In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


Trump Falls Back to Earth

Donald Trump’s support among Republicans has collapsed in the wake of President Obama’s release of his long form birth certificate, according to a new survey by the Public Policy Polling.

PPP, which in April gave Trump sole possession of first place among Republican voters, now has him back in the pack with the support of just just eight percent, tied with Ron Paul.

According to the new poll, which was performed May 5-8, Mike Huckabee now leads among potential GOP candidates with 19 percent, narrowly ahead of Mitt Romney, who has 18 percent. Newt Gingrich is at 13 percent, Sarah Palin at 12 percent, Michele Bachmann has seven percent, and Tim Pawlenty five percent.

Trump, who had emphasized the issue of Obama’s birthplace, has seen a key support base erode as more Republicans come to believe Obama was born in Hawaii. While the number of GOP voters who think Obama was not born in the United States remains at 34 percent, the the tally is down from the 51 percent recorded in a February PPP poll. But Trump’s support has declined even among Birthers, the poll shows.

“Donald Trump had a meteoric rise to the top of the GOP Presidential field and has fallen back down just as quickly,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling.  “Republicans voters burned out on him pretty fast, especially after the birther issue lost some of its potency with the release of President Obama’s birth certificate.”

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  1. Thank God. I could not imagine Donald Trump as a leader of this country. The only one who makes total sense is Ron Paul.

          1. Constitutional requirement

            Section 8 – Powers of Congress

            “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;”

            “COIN MONEY” We used Gold and Silver. The “Federal Reserve Bank, that privately held cartel of bankers uses fiat useless paper backed by absolutely nothing of tangible value.

        1. According to Forbes Magazine, they say that the “silly gold standard” will be backing the US dollar within 5 years. Or did you miss that “silly” news item?

          1. I disagree on both points.

            You think because you don’t like what he’s saying he should shut up, whereas I see a man who is sticking to his principals.

            By way of comparison, would you rather have “rockstar” Obama or whiny old Ron Paul? Pretty easy choice. One is all flash and zero substance. The other is unappealing to look at which is only important to useful idiots.

        1. The press will always ask the questions that will do him the most harm… that’s the way it works. Then when it’s over, they will take out sound bites out of context.

      1. He doesn’t SUPPORT heroin you idiot. He just defers to the Constitution on the power of authority for states, not the feds to handle it. Moron.

        1. Anyone with a political IQ above wine cellar temperature knows that “deferring to the states” is code language for back door legalization. Nice try bong breathe but no cigar.

      2. Right, let’s just let the government make billions for the world banks, using our servicepersons as drug-runners, so that the banks can launder all the money, with a US military escort.

        Sounds better to you? Moron?

        1. You’re right.. Who would want to trade the street gangs, robberies, drive-by shootings and all of the other wonderful things we have because of drug prohibition for that.

          BTW. If drugs were legal the prices would have to drop below black market rates to eliminate competition. The drug dealers would have to start marketing to other countries for any business.

          You are the moron.

      3. That makes him unelectable? Why? Show me anywhere in the constitution where it says personal use of drugs is a crime? I personally don’t partake but those who do and don’t harm anyone else ought to be free to do so in a FREE country! The same country that is supposed to be FREE will punish you for exercising FREE WILL after you are born and yet allow you not to be born with abortion laws. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON AROUND HERE? I’ve about had enough of slavery… who else is with me???? Obviously not the person I’m responding to.

      4. What are you talking about? Ron Paul is very electable. What you people can’t seem to get past is that he’s the only one who tells the truth.

        He doesn’t support heroin, at all. Nobody who actually watched the debate was left with that impression.

        Nor does he support open borders. Where are these people getting their information?

      5. He is saying on a Federal Level. The States can still ban it. Not within the powers of the Federal Government to ban any drugs.

      6. He is saying on a Federal level. The States can still ban it, which they already have. It is not within the powers of the Federal Government to ban any drugs. The problem with Ron Paul is he is too smart for the average American who does not understand what he means when he speaks.

    1. Ron Paul is for uncontrolled trade and open borders. I guess the establishment is just not going to allow anyone to run that might change our disastrous NAFTA policy as well as secure our borders.

      1. “Uncontrolled trade and open borders” is this the same Ron Paul I know? The one I know is a strong critic of illegal immigration wants to secure the borders and even wants to end birthright citizenship. Go on record for wanting to round up 12 million illegals and send them back to Mexico, and let me guess you are a fiscal conservative…….right!

