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Obama’s Victory Lap Taking Shape

First, there was the dramatic presidential late Sunday evening announcement of Bin Laden’s death. OK, fair enough.

And there’s also today’s trip to Ground Zero. Fine. Presidential healing is in order.

But then there was also Monday’s briefing by White House Counterterrorism adviser John Brennan. As one of our readers, Langley Barfly, points out, since this was a military operation, the initial briefing about the raid could have been held at DOD. Instead was it was staged at the White House, where  Brennan lauded the president for making one of the “gutsiest calls of any president in recent history” and got plenty of operational details wrong.

By the way, the domain was registered yesterday by an anonymous owner. It redirects to President Obama’s campaign website.

Obama this Sunday will appear on CBS’ “60 Minutes.” If he wants to explain his decisions to the American people, how about a press conference where he’s grilled from a variety of different angles rather than just a single correspondent – Steve Kroft of CBS – who has interviewed him before and with who he’s comfortable with?

And now the news from the Associated Press that Obama will travel to Fort Campbell, Kentucky Friday to meet with some of the SEALS who participated in the raid against Bin Laden’s compound.

This is getting out of hand. Let them rest up and bring them to the White House for a quiet gathering in a couple of weeks.

The White House knows the Bin Laden hit can help recast Obama’s floundering foreign policy image. It could be a crucial element in his reelection. And, as subtly as they can, they are playing it up.

23 thoughts on “Obama’s Victory Lap Taking Shape”

    1. Letting Obama see their faces could be more dangerous than the mission they just completed. After the comment the boy-emperor made to Debra Burlingame today, I fear their next command performance could be in front of Eric Holder.

      With all the criticism being heaped on Barry by the people whose opinions matter most to him (non-Americans), the SEALS and Panetta might be the next ones thrown under the bus.

  1. Everything with BO is over the top: the constant touching people on the arm or shoulder and violating their personal space, the bizarre grin, and his arrogant head tilt. He doesn’t know how to act like a normal person because he’s faking it.

    Why his political team doesn’t know any better is beyond me except they can and have gotten away with it because of a compliant press.

    I made a couple of little pictures about the capture and this one’s my favorite:

    1. GJ – you made a “couple” of pictures. I loved this when I saw it yesterday – would you share the rest. Thank you. Boo kitty.

      1. I deleted the rest because they were about the mission accomplished banner and I thought they could be interpreted as a criticism of George Bush. I had BO calling Bush on the phone and asking him were the banner was stored.

  2. Aren’t the identities of the SEAL team members who participated in this mission supposed to be top secret? If our enemy knows who they are they could go after them and their families.

  3. Ordering the death of BinLaden is not foreign policy; it’s an execution.
    The foreign policy that Americans yearn for is the one where our friends are held close and our enemies are afraid of us. We’re tired of being the world’s policeman and ATM. We want our national companies surcharged for sending their jobs overseas where labor is cheap.
    We want our Government to buy back our debts that foreign countries hold so that we’re not beholden to any of them.

    Let MrO take all the victory laps he wants, we’re not impressed. There’s a reason why he didn’t get the ‘bounce’ in his favorable polls that he imagined were going to happen and by next week, his poll numbers will be lower than before this incident. Americans are drowning in debt, unemployed and unable to deal with the rapid inflation that’s going to keep getting worse.
    We don’t want to WinTheFuture, we want to get a job today, keep our homes and afford to buy groceries.

  4. As I have stated before, Obama is a consummate canpaigner. If only he had leadership skills, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are today.

  5. So much for not spiking the football. I saw in one of the comments from an earlier post of your that Obama didn’t attend the 2009 or 2010 Ground Zero commemorations, but goes today. How very genuine of him – but I’m sure it was all about the 9/11 families and first responders, right?

    Read several accounts about why Bush chose to turn down the invitiations, but they all seem to reflect Bush’s sentiment that this event was more fitting for a sitting President and it didn’t feel approriate to him to take Obama’s spotlight. Despite the fact that he and his policies deserve more credit than they will ever get from this adminstration (and the fact that Bush refuses to ever critisize Obama despite Obama’s constant Bush bashing for his own purposes) , Bush still takes the high class road. Suck a stark contrast to our current President.

    By the way, of all the things Obama said on Sunday night that rubbed me the wrong way, his comment about writing a letter to the mother of a dead serviceman was really the worst. I know that Bush regularly wrote letters to the families of deceased servicemen (several thousand in total if I remember correctly), but something tells me Obama hasn’t taken up that same habit. Maybe I’m wrong – maybe he has done it, but I’m hard-pressed to find anything about him that rings genuine and sincere, and not working the PR heartstrings angle.

      1. I actually registered it with an offshore company anonymously so my name wouldn’t come up in Whoisit. I found out later that they are a black hat company that criminals use! Now I’m really in trouble.

  6. He will take this “victory lap” over and over and over again until even the LSM grows weary of it….it’s all he’s got. The heat will continue to increase about his failure to release the photos and he’ll fumble the response to that too. Let him take this “lap”, the American people are reminded daily of the economic problems they face each time they fill up the gas tank or go to the grocery store. There will be no “bounce” in the polls, that’s for certain.

  7. Steve Kroft of CBS – who has interviewed him before and with who he’s comfortable with?

    And who sucks up big huge giant time!

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