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Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 5, 2011

9:30 am || Departs White House
10:35 am || Arrives New York City
1:25 pm || Participates in Wreath Laying Ceremony; Ground Zero, New York City
1:45 pm || Meets with 9/11 families
3:10 pm || Departs New York
4:15 pm || Arrives Washington
6:00 pm || Hosts Cinco de Mayo reception; East Room

All times Eastern

15 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Thursday, May 5, 2011”

  1. Getting to NY pretty early isn’t he? What will he be up to for the almost three hours before the ceremony? Heard that he won’t be making a speech, just laying a wreath.

  2. So there will be no sermon at Ground Zero then. I guess the plans were different two days ago.
    Keith, great job in the Briefing room. You got him to say ” I can´t categorically rule out…” I wonder if they punished him for that.
    I would like to hear your comment about this: they choose not to bomb but instead use a SEALteam so that there would be certainty about the death. So why is OBL , who was unarmed, shot in the head and his face ruined ? The raid must have been carefully planned and they must have had distinct orders. I find it somewhat confusing. It also provides Obama with an excuse not to show the photos.

  3. Another non-work day. Why not put the Oval Office desk on E Bay? Appears he isn’t going to use. The way Henry Ford fired a manager he would remove all the furniture from the guy’s office while the guy was at lunch. When the poor fella returned to an empty office he took the hint. If we could do it to Obama I would image he would have that Situation Room stare.

      1. By the way, Old Timer, I once had a real job and they put out a new office organization plan and a guy was not on it. When he asked, they said, “Yeah, about that…”

  4. Notice the “Mission Accomplished” banner in the background? President Bush made that declaration on the same day as bin Laden was killed. Another subtle reminder of who began this mission. I’m just thankful Obama found enough guts to give the ‘go ahead’.

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