        He is also against NAFTA and was the ONLY Republican last time around to say he was openly against NAFTA.

        Get your facts straight fool.

          1. Ares, I followed that link you provided and it actually hurts your case. NumbersUSA is a questionable organization. Even so, the establishment will never let Ron Paul be elected president, especially since the supply of dooshbags like you will never run out.

    2. While I like much of what Ron Paul says he lost respect when he ran as an independent. As someone here said, even Elmer Fudd looks good next to Obama but I would hate for a 3rd party candidate like Ron Paul to bleed off conservitave votes and hand Obama 4 more years. I do not think Ron Paul can win so if he looses the primarys I would hope he would back the next best choice instead of helping the worst choice, Obama, to win.

      1. Don’t know where you’re getting your information, but Ron Paul has never run as an independent. He ran as a third party candidate in 1988 but in 2008 he repeatedly said he would never run as an independent or third party again because there was zero chance of winning, and he stuck to that. He never endorsed McCain, but he certainly didn’t run against him, and he won’t run against the eventually nominee this time either.

  2. Where I come from, there is a strong distrust of these polling entities. Maybe it has something to do with the way this administration has massaged every statistic they get their hands on. Interesting numbers but did you hear about the conservative rout in the Canada last week? Up until election day the polls had the conservatives losing by a wide margin. Maybe we’re not the only one’s who don’t pay attention to poll results.

    1. Polls never had Conservatives losing by a large margin; only had them winning by less than the margin they did. Debate in Canada was whether Conservatives would have a majority or minority government; in the end they got their majority

    1. Serious with who? Herman Cain? Newt Gingrich? Come on now.

      Obama will beat them easily.

      You’ll vote Trump or Obama will serve 8 years.

      1. haha you can’t POSSIBLY be serious. Trump has about as good a chance as I do of becoming President. And I’ve killed three people.

    1. Really, with everything about Trump him using the f bomb is what did him in? Could it be that maybe even the usually extra gullible conservatives realized that the whole thing was a marketing strategy for his Tv show and the rest of his brand? Could it be that someone realized he’s given far more money to Democrats over the years? Could it be that people are a tad bit smarter than the collective ‘we’ give them credit for?

      No, you are probably right, it was probably the f bomb. A perfectly legitimate concern for a conservative to decide the country’s future on. History backs me up on this one.

  3. He blew himself up by throwing the f bomb around when the birther issue was dispelled. It was obvious he couldn’t speak to the issues intelligently.

          1. Well the MSM are pushing for anyone except Trump so that tells me all I need to know.

            Cain won’t win against Obama anyways. You need someone with name recognition, a record, and who attacks Obama and the stupidity of the US govt.

            Trump 2012

          2. Cain WON the first debate, blew away the focus groups, (and any of us who have been watching him for years), but the polls and news people won’t even talk about him!!!

            He is a better businessman that Trump.

            He supports the Fair Tax, to take power away from DC, and give it back to the people, so they are trying to silence him.

            He is 100 times better than any of the politicians out there.

  4. What hurt Trump was NOT his ‘birther’ concerns, but when he used the ‘F’ word in Las Vegas, and several times at that. Republicans tend to be very family oriented, Christian and have a high respect for the office of president. Tjey will not support a potential president who would speak like that regardless of how conservative he may be.

  5. Everyone should research the date that Kenya became a country AND when the hospital he was supposedly born in was named. Kenya did not become an independent country named Kenya until AFTER Obama was born, so HOW could his birth certificate note Kenya as his father’s birth place? Same with the hospital. It was a merger of two different hospitals and given a new name AFTER Obama was born. Do your own research and validate these facts, I did. The birth certificate they gave was bogus. And shame on this reporter for not checking it out………….

    1. I was born in the Kenya Colony in 1948. The country did exist then as part of British East Africa. I cannot comment on the Hospital.

    2. C’mon, be at least a tiny bit serious. Kenya has been called “Kenya” in one form or another for over a hundred. The British officially named “Kenya Colony” in 1920. Please grab a fact before you spout off again.

    3. I did some research and although you are correct I do believe the area was referred to as
      Kenya. I do not know how this would affect his father’s status. He was born in that area.
      The hospital is another matter. Haven’t looked into that.
      Sometimes you can’t beat a dead horse, so to speak. If the people want to believe it they will.

