status, which would free up federal aid. Reporters on Air Force One could see smoke rising as the plane headed into El Paso.

While he spent a brief time on the ground in Alabama after tornadoes ripped through the state late last month, he failed to even issue a public statement about tornadoes that killed dozens a few days earlier in North Carolina and the surrounding states.

Of course, the mother of all Obama disaster AWOL events was his slow and awkward response to the Gulf oil spill crisis a year ago.

Bush was criticized for waiting more than a day after Katrina struck New Orleans to return to Washington from his vacation in Texas. Instead of landing in the area, he looked out from Air Force One at the devastation in a move that was meant to show his interest, but which backfired and was used against him by those who claimed he hardly cared.

The president got to the city a couple of days later, when there was less chance he would get in the way of rescue and recovery operations.

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  1. The Gulf Oil spill is still having a huge impact every day and he just gets another pass. Isn’t it ironic that we keep having the worst disasters EVER and the press remains silent or covers it up. Thanks Keith for the updates. I am amazed on a daily basis by his lack of empathy.

    1. I am astounded on a daily basis by the audacity of his subversion and threats and poisoning of the country and I am rankled by the audacity of the media to openly and brazenly ignore and sweep it under the rug.

  2. He’ll mention the wildfires in his Texas speech. He’ll bite his lip, lower his head down, and two minutes later he’ll be grinning ear to ear. A guy can only go so long without applause.

    OT, but Jonah Goldberg is accusing BO of crass political expediency in his premature announcement of OBL’s death thereby making the intelligence gathered useless. I thought the samething and wondered why no one was mentioning it.,0,5729340.column

      1. Oh Granny Jan, you are assuming he gives a flip about anyone in Texas or anywhere else in America. Especially not those illegals he’s pandering to. Human trafficing across the border is a very lucrative business for the Zeta gang. They deal drugs too. A whole bunch of them got into a deadly gun fight with a rival gang on Falcon Lake yesterday. Thirteen of them were killed. Remember the young lady who was jet skiing with her husband last October when he was killed trying to escape a gang? Same lake and same gang…in Texas.

  3. Obama Bin Lyin. No lie too big, no lie too small. He is a habitual liar, even on thelittle things that should not matter. Really, tamales are Michelle’s favorite food of all time, says Obama Bin Lyin on Cinco De Mayo? Lie on lie on lie.

  4. Obama = “fly over US President”

    Obama & his Court (re: sycophant Main Stream Media) hate dealing with that big ‘Ignorant, Racist/Hard-working, Patrotic’ part of the USA between DC/NYC-Manhattan & LA.

      1. Exactly…what a poser. By the way, he went to Texas where we are fighting the wildfires, south is where the floods are. Tough keeping up with all these natural disasters, but he sure doesn’t look concerned.

    1. Metrosexual now….Full blown feller on the down low at Man’s Country tubs a decade ago. Very selfish….always on the receiving end. Hear he liked the old white guys.

      The media is so in the tank for this guy. What happened to his boy toy Kal Penn? He still “working” at the White House?

  5. Perhaps he’s still “riding the wave” of addulation from bin Laden’s murder and looking down on the little people and all that yucky water would remind him that there are big problems on the home front. Never let an international crisis go to waste…or in the case of bin Laden never let it die.

  6. Give me a break. With everything that has been occuring around the world, I thnk that it would be impossible to interpret anything about Obama’s attention to every event that happens. At least he landed at some point. He has had more on his plate than too many other Presidents. The truth is that there is nothing that he can do to placate his critics. I support him in the face of extreme natural disasters and explosive foreign affairs. Could you or I do better?

    1. Yes, it’s a demanding job requiring many skills. However, no one put the illegal alien solution on his plate, nor did the American public clamor for a comprehensive Federal takeover of health care. We didn’t ask the Prez to give our money to Brazil to help them drill for offshore oil, he wasn’t asked to stop bullying in the public school system and we didn’t ask him to bail out GM to protect union jobs.

      The point is that his attention is scattershot over issues that he chooses to pursue. We have priorities and demands that the POTUS must meet and deal with for the benefit of ALL Americans.
      If the job is too much, he can certainly retire in Jan2013 and let someone else take on the responsibility.

      1. Or just leave now and take Joe gaff with him. Oh darn, wait that leaves us with Bohner…rock and a hard place. Ok, just leave in 2013 and.

