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Obama Morning News || May 4, 2011

The White House altered significant portions of it’s account of the Bin Laden raid, saying Bin Laden was not armed, his wife was not killed, and no one was used as a human shield.

Evidence is accumulating that “enhanced interrogation techniques,” a.k.a. torture, provided the initial intelligence that led to Bin Laden. The White House is pushing back, saying it was not “the decisive intelligence.” But even CIA Director Panetta is pretty clear that the techniques gleaned important information.

POLITICO asks the question: Whose policies get credit, Obama’s or George W. Bush’s?

Panetta said photos of the dead Bin Laden would inevitably be released, but the White House said no decision had been made. Bush declined an invitation by Obama to accompany him to Ground Zero Thursday.

Bin Laden was ready to flee at a moment’s notice – but he didn’t get a moment.

Even so late at night and with so little buildup, Obama got his largest TV audience ever Sunday night as 57 million tuned in to see him announce Bin Laden’s death.

In other news, the White House is paying tens of thousands of dollars to an outside public relations firm for help with speeches and other PR issues.

Republican Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is targeting White House tweets and emails.

Obama met with Hispanic lawmakers and said he still wants immigration reform. And Treasury Secretary Geithner is quietly launching a campaign to reform corporate taxes, lowering rates while closing loopholes to pay for it.

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  1. American children play video games that are more gory than the photo of a dead BinLaden would reveal. We watch TV shows like “CSI’s, Bones, etc” that show representations of the human body in mutilated, decomposed and skeletized appearance.
    A photo of a dead man would not cause undue trauma to a nation that has waited for this moment for 10years.
    The question has been asked if this Administration had a plan for the aftermath of this operation to murder BinLaden. It appears that they never considered what to do or say or reveal to the public if the mission was successful. Now we have competing stories and reports of one saying ‘yes’ and another saying ‘no’. Chaos and indecision has diminished this achievement and they have no one to blame but themselves.

    The POTUS should cancel his trip to GroundZero. The credit for the murder of our enemy has been assigned to our military by the public, as it should be.

    1. My guess is they are trying to keep us busy fighting over whether or not to show the picture, sort of like the birth certificate fight. Keeps our minds off the crumbling economy.

      1. Yes indeedy. While it does look as if this adminstration of goofuses can screw up ANYTHING, the jesuitical “fight” occupies the news cycle.
        Still, it’s worth a lot to see the o cowering in his golf jacket, in the SitRoom, while the Big Kids do the work.

  2. The world is a better place without OBL and the strong,brave men who did the raid deserves praise but the way Obama turns this into a personal triumphators chariot is disgusting. He was pushed into decisionmaking on top of a groundwork put in place by real professionals. It was GW Bush who had to face the tough choices and the media wrath. I don´t think this loud triumphant Obamapolitics plays well in the world. The story of Obamas heroism is so full of holes that I think there might be a backlash. Next week perhaps he will run for cover again. Maybe he will blame it all on Bush.

    1. Good one, Swedish friend. I was thinking they weren’t risking all that much–if they “got” him, great, big old party over shooting someone…if not, blame it on bad Bush intel. Now, of course, it’s good Bush intel–and look how they came by it. I wonder if they counted on that–maybe it’s why Mr Consistent did not want to do this very much.

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    1. The more I think about this, the more mortified I am. The POTUS, failing to take action to take down the biggest single enemy of the United States since Hitler and Hirohito? Was he intending to give him time to escape? His indecision looks ‘just like’ he was helping UBL escape. How can we know? This is treason, not that I’m paranoid enough to think he was in cahoots with UBL, but just based on the hesitation to act. It was a no-brainer, and he blew it. His teleprompter was probably flashing “TAKE HIM DOWN, MORON!”

  5. It took Obama 3+ years just to “make public” his “Birth Certificate” (…and NO ONE has ever seen Obama’s “College Records”…)


    WHY ALL THESE CONCERNS ABOUT ‘insulting the Muslim World’ when it comes to “death/burial”?
    ~The ‘Muslim World’ never had problems about American Citizens jumping to death from the World Trade Centers on Sept. 11 and never finding hundreds of bodies for proper burial…

  6. All this deference and ‘reverence’ being shown once again to the ‘Muslim sensibilities.’ ObL had a bath of some kind; was carefully wrapped in cloth; and had a US service member (of the Muslim faith) ‘pray’ over his remains for 45 minutes BEFORE he was gently lowered into the Arabian Sea. And now we must beware inflaming those pesky ‘sensibilities’ with a photo release.

    Pity. No such dignity was shown those 3000 Americans who died at the Trade Center; the Pentagon; or the field in Somerset, PA.

    Show the photos. 3000 times.

    1. NBC says no pix. Who will leak them first? We saw those sons slabbed out. Peter King said he saw them and they aren’t too horrible. Might as well release one…unless it would conflict with the tah-rah at Ground Zero.

    2. Proper muslim burial, f me! Once again, that encourages more fanaticism. Now he will be remembered as a martyr, fueling young fundamentalists with incentive. They REALLY DO believe he now has 70 virgins. To fight this war, we should have marinated him in pig guts and thrown his rotting corpse in a hole on national tv, that would have discouraged muslim fanatic killings. Sorry but they would do the equivalent, and have. I hate fighting a losing battle because we are sooo sensitive.

  7. This Administration, at a moment of great victory, still clings to it’s Chamberlainian appeasements. How the Hell are they going to behave in great defeat?

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