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Obama Won’t Release Bin Laden Death Photos

President Obama has decided not to release the death photos of Osama Bin Laden, NBC News is reporting. According to NBC:

The White House had been weighing the release of a photo, in part to offer proof that bin Laden was killed during a raid on his compound early Monday. However, officials had cautioned that the photo was gruesome and could be inflammatory.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill, many of whom have seen the pictures taken by Navy SEALs, agreed with the president.

Jay Carney is likely to be questioned on the decision in the briefing, which will start momentarily.

The announcement comes one day after CIA Director Panetta said the photos would be released.

37 thoughts on “Obama Won’t Release Bin Laden Death Photos”

  1. Do any of these people communicate before making announcements? Yes we will, no we wont. Once again Obama dithers back and forth.

  2. He is making a mistake in not releasing it. People already have doubts about everything he says. Most people want proof.

  3. Per Jay Obama said in the 60 min interview that they were “95%” sure who they killed was indeed OBL …. that throws the door wide open for conspiracy theories …

    They KNOW exactly what they are doing – they are NOT naive. This will encourage further destabilization & chaos.

    Always ask – why? – who benefits? We released graphic photos of Udai & Qusai – that prevented conspiracy theories floating around Baghdad.

  4. Why the dif btwn what Panetta said yesterday in the Brian Williams interview & what O’s people just released? Power struggle w/in the WH.

    No one’s been commenting on my WH Insider stories I’ve linked – but think about what’s coming out now – a battle behind the scenes between Panetta & Obama/Jarrett. Obama went off the reservation & did the Steve Kroft interview (under Jarrett’s direction I’m sure) and directly contradicted what his CIA (now Sec’y of Defense) guy said. That is a pretty BFD, as our moron VP would say.

    Now the disinformation/confusion coming from the narrative of the raid. Again, these people are NOT stupid. If you agree w/ that, then you have to think – ok, what does this mean? If the principals, including the Marxist-in-Chief, all watched the mission in real time – and somehow the entire story is in question – somebody’s spreading disinformation deliberately. That’s the only result I can logically see.

      1. Thanks very much Star. I feel like I’m yelling at the top of my lungs & people are deaf.

        I never used to be a conspiracy theorist … it’s just that after months of unemployment (thanks Odumbo), and reading & reading & reading articles at Pajamas Media, and Gateway Pundit, and Breitbart’s Big sites, and The Other McCain, etc., and saw how even Fox is sloppy about reporting, it finally hit me … it was a paradigm shift. Obama hates America, and wants a totalitarian form of gvt. The Soros billions, the favoritism shown to Brazil & Muslims, the corruption of media, the outright orchestration of undermining gvt in Egypt, the soon-to-be war on Israel (Susan Rice will push for a Palestinian state in Sept – look how Hamas & Fatah are magically in agr’t now) on & on & on … Plus of course squeezing us tighter & tighter economically, DELIBERATELY.

        It’s like idiot Ruling Class GOP establishment types like allegedly brilliant Krauthammer contort themselves into pretzels trying to make sense of the Obama admin’s actions. Dr K should take his own advice & apply Occam’s Razor to his own analysis – the simplest explanation usually is the best. Just because it’s morally repugnant doesn’t mean it’s not true. Which reminds me – Dr Keith Ablow, forensic psychiatrist, wrote a piece months ago, explaining how the American people are in denial about Obama – similar to victims of abuse – they can’t face reality because the reality is too awful to accept.

        Well, reality is going to get a hell of a lot worse.

      2. A guy I know in Ireland just wrote me he had heard similar over there on the radio. My bud in Jerusalem is all over it.

    1. Miranda and Star, because of the rift between the Panetta camp and Team Regime (Obama/Jarrett) do either of you think that resignations will follow? Especially since the Ulsterman story (or whoever got it first) is all over the internet coupled with the ‘official’ story of the incident changing several times?

      1. Maybe … of course there was a shuffling of Panetta & Petraeus immediately prior to the OBL mission – curious in & of itself re the timing.

        I would think if Panetta is indeed a patriot – he will stay in place in order to maintain some semblance of stability. For all the good guys to walk away would be disastrous – for us & for the world. Imagine if people – incl. the fanatics plus the Chinese etc. – knew that there was a vacuum at the very top – and Biden is known of course to be a complete idiot. That opens the door for a lot of mischief to be made.

        Then again, Beck has said repeatedly & discussed it again this week – that Hillary could be presented as the voice of sanity etc. IOW, Obama is clearly a disaster, and so we accept the lesser of two evils somehow. Get rid of O by forcing him to resign, Biden would appt Hillary as VP, then he’d resign. Sounds a little far-fetched I know but something like that could happen and the world wouldn’t fall apart. Heading far into conspiratorial waters now – but Hillary is a NWO, Soros-supported, new Palestinian state, anti-Israel person too.

        I know this all sounds crazy – but it would have been “crazy” back in 1940 to accuse FDR of being surrounded by Communists & Soviet spies when he was Pres. Thanks to the uncovering of the Venona Project, we now know that was true. If you had said in 1970 that our own CIA was busy assassinating leaders in South & Central American & African countries you would have been called an un-American crazy loon. Back in April 1963 if you had said that JFK didn’t write Profiles in Courage you would have been called an anti-Roman Catholic bigot. Unfortunately truth proves stranger than fiction.

