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Obama Morning News || Thursday, May 5, 2011

After releasing a substantial amount of information quickly about the raid on Bin Laden’s lair – some of which had to be corrected – the White House has gone dark, saying there will be no more details and no death photos. Reuters released photos of the results of the attack. Warning: they are quite graphic. Time describes how President Obama was able to watch the raid live on his Sit Room screen.

Sarah Palin slammed the decision not to release the photos, saying Obama is “pussy footing.” Obama’s campaign manager said it’s too soon to know how the OBL killing will affect 2012.

The Washington Post writes – in a news piece – that one of the people President Obama has to thank is George W. Bush.

The Daily Caller wonders if the White House isn’t botching the PR aftermath of the killing with its desire to make things kosher with Muslims.

Obama’s trip to Ground Zero today has some tricky aspects to it, given Republicans’ and Bush’s identification with the site, POLITICO writes. Obama plans to lay a wreath, but won’t to say a word. Bush declined an invite to join Obama there today.

In non-OBL news, Republicans concede they are unlikely to get a deal with Obama on cutting Medicare and must find compromise elsewhere. They’ll meet Obama’s secret negotiating weapon, Joe Biden.

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  1. The administration hasn’t just fumbled the aftermath of the killing it, it’s about to have the opposition recover the ball and score a touchdown. While everyone want to believe that Bin Laden is dead, the administration’s refusal to release any pictures or evidence whatsoever that it really was him is raising doubts in the minds of many.

    When doubts are raised, people ask, “Are you saying that the SEALs and the military are lying?” No, but the SEALs and the military didn’t run the DNA tests. For all we know, it was one of Bin Laden’s body doubles killed and they just think it was him.

    Here’s a possible solution to the picture issue: Photoshop or even just Microsoft Paint. Put black bars over the gruesome parts of the picture and release it like that. Sort of like a redacted document. If he’s recognizable in the picture then it would be the non-gruesome parts of the picture that would be recognizable so that would be all that’s needed.

    1. I am not a lifer or deather or whatever they will call people who say ANYTHING, but where did they get the DNA to run against? His sons?

      I saw those pix of the guys in lakes of gore–I think people could take it. But I also think this country is getting pretty morbid. I don’t know where I stand…how about “present”?

  2. Just read a story that Panetta admitted there was actually a 25-minute blackout on the feed right after they entered the compound, so they never actually saw the raid itself – no feed.

    Not suprised the WH has shut down about any further details, but I am surprised at how no one can seem to get their story straight. You would think that for a military operation that will surely go down in history in one of the US greatest, they would have some agreement about the details, but there seems to be several versions of every story – and nothing matches up. It seems that, the more anyone from this adminstration talks about it, the more confusing the details become.

    1. Agreed. If there was a 25min. blackout, then what the heck were they watching?
      This mission wasn’t a complicated WWII style multi-locational/national operation, but a 40 minute drill conducted by 20 (or 40) men of one unit at one location with one purpose, and the Obama administration can’t keep the story straight.
      They’re either lying about the details or the WH is in total disarray following a quasi-military coup.

      1. They may be saying there is a 25 minute blackout, but they have cameras on the helmets. If you know anything about special ops or even away, there is video. May not have transmitted till they left compound, but I have no doubt they have video.

    2. Tell me it isn’t so. Does that mean the widely distributed situation room photo was staged? Wouldn’t put it past these posers.

    3. I read the Panetta interview where he referred to the blackout – which would explain why no one saw the OBL kill in live-time.

      But that just doesn’t make sense – each helmet on each SEAL was equipped w/ a camera … even if the live feed wasn’t working, you can’t tell me that 25 min disappeared into cyber space. I don’t buy it.

      They absolutely must have that 25 min … they’re just obfuscating … but why? What’s the point?

  3. I would just like him to stop making statements and decisions that make it appear that he finds it embarrassing to be American.It’s as if he has some need to apologize for our power or position in the world.

    1. Yeah, that we aren’t the type of people to take a trophy was another Straw Man and pretty patronizing. We can decide what kind of people we are–every one of us. We don’t need the prim professor.

  4. If handled as the leader of the free world should, I would like to have simply heard ” This was a covert operation intended to neutralize USL and suffice it to say – mission accomplished. No more details will be forthcoming due to the nature of the operation.” Instead we now get the third account – USL was found sitting on the toilet looking at Penthouse eating a bag of pork rinds.

  5. What’s he doing here in NYC at Ground Zero if not “spiking the ball” today?

    We have a commemoration of the attacks of Sept.11, 2001 ON Sept.11th.
    That same date, every year.

    Obama missed the Sept. 11, 2009 and Sept. 11 2001.

    If it ain’t about him it doesn’t count.

    We get it.

    1. MichelleIndependent

      Barry will get his photo op. Count on it.

      The ultimate ball spiking.

      30 other visits to NYC and no trip to Ground Zero, except to coldly toss
      a bouquet while visiting with McCain.

  6. The White House should simply have taken control of the narrative and defined the meaning for everyone. It should have been something along the lines of, Osama destroyed many American lives and doing so, caused his eventual demise. This is our policy and we will act .
    Forget nice burials and so on. It is better to appear strong and in control of events.

  7. Isn’t prancing off to Ground Zero for a victory lap and then appearing on “60 MInutes” to chat about it all — a couple of spiking of the ball?

    Who thinks, “Osama Bin Laden is dead. I better get to Ground Zero asap and phone ’60 Minutes’ so I can get on prime time!”

    Our Boy President, the boy behind the curtain with the picture of a man on it — that’s who.

      1. Who thinks that way … someone w/ ice water flowing through his veins.

        And who was back to being his shadow – his brain – Valerie Jarrett back in place … visible when he left the limo & followed the Pres into the fire station. Of course she was nowhere to be seen on Sunday.

        This just in – now the Pres – who could never bother to visit Ground Zero before today’s Win The Future photo op – is now going to Fort Campbell Kentucky to spike the football yet again.

      1. I dunno–to me, maybe it’s just me, it’s unseemly when it involves blasting someone in the face, no matter how horrible the person was.

        1. The real Geronimo would have taken a scalp, I guess. Have we progressed or changed? Should we have? As I said, I am sitting this one out sort of.

  8. Pentagon/DOD should have done the intial ‘we got usama’ press brief.

    You could have let “Obama: the messiah!” do his typical, look-at-me! I! I!! I take credit song&dance like he did Sunday night…
    But then let people who know what they are talking about (re: Pentagon) take over and brief… instead of that flustered ‘Propaganda Sec’. Carney
    Yes the OP, details, etc. is “Classified” but the stories-background-briefs would have been professional and organized. If Pentagon did the briefs I dont think you would have the story-details “changing” every 24 hours like they are coming from the Obama White House…

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