    4. The long form Certificate of Live Birth is a total and utter fake. I just can’t figure out why Obama would release such a fake. Something’s going on but I’m missing it.

  6. If his poll numbers have fallen it isn’t due to the birth certificate thing – most of us still commend him for that. It is the ugly profanity he used during a speech in Las Vegas that lost him a lot of respect,

    1. When Trump used obscenities like he did, it showed that he lacks wisdom and common sense. At any rate, I prefer him over Obama.

  7. Do you think this also has anything to do with Bin Laden’s capture? I felt the event put thing in context by sort of reminding people that the ‘birther’ bit is a load, and the White House is busy tending to bigger and better things…

    I actually liked Trump for 2012, and the Bin Laden mission turned me off. Made Trump look like an amateur.

  8. Once again the pundits get it wrong. Trump wasn’t riding high in the polls because a bunch of dumb republicans thought he was right on the birth certificate issue. I don’t know of a single repub in my sizable cadre of friends that considers that a voting issue.

    The reason he was doing well, was that he was un-apologetically taking Obama on a number of issues, particularly foreign and trade policy. Every other media-annointed contender out there shirks from open critisism of this community activist. What the republican base wants is the passion defense of conservative values, no another “compassionate conservative” apologizer.

    That fire in the belly attitude is the ONLY reason Trump rose as high as he did, as no Republican I know actually LIKES the guy. Someone who spent more time with the average conservatives, and less time at Washington Post cotillions would understand this.

    1. Spot on. He and MrsPalin were the only proposed candidates willing to say what’s on America’s mind without fear of offending the WH.

    2. You are absolutely Right On The Money!!! Normal People have a loathing and distrust of the Press. The “Silent Majority” wants a candidate will devour them… to speak

    3. jay kello has it right. We’ve had it with th emilquetoast Republicans apologizing at the altar of our seditious media. We want a real conservative who shares the values of 2/3 of this country to speak truth to power.

      1. What on earth could a “swear word” have to do with anything. What matters is who he is, what he wants and can do, and how and when he will do it with character and passion. His aim is to rectify America and I believe he could do it, more than any of the others out there. Trump’s goals and forthright character and good solid health and judgement is exactly what we need. He could do it in an overdue revival for all of America and put America right back on top in the world’s eye, and respect.

    4. Absolutely agree. With the exception of Sarah Palin, nobody would say boo to him until Mr. Trump stepped up to the plate. Yes, he’s getting his name in the news and drumming up lots of new business, but he did this country a service by waking up the reality show culture. I would never vote for him, but I do admire him for that.

      Had enough of the compassionate conservatives too. No more pandering to every leftist group in existence. That includes the UN.

    5. Isn’t it time to drop the ‘community activist’ thing? It’s not even a good pejorative, and whether you like it or not, he’s the President.
      I bet you would be steamed when people called Bush Jr ‘a failed businessman and a sports team owner’ who used to do cocaine admittedly. Funny how short people’s memories are.

      1. No… YOU”RE DUMB, Dummy! There, a little name calling back at you! Boy, do I feel vindicated. Yawn.

        BizzarrO is a ‘never-been’ who was propped up like a straw black man to ‘scare’ all the fabricated racists to complacency so the Soros agenda is implimented unimpinged. So far it’s working perrrfectly.

        BTW… Yeah, I’m a racist. I love everybody.

    1. All us liberals out here are praying that you keep thinking that way, and that the Donald’s ego convinces him to go for it. What a train wreck!!!

    2. I agree Captain.

      The establishment’s smear machine geared up in full force when Trump really started hitting Obama hard, something the other GOP candidates won’t do.

  9. Oh please. Trump’s numbers fell because he’s off the radar for quite some time, and there’s STRONG doubt that he’s even serious about running.

    If he announces an intention to run (a big “if”) and once again starts talking in an outspoken, non-politically-correct manner and stating baldly what he thinks and what is only too obvious without being mealy-mouthed about it (like so many spineless hacks are), then his numbers will shoot back up.

    It’s not rocket science, and we know all too well how skeevy and suspect are these polling institutions, which are mainly just extensions of the mainstream media, trying to shape opinion rather than report fact.

  10. You’d never know by the chatter at work where there are over 100 employees
    They nearly all say they would vote for Trump

    1. I seriously hope you do not work somewhere that directly affects people’s lives, like a hospital or something. I mean, really. That’s scary as hell. Maybe a muffler factory, if you can get those jobs since most of those have been shipped off by Republicans and Democrats alike.

