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Where is that Dossier Dude?

Sorry about the paucity of posts. Today was a travel day for me and I wasn’t able write as much as I had hoped. I will be back tomorrow.

Until then, if you are having any Dossier withdrawal issues, Tylenol with codeine is known to help. Or just go to sleep, and I’ll see you in the morning.

And get something for mom, quick.


18 thoughts on “Where is that Dossier Dude?”

    1. I didn’t hear about this before. Not that I’m surprised, but it was very inappropriate to ask the boy that question. Ugh!

    2. With MrO, the ‘hits’ just keep coming. VPBiden, too.
      Remember; enemies, bitter clingers, making fun of a man with a large family, slurpees, 7mile a gallon cars, his wife snatching candy from children and the tamale insult. Nothing new here.
      MrsO asking children on “take your kids to work day” if they think she’s pretty.
      They are awkward, ungracious and lacking in empathy. or something.
      You aren’t the only one appalled by their gaffes.

  1. No problem. What I did was go to You Tube and watch Tim Conway’s elephant story and Mr. Tudball needs a secretary.

    1. Love it Granny Jan! You should post all your videos to the site. Maybe it would open up the eyes of some of his true believers if they saw your Ground Zero video. Probably not, but worth a try.

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