      2. Thank you, best synopsis yet of the complete lack of focus from Obama on those issues that actually matter to the American people. This moron is beyond help, and I have little hope that he will turn to those more important tasks any time soon.

    2. Yes I believe I could do better. For starters I would go to El Paso and announce my immigration policy: “There will be no amnesty and the path towards citizenship and your dreams already exists. Follow the laws. No nation can take in all the poor from another nation. If we do not have a slot for you here it is your duty to return to your homeland and work for it’s reform and success as hard as you worked here. I will be submitting a bill to congress regarding card check when hiring new employees. The main point of this legislation is the severe punishment of those companies that knowingly hire illegal immigrants. So sever the fines imposed would make it economically impossible for these corporations to see hiring illegal immigrants as a benefit. I will then be deploying the National Guard to the border while funding and construction for a security fence is completed.”

      How’s that?

      1. I like it.
        I do not understand (in all seriousness) why a liquid southern border is NOT a security risk…from cartels OR terrorists.

    3. Yes, yes George, I understand what you’re saying…I know that President Bush had an easy go of it during his time in the White House. And the support he received from his countrymen was all that carried him through. You were there to support him…right George?

    4. Gosh, George, I’m with you. Don’t forget to mention on that full plate of his the extreme vacations and explosive golf outings (should we even point out the tournament brackets?). Whew, I don’t know how he does it!

    5. Sadly, we’re finally in a situation where we can say 9 out of ten people picked at random could do better than this doofus.

      And before you tell me he’s agenius and “his IQ is off the charts”, please substantiate the claim with a score, a grade or SOME EVIDENCE.

  7. The only thing Obama is focused on is getting re-elected. He does not care about immigration other than the number of votes it will bring him. He has deliberately snubbed Texas because it went Republican in 2008 and is strongly Republican now. He has lied abut his accomplishments in office under the idea that a lie repeated often will eventually be believed. He is totally out of touch with the American citizenry and totally convinced that he can do no wrong. His green energy agenda will be a disaster for our economy if allowed to keep growing. He thinks he is a foreign policy whiz but his actions in this area have alienated us from our traditional allies and loosened the gates that keep us from our enemies.

    I am a white, southern born senior citizen and I know that some who read this will assume I am racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. I would love to see Allen West or Herman Cain win the presidency in 2012. If either of them make it through the primaries, I will volunteer to work for their campaigns. The current crop of Republicans competing for the attention of the media are just more of the same old crap that got us into this mess. The only Republicans I have seen that are conservative and would follow the Constitution are Cain, West and Christie. The rest are Rhinos to one degree or another and would just put on a show of reform.

    I hope that all will join me in saying a prayer for the survival of our way of life.

    1. The only reason that Obama is going to Texas is because he knows he can find a lot of latinos there.

      He doesn’t care if they are legal or illegal as long as they vote for him because he plays their race issue the way they like it — and the illegal aliens do vote, don’t doubt it.

  8. As soon as enough people of color are impacted he will say something. Otherwise is just those “typical white people” which he has little use for unless they are suffering from white guilt.

  9. ” , , , pilloried when he took a peak at the damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.” It should be peek, not peak.

  10. The more people who are killed or lost in states like those, the less people there are to vote against obama in 2012
    Seems like he would at least care enough to take a peek at that

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  12. It’s President Bush’s fault anyway. President Bush and First Lady Laura Bush were seen doing a rain dance that started the flood. Take my wife…PLEASE…seriously though folks I’m glad when stuff like this happens. Another opportunity for people to see him for he is. That is if they go surfing around on the internet digging up the information. I don’t think I’ll hold my breath waiting for Ms. Couric to report on it.

  13. Let’s face it Barry Soetoro can do whatever he wants since the main street media is giving him a free ride. Everything this clown has done would have sunk a republican, but other than a few sources everyone else has a hands off policy.

    Can you imagine President Bush flying over a crisis to get to a fundraising?

  14. So what WAS he doing on the flight? Rappin’ with Jay Z on the telephone about the next White House party? Setting up his next tee time at the golf course?

    How many rounds of golf did he play before he realized that the BP Gulf spill was becoming a political liability?

    A real leader would have put down the clubs and gotten directly involved.
    A real leader……..