      1. LOL. I’m not a huge fan of Trump and I am relieved that the frenzy is apprently over which will hopefully lead to the build up of a strong candidate to defeat Obama in the next election (daniels anyone?). Anyway I strayed from the point, AreYouDumb just made me literally lol at work.

  11. I don’t think Donald Trump is serious about running for President. I think he is using his voice/ money/position to irritate Barack Obama (for whatever reason). He certainly struck a nerve w/ the birth certificate issue. Trump also got a fair bit of attention for himself.

  12. Can't wait to vote again

    Of course it has…it was never there in the first place. He was an ‘attack dog” the media “trumped” up into something he wasn’t

    My thanks to you Trump for pushing Obama to follow the law and finally show his more or less valid long form, but I fault Obama for creating the conspiracy theories in the first place by being the least “transparent’ POTUS in our history.
    ( Another “historic” first….)

    1. I was about to say something about how Obama is just using the over-reaching powers that Bush grabbed, but I will give you this: Bush was more transparent. He just said f-you to that ‘goddam piece of paper’ referring to the Constitution. You are right, Bush was more transparent(ly evil.)

  13. that’s a retarded observation…. you mean there were people who liked trump only because they thought he would finally reveal Obama for the fraud that they think he is?

    Personally, I think Obama should be tarred and feathered for being such a failure in the highest office…I don’t care where he is born, he is in and we’re paying for his incompetence.

    1. Didn’t mean that post as support for Mr. Trump. I would never vote for the man, but he did get a lot of Americans interested in the election. For that we owe him a debt of gratitude.

  14. Trump still has my support. I’m sure that Trump knows that the latest birth certificate is a complete fraud that the Messiah of Hope and Change hoisted upon the world. The news media, politicians, and the justice system are all corrupt and turn their sorry backs on the truth. .

  15. Nothing Obama could ever do would convince ANY body we know to vote for him. He is a media created tool, Branded Messiah, HA! He had no place to go but down. The Donald, or ANY other person who runs would be a better potus than the WON. We liked Trump’s tough talk re. China, Jobs, etc. O keeps blabbing and does nothing. Heck, the WH could not even handle the news about Osama without messing up.

  16. Trump blew it because he didn’t understand the Constitutional issue of the Soetoro matter. It was not, nor ever has been about a BIRTH CERTIFICATE. It was the NATURAL BORN CITIZEN (NBC) issue. Soetoro is a citizen of Britain, Kenya and Indonesia…and cannot EVER be considered a NBC. The opposite of NATURAL is ALIEN. Seotoro had a daddy that was an alien… and therefore is not a natural (born citizen). Apparently you do not understand the issue either. In this bone-headed article above, Keith, not once did you state the BIRTHER or CONSTITUTIONALIST true concern. Read today’s article (5-10-11) in Canada Free Press.

    1. So Barry have pulled the wool over all of the lawmakers in Washington and dooped the majority of the United States into letting this ALIEN sit in the highest office of the USA……. Just seems strange to me……

  17. Trump will run until the primaries force him out of the race – or put him in as their candidate. Too early to dump him like a sack of potatoes. After all, the Repubs put McCain, who had no chance, and Palin, who scared the heck out of the Dems and motivated their base, up against Senator Obama.

    I think the government needs a businessman who has been through bankruptcy in charge – He won’t be learning on our dime.

  18. Mr. Trump never had any intention of running for office. He is the master of playing the media and proved it once again.

    He is tied with Ron Paul. That should give you an idea just what people think of those two. Pretty much the bottom of the barrel.

  19. Trump disappointed me when he spoke of verifying the validity of OhBummer’s new longform birth cert — but didn’t follow-up to make sure that happened with chemical and ageing and other tests.

  20. One down, three to go. Now on to exposing the other main stream media candidates that really do not float my boat and never will: Huckabee, Romney and Gingrich. For the sake of the nation, those three need to step aside.

  21. Trump was never serious about running, he was just engaging in his favorite pasttime: Drawing attention to himself.

  22. Is there anything worse than a Republican with a wounded ego. The Republicans are simply pathetic. No issues remain for them Boehmer and the crazy Jew-i mean Eric Cantor are total jokes. I doubt, with the demographic changes in the USA, that a republican racist homophobe will ever be elected again.

    1. That is pretty rich. First you call Eric Cantor a “crazy Jew” and then you accuse call Republicans “racist homophobe”. Nothing like the pot calling the kettle black.

