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Obama to Host Jewish American Heritage Month Event

President Obama next Tuesday will court the Jewish vote host a celebration at the White House in honor of Jewish American Heritage Month.

Wow, I’m Jewish, and I didn’t even know we had a month until now.

Gosh, no offense to anyone, but I hope the Jews and the Hispanics don’t accidentally bump into each other on their ways in and out of the White House for all these events Obama is hosting for them.

Let’s see if we can clear out his schedule for governing a bit by canceling a few of these kinds of events. I say that at next year’s Seder, instead of bitter herbs Obama serves spicy enchiladas and kills two birds with one stone. Or how about a Klezmer band for next year’s Cinco de Mayo festival? I mean, he has work to do, right?

10 thoughts on “Obama to Host Jewish American Heritage Month Event”

  1. Considering there was a kosher “style” menu for Passover at the White House this year, spicy enchiladas for bitter herbs is a fine substitution for next year.

  2. There doesn’t seem to be a holiday, occasion, historic date or ethnic group that this WhiteHouse can’t make into a party. What a fun group.

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