  15. Why would he bother looking at a disaster? Why bother with a disaster declaration, unless there is no way to avoid it? I’m getting the impression that “the President who cares” doesn’t really care about individuals and their problems, just his agenda. Unfortuntately, that’s a common trait among ideologues.

  16. If you were able to type into his teleprompter:

    “I am not from America and therefore not a legal President, and therefore resign.”

    He would read it before he knew what he said.

    (What a beautiful thought.)

  17. If there are any top-brass military reading this post…you’d better gather the troops and maybe plan a coup…because the guy and cohorts in office are deliberately destroying our nation…..YOUR nation!

    If nothing is done..and he is allowed to totally destroy us..what will you say to your grandchildren/great grandchildren? That you were too afraid to lose your powerful positions? It will be too late.

    The handwriting is on the wall….take the blinders off..start reading..start planning.

  18. Does this really surprise anyone? This president cares about nothing but himself and his re-election. He does nothing but divide this country. He lies every time he opens his mouth. The disconnect it palpable and shameful. I am at a loss for words regarding this petulant man child. I am also stunned that he was elected as President of this great nation. If he is re-elected this nation is doomed. Can you imagine what he would do to this country if he didn’t have to worry about being re-elected?

  19. When Bush was hammered remember they said about him this wrong and ugly thing:” Bush Hates Black People”…

    Well I guess by their reasoning that would mean this performance confirms:”O Hates White People Unless they’re Hispanic Illegals”

  20. Why should Obama get a free ride? Bush flew over New Orleans after Katrina, looked out and got critized for not landing. It STILL gets brought up!

  21. Vote Rep. and anybody but obama in 2012.
    Little o doesn’t care about tornados, floods, Gulf oil leaks, or his terrible unemployment numbers because ALL he cares about is getting reelected so he can use his czars, executive orders, and ignoring Congressional law to make us into a country like the USSR which is failed it no longer exists.

  22. Obama hates poor to middle class black people and poor to middle class white people on the Mississippi river.

    When he was in Texas, his omission of the wildfires and refusal to release federal aid (that has been confiscated from Texas citizens via the IRS) was just the same as when he ignored the floods in Laredo and the Rio Grande Valley.

    Obama hates all brown people – except for the illegal ones. He’s doing a fantastic job of alienating an entire ethnicity and getting them to shake off Democrat identity politics.

  23. You all are pathetic. Just can’t get used to THIS President, can you? Your boy Bush had 8 years to find Bin Laden; he let him go:
    President Obama found and dispatched him in less than 3 years.
    Bush destroyed the economy, three countries, and decimated the armed forces, and you all give him a pass.
    Get used to it. The President will win in 2012, and you all will have another 4 years to have your heads explode. Enjoy!

      1. Love it. Wish I got paid like the Koch Brothers pay you all. Oh wait…they don’t have to pay you. They can con you without money. Just give you bus rides to rallies and funny hats, and you all are cool.
        All the while the Koch Brothers and the rich are laughing at you all the way to another Wall Street Bank!

          1. Granny, sad for you that you are duped by the Kochs. They care nothing about you. You will see when they order Boehner to raise the debt ceiling.

    1. You may be right, MrWaltB. We just can’t get used to a POTUS who acts like a trash-talking, Chicago-way politician instead of a dignified statesman who would command respect throughout the US and around the world.

      1. He’s got more respect around the world than Bush/Cheney could dream about.
        Trash talking? You ever listen to cowboy Dubya? Pathetic.
        Bush/Gingrich dignified statesmen? What are you drinking? Repug koolaid?

    2. Obama did no such thing. The CIA found him, the SEALS executed the plan. Obama said Go. Who in the US would have said no. Anyone ?

      1. Why didn’t this happen during Bush’s time? Because he was in Iraq looking for more oil profits for Halliburton.
        Without President Obama, Bin Laden would still be alive.

  24. If Obama was really concerned about terrorism, he would have left Usama in place until the couriers were no longer providing information to previously unidentified cells. It was absolutely criminal to announce his death before the intelligence gathered was disseminated to other countries! Imagine the number of cells that could have been erased! He was looking for nothing more than a bounce in his poll numbers. While I have no problem with our Seals taking Usama out, I find it somewhat amusing that Obama doesn’t believe in water boarding but has no problem with violating sovereign airspace or assassination.