  23. Republicans are just a joke. The days of scaring the while minority to get elected are over. Donald Trump, and 99% of Republicans are racist, homophobes!

    1. There is nothing in this country more pathetic than a liberal. Two obvious reasons why.

      Every argument about the policies of this country starts with the racist and insane premise that white males are the cause of all the problems in this land, as shown above. It’s a foolish and racist thing to say for a woman or a non-white person, but it’s downright self-flagellating for a white male to say it. Yet many do. And if you can throw in a shot at the wealthy Jews, so much the better, right?

      The solution, in the eyes of the pathetic liberal, is more government power. More government power and control is a one way ticket to loss of freedoms, yet despite all of recorded history being laid out before them, the liberal thinks that THIS time, we’ll get it right and our powerful central authority will also be benign and will dole out our resources to the benefit of all.


      1. The whole angle of ‘liberals want over powered government’ and all that is dead dead dead. You have no more ground to stand on after warrantless wiretaps, the TSA, Homeland Security, the ability for a President to name anyone at any time an ‘enemy combatant’ and never even have to tell anyone he did so, holding American citizens without charges or trial forever with no due process, torturing people and so on and so on.
        These were all started by Bush and his squad of Republicans. Obama has continued all these programs (and added to them even) but you can’t say that this was all ‘liberal control’ because these were passed when the GOP controlled both Houses and the Executive.
        This particular argument holds ZERO water with anyone with half a brain and a bit of memory.

    2. Please name that 99%. Sit down, if it’s that long of a list, you’re going to be a while.

      The days of this ‘card’, any card are over. You’re beat us over the head with it for decades. While, DC doesn’t seem to have gotten the message_yet, I can assure you they will after the next election.

      Let’s talk about scaring for votes, should we? This is mostly done with lies from your side. Republicans want to take your SS, they want to prevent harry reid’s wife and daughters from getting the health care they need, (that’s a real snorter) by defunding PP for abortions.
      The global warming crisis… well that’s just, too, big to cover in one post.

      You guys want we we have worked for, and you want it with out putting in the same sweat and work that we have done. Well, we’re standing up and saying, YOU CAN”T HAVE IT! And no amount of claiming we’re racists or any other sad name you people have assigned to folks who don’t agree with you, are going to shut us up.

  24. Obama was born on the fourth day of August, 1961 at the Coast General Hospital, Mombasa, Kenya. Four days later his mother flew to Hawaii and registered his birth in Honolulu. Numerous witnesses attest to these facts.
    Go to “” for details. This information is being supressed
    by the media. See for yourself.

  25. no one ever trusts the PPP poll. It’s more news what the PPP poll trys to say then what it means. It is considered the worst poll and I really don’t know why real clear politics uses it.

  26. If Trump had followed Orly Taitz’s web site and the Birther web site, he would see reasons for sticking to the subject as the so called BC that Obama showed the nation has been looked over by two experts and it’s a fraud. He could still be scoring points. But he gave up on it on Obama’s word which Obama has never known how to give and now Trump sounds like a typical politician.

    Sorry, but Palin, now without a doubt, is my choice.

  27. The Obama Birth Certificate is not a credible document. First off, it is a digital image of a birth certificate, not a birth certificate. It was released way too late and after way too much fuss. And photoshop is too easy.

    Trump has a lot to say. He’s a bit abrasive, but that might be what’s needed. I hope he isn’t written off quite yet.

  28. If you look at the “race” listed for the mother on the birth certificate the thief-in-chief has released as being authentic, it says “Caucasian”. If you look at the entry for the father it says “African”. People generally were better educated in the early sixties and knew the difference between race and nationality. NO ONE would have made that error in those days. NO ONE. It WOULD have been caught and corrected.
    Astonishingly, this has been slipping right by those listed today by various news outlets as “journalists”…..

    1. Trump can be great by either just talking like he has been or run for just a bit, though I would vote for him. He gets people talking, thinking, and most important going after Obama on critical issues. That being said at the moment Trump is not for everyone, but if candidates can pick up some of his talking points it would help them. My dog could run the country better at the moment, so at the moment I don’t know who’s best, well see later. I like a lot of the ones out there, all great ideas and people with way more experience then Obama even after 4 years in the white house. Say what you will about Trump but he speaks the truth and gets people thinking outside the box. We need every possible candidate to talk like Trump, no F bombs, as a Trump supporter that was a bad idea, but can be fixed. We need the GOP in 2012 that simple so let the words fly like Trump, I’m open to anyone at the moment….Except Obama!

