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Video || Royal Wedding Spoof – The House of Love

I realize this is a little off topic, but I just couldn’t resist putting it up. It’s a sendup of the royal wedding. In honor of Prince Charles’ visit with President Obama today, I guess. But mostly just thought you’d like.

First saw it on Harry Mount’s blog at the Daily Telegraph, a well written and entertaining window into British culture.

7 thoughts on “Video || Royal Wedding Spoof – The House of Love”

  1. LOL, does everyone in the UK look alike because they had amazing likenesses. They didn’t quite capture Beatrice and her sister’s absurd outfits and hats. It’s hard to parody parody.

    I think they stole the idea from the viral American video that showed the wedding party dancing down the aisle.

  2. Its always nice to take a break from the demoralizing news of the day. This video is fantastic! They all look like the real thing.

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