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The Obama Morning News || May 10, 2011

House Speaker John Boehner laid out the GOP conditions for agreeing with Obama to raise the demanding at least $2 trillion in cuts.

During a speech today in El Paso, Obama plans to highlight success in cutting illegal immigration. But he can forget about getting immigration reform through Congress.

Obama is launching broad, high-level talks with China.

The president will gather with the Congressional Black Caucus, a group he’s had a somewhat rocky relationship with. Senate Republicans blocked Obama’s choice for No. 2 at Justice, saying they are concerned about James Cole’s approach to fighting terrorism.

A Hasidic newspaper created a kerfuffle by blotting out the images of Hillary Clinton and Audrey Tomason in the now iconic Situation Room photograph, saying it doesn’t publish photos of women.

And Obama has a golf handicap of 17, reports Golf Digest. Both Biden and Boehner are better than him.

12 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || May 10, 2011”

      1. I’m an avid golfer (hardly get to play though due to work and other mundane responsibilities) and I’ve seen some video of his swing and game. 17 handicap my ass! Can you say “Judge Smales”.

  1. My guess is he is using golf as an excuse to get away from Moochelle and the MIL. Wouldn’t be the first time a hen-pecked husband used golf as an excuse to escape. May even be part of the reason for his globe-trotting campaign trips.

    He’s going to highlight his success in cutting illegal immigration? How is that possible when Big Sis refuses to enforce the law. He leaves our borders wide open so we have no idea how many are sneaking across. The only reason there may be fewer arrests is because our Border Patrol agents are ordered not to apprehend, but to turn them back to Mexico to try again. Everyday I read about murders and kidnappings at or near the border. These aren’t your everyday run of the mill mob hits, but beheadings, torture, and mass graves. There is a civil war going on next door and all he is doing is encouraging them to continue.

    1. It’s baffling that he can claim any success on immigration. His administration has done absolutely nothing to improve the situation. I am curious to hear what he says on this one. Guarantee it will be I, me, my!

    1. It is so refreshing to find that someone is brave enough to correct the improper use of the English language or punctuation as had been decreed and taught by our underpaid and undervalued public school teachers for whom we all owe our ability to express our opinions in a written form even though the common use of punctuation marks like commas, semi-colons, et al is not easily determined as is the period at the end of a string of words without diffusing the intent or meaning of the thoughts expressed by the writer so that the reader might infer another meaning than that proposed and cause confusion but when using the possessive pronoun in a satiric blog the reader has the option to overlook any improper use of the word.
      So. There.

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