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Obama Victory Tour Heads to the Golf Course

Did you really think the president wouldn’t hit the links today? Do you think Michelle is going to let him puff his Bin Laden operation victory cigar in the White House?

President Obama is playing his usual course at Andrews Air Force Base with two of his usual foursome – White House aide Marvin Nicholson and Energy Department official David Katz – as well as guest golfer Ray LaHood, the secretary of transportation.

This is, BTW, the sixth weekend in a row Obama has played, the ninth time this year, and the 67th time Obama has been golfing as president

33 Responses to Obama Victory Tour Heads to the Golf Course

  1. Keith, if he reaches 100 before his first term is up can we throw a huge bash in DC at some golf related venue…like a restaurant called the 9th hole where we can dine on short ribs, lobster and tamales.

    I calculate at this rate it will happen although campaigning might put a slight dent in his playing. 100 will be historic and worthy of a celebration. Maybe the RNC would be interested.

  2. You guys don’t get it–he is just “showing” us that he can play golf and Bin Laden can’t now. See–it’s subtle.

  3. You would think he would give the military and veterans just one weekend of leisure on the golf course, especially this weekend. If he wasn’t such a selfish man he would go to the Army Navy Country Club. He has a free membership there. Looks like he prefers inconveniencing the little people rather than the country club elites.

    • Absolutely agree, Susan. My in-laws used to live near Andrews and they would golf there all of the time. My father-in-law has since passed away, but I am sure he would have had a stroke over all of the course closures for Obama.

  4. So what happened to the cute staffer he’s been seen with constantly on the golf course? You know, the one Granny Jan noticed?

  5. Being a military installation, and three invited buds, he’s isolated from embarassing questions and hecklers. Safe!

  6. What is the big deal with him taking 4hrs off to play a round of golf?
    I’m sure he puts in a few more than the standard 40hrs per week.
    Before you jump on me- I do not like him, his policies or agenda. But we should find much better subjects to beat him up with than a (weekly?) round of golf.
    btw- Boehner’s handicap is less than 8. Joe Biden is 6.3. (BHO is 17)
    You think the former don’t play frequently?
    I think those three should invite Rand Paul (HC 11.6) and play together weekly and then get have a beer at the 19th hole.
    Maybe they’ll figure out how fix a few things.

  7. I usually watch 60 Minutes, but may pass. Is this the end of the yackety-blab on this, does anyone know? I know–stupid question. Maybe at least until the Shuttle Launch where he can coattail on something else?