  25. Wow. This man is beyond belief. What a complete repudiation to what American proports to be. Yes, under this mans and the ridiculous bankrupt media who NOONE (but themselves) trusts, on the job training we’re becoming TADA….CUBA…..thats what this nincompoop has accomplished. The only thing this man is skilled in is lying, raising money, and dirty politics. Yes, this is Democrats at their apex! They keep saying theyre for the poor and downtrotten, making sure misery equally distributed. They want redistribution to themselves. Thats what this clearly was…..

  26. The BP Spill was not “the worst disaster ever”. This happened 30 years ago when Mexico soiled Gulf Coast beeches and paid not one centavo in damages. We recovered and go on today, nonetheless.
    The Gulf has recovered. The area only suffers now because of a shutdown pushed illegally by the regime. The Engineers who wrote the recommendations said nothing of a moratorium. That was inserted by hussein and his barking dogs.
    Now hussein wants to stop oil production in West Texas to protect a lizard. Now hussein wants to punish Texas who has undergone wildfires, all while begging for money in that same state.
    He should be ashamed, but he does not know what that word means, apparently.

      1. Walt. Reading your replies, all you are doing is bit by bit comparisons. You are not incorrect in many of them, but in doing this you prove the point that he is just as flawed as you say our man is. Your arguing against yourself. I know youll come back with an intolerant rant of name calling and basic mean spirited jibes, but you and we all know the truth. You are a loser. So is your man and his utopic ideas. Reality doesnt suit you, return to basement.

        1. No name calling. I leave that for you teapartiers.
          The truth of the matter is that you all fail to give President Obama any credit for anything, when it is clear he has saved this country from a major financial meltdown caused by Bush, and caught and killed the terrorist responsible for 9/11.Why that is could be bias, ignorance, hatred or just plain old politics. I tend to believe the latter, until I read some of the disrespectful comments here.
          I’m glad you people are in the minority.

          1. So Walt….he “saved the country from a major financial meltdown caused by Bush”?
            You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are NOT entitled to your own facts.
            First of all, the executive branch doesn’t control the country’s purse strings…congress does. Nancy Pelosi controlled the House from January of 2007 to December of 2010. During the 110th Congress (Bush term) the debt increased $1.957 trillion. The 111th Congress (Obama term) turned out to be the mother lode of all new deficit spending. Nancy & Co. racked up $3.22 trillion in new debt during her last term as speaker, and Barry was signing those bills faster than she could get them passed. Bush is responsible for not vetoing spending bills and he did sign TARP before getting out of Dodge, but he doesn’t hold a candle to your boy Barry in the spending department.

          2. Walt is correct. America was heading towards 8% unemployment prior to Obama saving us with his stimulus. He kept us from experiencing the horrors of 8% unemployment just as he said he would. Thanks Prez!

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  28. No, of course he didn’t look out his window. The people on the ground were not important to him. They don’t own GE, they aren’t from another country, and he can’t get anyone to take a picture of him looking out the window for campaign purposes.

    What an arrogant douche.

  29. He is not a leader and has no leadership ability what so ever. He is just a politician on campaign. no concern for the real issues.

  30. They say this guy is unbeatable? Please this guy is a joke – he was in Ft Campbell and couldn’t even take time to look at the flooding 50 miles away – he is an ass, the thoughtless, arrogant, egoistical ass that I wouldn’t urinate on if he was on fire.

  31. GW Bush was criticized for remaining seated after Andy Card told him a “second plane has just hit World Trade..”. Now we’re talking minutes here, and he had a bunch of young school kids (all black incidentally) that he was being sensitive to. The Libs pounded him for not getting up immediately with panic all over his face and leaving the teacher and kids wondering… Its all one-way with the Liberal academia, pols and media. Control the masses (all asses to them), and it wont matter where they live or what they eat. Welcome to Mexico y’all.

    1. This ignorant, arrogant douche want’s an uprising.. he dreams of it.. then he’ll call for help from the UN and install himself as Pres for life.. that is , unless, the UN get sent packing also..

  32. obama does not like texas, too independent a state, and does not like the south, except for illegal immigrant sympathizers’ votes. the feeling is mutual. he feels more at home around chicago and washington wheelers and dealers.

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