  29. Trump’s support drop had nothing to do with Obama birth certificate release. It had to do with people finding out that Trump has donated in the past to Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and has been reported to have been to parties and schmoozing with George Soros. He did what he wanted to do, was to bring up topics politicians are afraid of like being ripped off by China and OPEC.

    1. Since China and OPEC have FAR FAR more control of this country than ‘we the people’ and the actual government…how do you think he would really be elected? It’s all a dog and pony show, and the Donald knows what side his bread is buttered on.
      No one is really going to ruffle China’s feathers for reals. China has an economic nuclear weapon on us. All they have to do is call in their loans and tada, you better start learning Mandarin. The real people at the top, the real ‘runners of the world’ know that it’s China’s turn at the wheel for the next 100 or so years so you might as well get used to it.

  30. Donald Trump had an great opportunity to knock the ball out of the park with the Barack Obama “eligibility to be President” issue but failed because he allowed himself to be painted into a corner by an inept and deceptive media which has totally lost its ability to critically analyze anything, and has been very careful to “focus like a laser beam” on one and only one theme, Barack Obama’s ‘birth certificate’ and/or his “birth in Hawaii”.

    A large percentage of the so called ‘birthers’ have clearly understood from day 1 that Barack Obama’s birthplace is only ONE of many issues. The overarching and central issue has always been on whether he is ELIGIBLE to be President in accordance with the NATURAL BORN Citizen clause of the Constitution.

    For the Past 250+ years, a NATURAL BORN Citizen (NBC) has meant
    1) Born on US soil
    2) Born of citizen parents (PLURAL)

    This term was defined in the “Law of Nations” by Emmerich de Vattel in 1758 and this meaning was widely affirmed by the founding fathers on many occasions.

    And this definition was, in fact re-affirmed by the the Senate in 2008 in its investigation to determine if John McCain was eligible under the same NBC requirement. On April 30, 2008, the Senate passed a resolution (S511) which included the following statements as part of its argument in declaring John McCain a “Natural Born Citizen:

    “Whereas the Constitution of the United States requires that, to be eligible for the Office of the President, a person must be a `natural born Citizen’ of the United States;”
    “Whereas John Sidney McCain, III, was born to American citizens on an American military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936:”

    Meanwhile the press and many in the political establishment (on both sides of the aisle) keep misleading the American people almost daily (either by ignorance or deliberate intent) by repeating the falsehood that there is no difference between a native born citizen (ie a person born in the US without regard to parents or lineage) and a NATURAL BORN citizen. No, a Natural Born citizen must meet a higher standard, and this applies ONLY to the two highest elected positions, President and Vice President, AND for very good reasons!

    Having falsely equating these two classes of citizens, then, of course, birthplace becomes the central concern and all the attention is focused on the question of whether or not Barack was born in Hawaii.

    BUT, all along, the NBC clause also has a second requirement, arguably more important than the first, that he/she be born of CITIZEN PARENTS!

    Barack Obama could not, in 2008 nor today, satisfy this requirement regardless of where he was born because his FATHER was NOT a US CITIZEN!

    Barack Obama was one of the signers of this resolution, and as an alleged “expert” on the US Constitution, it is impossible for him to not know that he, himself is ineligible to serve as President under that same requirement, and how he managed to escape any public scrutiny is totally beyond belief. The only explanation that make any sense is that a backroom “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” deal was struck between Democrats and Republicans, and a complicit media in-the-tank for Obama. And, of course this offers a perfect explanation why EVERYONE just simply wants this issue to just go away!

    SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on all of you who are part of the self-proclaimed media ELITE. Do your homework and report ALL the facts, not just the ones that support your “sacred cows”! Will Jerome Corsi become 2011’s Woodward and Bernstein, with his “Where’s the Birth Certificate” book, soon to hit the bookstores of America?