        Right now Beck is talking about misdirection – exactly. Not even about O’s poll #’s – but about calculated disinformation & misdirection.

      2. Sorry for multiple posts …

        This could be triangulation on steroids. Make Obama the bad guy – Hillary comes waltzing in to save us. She is NOT the good guy some people on the right want to think she is. Back to the whole birth cert issue (yes, I know – roll the eyes) – who was co-sponsor of the Senate resolution to state that John McCain was a “natural born citizen”? Then-Sen Obama, Sen Claire McCaskill, and then-Sen Hillary Clinton (among others – 5 total I think). When was the resolution passed? April ’08. This is factually true. Think about the timing – what sense does that make? Why would Obama AND Hillary help their “enemy”? Why would they cooperate? Look it up – it’s on the site as I recall (again, it was a resolution – not a bill). Seems like McCain (I held my nose & voted for him) made a deal w/ the devil – because his birth circumstances really were a little murky – enough so that there could easily have been bona fide lawsuits based on his citizen status (there was a decent WashPost article outlining the issues back then).

        Way out in the deep now – but I have speculated that the whole WH Insider narrative is a farce – that the author of the accounts, and the Insider himself, are innocent dupes. Soros & the NWO goons WANT the whispers about O’s incompetence …. they are feeding disinformation, plus useful truths, to the gullible Insider. Certainly there’s a lot of disinformation being fed to us about the whole OBL mission. Yes, I think he’s dead – just that O/Sunstein et al are giving enough vagueness & confusion & discrepancies in the stories so that the Muslim world will have a lot of doubters.

        So the whole situation serves two purposes – makes the general American public happy that OBL is dead – and promotes more turmoil in the Middle East. Again, Occam’s Razor. Stop assuming the people in the WH have good intentions & actually care about human life. They don’t.

        1. Miranda, Don’t forget the master of disinformation Cass Sunstein. Obama’s own Heinrich Himmler. He co-authored a 30-page paper on conspiracy theories in 2008. Don’t put it past this evil man to cook up propaganda about “insiders” in order to destroy the credibility of believers.

          1. Ahh … yes. I knew Sunstein was a master of propaganda but had forgotten about the whole conspiracy theory tactic.

            Thanks very much for the reminder!

            Oh, I think I’m moving to Montana …. or Canada – they just had an election sweeping conservatives into power. It just gets to be too much to contemplate.

            How do we fight against this pure evil? Eph. 6:12 …. pray, pray, pray.

    2. Have you been over to Red State, it’s there, it’s getting out, I hope we’ll be seeing a lot more discussion on this. The fact Panetta is saying one thing and the WH another sends a tingle up my leg.

        1. He certainly keeps mentioning the precedent was involved in this action. Politics I suppose! I kind of envision that he was told what was going to happen, they took him in the back room and gave him the speech he would read, saw that it mentioned “I, I, I and me, me, me” and toddled off happily. To bad who ever wrote it made so many mistakes in it…. or many that was on purpose! Thanks so much for taking the time to find that for me.

  5. So, if we call people who believe the government did 9/11 “truthers” and people who believe Pres. Obama is not a citizen “birthers” will we call people who believe Bin Laden is alive “deathers” or “lifers”?

  6. It is naive to think those photos haven’t made the rounds in DC and just about everywhere else “important” people work.

  7. I’m so cynical these days that I’m beginning to think this is being set up as a topic Barry’s 2012 campaign can use against the Republicans. I can hear it several months from now in one of his campaign speeches…”And there are still some people on the right who think we didn’t really kill Usama bin Laden!”

    It’ll be just another distraction from the real issues and an excuse to label conservatives as crazy. *sigh*

  8. Do not release the photo=instant conspiricy theory/lies/cover-up.
    For three days, the public has been subjected to retractions, re-assertions, refined statements, and evasive remarks on what really happened.
    At first it was a “kill” mission, now MrCarney claims it was a “capture if possible” mission.
    There will be photos, none of them official. There will be accounts of what really did or didn’t happen, most of them untrue. The push-back will be intense from the right and the left.
    We have a right to express our outrage at the incompetence of this WhiteHouse and their wishy-washy, flip-flopping revelations of this mission.

  9. How much time has the WH spent today on such things as….

    Alabama storm damage recovery.

    Jobs, jobs, jobs….

    I wonder how many countries around the world have offered to help the folks in Alabama?

  10. “And I think Americans and people around the world are glad that he is gone. But we don’t need to spike the football, and I think that, given the graphic nature of these photos, it would create some national security risk.”

    “Now, in this packet of photos I’ve got right here from Abu Ghrarib, you’ll notice right off the bat….”

    We’re being played like dopes.

  11. “Gruesome and inflammatory”, like the World Trade Center crumbling down on top of 3000 people? I say bring it. Since when are Americans such total whimps? Let them stifle us now, and we will all be kneeling toward the east before too long.

  12. I just saw the photo at Reuters…what a let down. It was a lot cleaner than I hoped. The beheadings, the soldiers hanging from a bridge, Americans diving from burning buildings were completely safe content…but not this one! Obama is such a feckless putz.

  13. The photo will show up at some point. To many story changes, it is a planned campaign of disinformation. CBS has pics on their web of 3 purported men shot and left behind in the compound. The to inflammatory comments do not make any sense.

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