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The Obama Morning News || May 9, 2011

President Obama made his case on 60 minutes for the riskier approach to getting Bin Laden, saying he wanted to make sure we had our man, retrieve the intel from the hideout, and avoid collateral damage. Obama’s team was sharply divided over the Bin Laden raid and Obama believed the odds were only slightly better than even that Bin Laden was at the compound.

The intel gained from the raid could “fill a small college library,” said National Security Adviser Tom Donilon.

With the White House’s failure to release the photos and it’s changing narrative of the strike, conspiracy theories alleging we didn’t kill Bin Laden have begun and will endure.

Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld praised Obama for the decision to move against Bin Laden but critiqued him on other matters. With the raid a success, Obama sheds the Jimmy Carter label, according to POLITICO. But most The Hill finds that most voters believe Obama’s bounce in the polls will not endure.

On the domestic front, Obama wants to revive immigration reform. The battle over Obamacare shifts to the appellate courts. Gay donors are fueling Obama’s 2012 campaign. Democrats are pushing confirmation for Obama’s controversial pick for No. 2 at Justice.

And Ronald Reagan’s little note cards are set to be released.

16 thoughts on “The Obama Morning News || May 9, 2011”

  1. So that’s why he’s meeting with Janet Incompetano.

    The Spanish language that has invaded our nation’s discourse is there to aid illegal aliens. Latinos who are American speak English. It’s the invaders and their anchors who have not bothered to learn the language and Spanish signage and packaging is there to win their money and support them in their illegal life here. A working knowledge of our nation’s language, English, is supposed to be a requirement for citizenship. Whether or not this has been enforced is a question because of the “need” for diversity and the mistaken belief that a nation can have more than one independent culture within its borders.

    However, there should be no one within U.S. borders who needs special Spanish pandering. Obama now wants to legalize the millions and millions of Mexicans and other latinos who have climbed through the back window of our home and set up housekeeping in it.

    Yes, there are illegals from other nations here and they all need to be deported. If we start with the white ones to shut up the race card wavers, that is fine with me. But they all need to be arrested and put on a plane for home.Their anchor babies can follow. We need to settle this “drop and plop a citizen” scam, too. But step on is to get the breeders of anchors back across our border.

    1. I can’t agree more on the language issue. People who come here need to learn English. And we have to break the cycle where every couple of decades we legalize all the lawbreakers and say we’ll never do it again.

  2. Obama believed the odds were only slightly better than even that Bin Laden was at the compound.

    As the students and some others, not me, scream at UMass hockey games: B…S…B…S…

    1. The intel gained from the raid could “fill a small college library,” said National Security Adviser Tom Donillon.

      More BS. The information is now mostly worthless since they’ve announced it to the entire earth’s population, terrorists included.
      What a bunch of phony, fake frauds. The Nixon administration smells like roses compared to these hacks.

      1. true, to many story changes…now we are telling what Intel gained in the mission. They are turning it into a 3 ring circus.

    2. Seems to me that if he really thought that, it might have been a bad decision that turned out well. How do we know they didn’t try before?

  3. If Obama can’t persuade existing citizens to re-elect him, the next trick up his sleeve is to either creat new ones, or just print a lot of ballots in Spanish.
    He can commandeer fleets of unsold gas guzzlers to take them to the polls, along with ‘coaches’ to show them where to mark their ballots. After that, they would all get a free tamale, assuming Mo has overlooked a few.

  4. The headline of that Time article, “Obama, Now the Warrior, Wants to Revive Immigration Reform” is hilarious. Now he’s a warrior? Give me a break. He will be traveling to El Paso, Texas tomorrow to speak to the choir about pushing amnesty. Why El Paso? Well, at least 1 in 5 residents are on food stamps:

    1. If he’s going to El Paso tomorrow he best be careful that he does not get hit by a stray bullet coming across from the border. If memory serves me correct, didn’t some of El Paso’s government buildings get hit by rounds fired from the Mexican side?

  5. I’ve been reflecting on the “gutsy call” Obama made regarding the assassination of bin Laden. Can you imagine when the intel leaked about the Paki compound and Obama had done nothing? I contend he was placed between Iraq and a hard place and knew that even if the Seals failed he would have been in a better position than voting present on the world’s most wanted terrorist. He made a call that was politically advantageous for him and as we have seen during the past week he is milking it for all it is worth.

    1. There has been too little analysis of this. There was a tremendous political downside to not acting. Nearly an impeachable offense. It wasn’t easy to act, but not acting was even harder. It’s arguable he took the path of least resistance.

  6. Normally I stop following a blogger when he or she commits a cardinal punctuation error. For you, I will make an exception. Although your comment on learning English just about did you in, too. :)

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