  31. May 10, 2011

    Dear Republican Establishment,

    Yesterday, while working, I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh broadcast and the topic of the day was an article written by Chris Cillizza whose purpose was to prompt Mitch Daniels to run for the Presidency. Like most regular Americans I often sit in amazement at how difficult it is for common sense to penetrate the upper echelons of political power. We all know we are in extremely deep trouble in this nation. While President Obama has been in office our troubles have only gotten worse. Instead of treating the cancer that ails the American Experience Mr. Obama has given us the pain pill in the shape of a teleprompter. Well, we all know, talk is cheap. I’ve been in business long enough to know that if my actions, don’t match my words, I will not be in business very long. Not so with politicians like Barrak Obama. So long as they can provide the opiate of false hope, and the vision of impotent activity, they will always be able to attract a group of citizens that are not aware of the true damage that the pushing of this scam actually creates. All Mr. Obama, and his liberal democrat friends, are doing is setting fires to our American Experience, only to bring a hose full of, not water, but gasoline to douse the flames.

    Against this reality why do any of you believe that nominating any candidate that is, pardon the expression, half a commie, will work? Because when citizens go to the polls in 17 months, if given the choice between half a commie and a whole commie. They are going with the whole commie. I would much rather elections mattered. That the will of the people mattered. The only way we can make this so is by providing the American public a clear choice, and not hide behind a carefully constructed set of styrofoam greek columns and a teleprompter. I think America has had far too much of that over the past two years and we cannot afford anymore of it. But, in the same breath, I stand for the preservation of the will of “We The People,” in trying to persuade all of you that one of our primary goals as a party is not just getting candidates elected to serve, but providing our fellow citizens with a clear choice between preserving this nation as founded, or abandoning it.

    Always bear in mind that the voter is a sharp and complicated tool making a blunt decision in the presence of a swarm of obsfucation; a small and poorly written example of which is the aforementioned article by Mr. Cilizza. The reality of every life in America is such that we must pick a candidate to lessen the burden of government on business, and protect and promote, freedom at home and abroad, unequivocally, without reservation. Remember President Reagan did not say I can do “Carter better than Carter,” he said, “Carter sucks, and if you want lower prices, lower rates of unemployment, greater opportunity, and more personal freedom, follow me!” America did, in an electoral, landslide two times, three if you count the first President Bush riding on the Gipper’s astounding success. So if you people think that nominating anyone that is unable, or unwilling to pick up the bat, step up to home plate, point to stands, stare down that pitcher, and knock it out of the park. You are delusional.

    America is literally dieing for that moment. Why would you deny them even the chance at that fight. That is wrong. We’ve earned the right to have that fight, and we want to politically have it. It’s hard and difficult, even dangerous, to do the right thing. If it was easy you can bet a liberal democrat would do it.


    Joe Doakes

  32. Obama’s long awaited long form birth certificate is a cleverly contrived fabrication. When will he release his many other jealously guarded documents? This outrageous fiasco is far from over. When will our equally culpable judiciary allow discovery to begin? When will the judicial dam burst?

  33. Wait, Obama still has not released his long form. Corsi’s book comes out next week. Maybe that will shed some light on this matter. Obama has spent millions of dollars stopping the release of his real birth certificate.

  34. Isn’t Huckabee a minister? If so someone has to ask the question “can you give the orders to kill”? We are in a war and need to know his stance. Has anyone heard him give any indication he can protect us? I just don’t know enough of this guy.

  35. The reason I like Trump is, I find myself loving the American he talks about—one that is prosperous and building and not getting ripped off by other nations. Right now we are a poor debtor nations. He’s the type of guy that will work his ass off to get us the best deal possible. Right now we’re getting humiliated. We’re protecting nations for free with our very expensive military, and getting nothing in return. We’re making OPEC and asian nations wealthy. They’re building like crazy. I want a CEO/President that knows how to make deals. Trump is the only one that I think can do this. Everyone else is going to keep us on the same path.

  36. I like the fact Trump used the F bomb. Good for him. We all use it from time to time (even those that won’t admit it). So now what, Huckabee, Romney, Gingrich or Palin…same old crowd and nothing to get excited about. I’m conservative mostly, but this bunch is just not worth it. The ultra right is as bad as the ultra left. Huckabee and Romney are god freaks and will lead this country from the pulpit, which is unacceptable. A little too much Christian superiority complex. Palin can’t win. Gingrich maybe. Ron Paul is the only one who has any sense, but people get worried about voting libertarian. So far, Obama wins again unless someone comes forward who is charismatic to draw in the “middle of the road” people like me. I really can’t stomach four more years of what we have, but also don’t want some right wing Nazi in office either. There must be another choice out there…

  37. Depends on who you are asking – So who are you asking

    I would vote for him in a minute – he is truly this countrys last resort and so it seems bankruptcy and all – he always comes out on top. Birth Certificate – Hah that is a joke –

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