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Obama Morning News || May 3, 2011

Obama rolled the dice in going for Bin Laden, the Wall Street Journal writes, but he and his aides decided that it was ultimately a risk worth taking. Obama Monday called for unity and will visit ground zero for the first time as president.

Veteran Washington Post political writer Dan Balz writes that Obama will be judged only partially in 2012 on the Bin Laden killing. The Wall Street Journal writes that Obama’s next test will be whether he can use his success to gain other achievements.

Time’s Michael Scherer describes how Obama is building the Bin Laden killing into the larger theme that he is a president that can lead the U.S. to greatness.

The Bush team gives some credit and takes some too.

The raid yielded a trove of computer data. Who killed Bin Laden? A composite sketch.

Meanwhile, back on the forgotten debt limit debate, Treasury Secretary Geithner has extended the drop dead deadline for raising the ceiling to August 2.

And Obama’s childhood pal Bobby Titcomb has pleaded no contest to charges of soliciting a prostitute.

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  1. Yes, I noticed that suddenly The One is talking about American greatness and even mentioning us being indivisible, under God, etc.

    He and his team think they can seize the “narrative” and all who were skeptical of The One will eagerly grab a flag and follow his name to the voting booths in 2012.

    I’m not sure how he can take credit for something that the military did. The fact that he chose between two plans and gave the order to start doesn’t impress me much. But then, I don’t think his wife is a fashion icon, so there must be something wrong with my brain.

    We’ll see how naive people are.

    1. That’s what I am afraid of. He is getting credit for finally pulling the trigger (um..) on something. That’s his job! The military is being lauded for raiding a house–that is their job and they are darn good at it. I gather this was not a Jessica Lynch–made up. OK, good. I do think they demos after were orchestrated–and darned unseemly, too. Now let’s keep America’s “word” on taking care of the sick and elderly, keeping stupid projects (cough, trains, a windmill in every yard, cars that run on love) under control. But first–a trip and speech at Ground Zero. Be of good cheer, my babies.

      1. Those demonstrations were, perhaps, flash mobs. You tweet to your friends, “Find a flag and show up at the White House at x o’clock. We’re going to have a spontaneous demo.”

    2. Something tells me his visit to Ground Zero is not going to play out the way his team wants. This morning Fox interviewed a mom who gave Bush the badge of her firefighter son who died on 9/11. She described him as a caring man who maintains a relationship with her to this day. No drama Obama doesn’t appear to have a caring or compassionate bone in his body, so don’t see how he could possibly recreate Bush’s bullhorn moment that brought us all together as Americans.

      You are so right…we’ll see how naive people are.

  2. I just read in Politico that the White House backs away from key details in its story about the raid. In the new version OBL was unarmed and did not use a woman as a shield. We just saw them, or we think we saw them, watching the events as they happened. How is it possible with more than one version ? There are so many unanswered questions about what really happened.

  3. I KNEW this potboiler reminded me of something: Mort Sahl, commenting on the Yalta Papers, “We should publish them in a loose-leaf binder so we can add more betrayals as they come along.”

  4. After the incredible announcement that every man who has ever solicited a prostitute will turn themselves in to their local police station, both houses of Congress adjourned, the stock market suspended trading, cities went dark, and millions of wives, girlfriends and significant others were heard wailing in the streets.

  5. Obama did not “pull the trigger” – Leon Panetta did, w/ the full cooperation of Hillary & Gates.

    We just had a temporary de facto coup w/in the WH:

    For background, read first about the war between Jarrett & Bill Daley, incl. the account of how Daley was shoved by the iReggie:

    A lot of people think this “White House Insider” is pure fiction – I’m skeptical but his predictions have proven true over & over again, over a period of maybe 9 mos. And the pics released by the WH are telling – Jarrett, who is usually visible 100% of the time, is nowhere to be seen on Sunday.

    Caution – if you google “white house insider”, a lot of false articles will come up. There’s been quite a campaign of attacks – by using people who pretend to be the Insider, and by using writers who ridicule the accounts. Of course, the Left attacks most viciously the really powerful threats against its agenda & its leaders.

    1. Think I’m a crazy conspiracy theorist? Well, El Rushbo mentioned the Insider today. These accounts are getting more & more attention.

  6. Drudge is linking to an interesting article…

    Can it really be possible that he told his national security team he had to sleep on it? He had to sleep on the decision to get Osama… He was asked to approve the mission on Thursday. That would be the 28th of April. What was he doing last Thursday?

    1. I think this is more disinformation Susan. Some accounts have said that O gave the go-ahead, then the mission was delayed 24 hrs because of weather issues. Several accounts have said specifically that the whole mission idea was discussed from back in Feb or March …. that’s right – O supposedly nixed the idea of a Predator strike because he wanted a body. Yup – that Harvard Law grad is a genius – made those dumb military hulks sit up & take notice. Bet that idea never occurred to them. So anyway he’s had to “sleep on it” for months now. You can’t have the SEALS all ready to go, intelligence guys saying, yes, ok to go, weather conditions right, Paki military not doing anything unusual, etc – then announce – “I’ve got to sleep on this guys”.

      Notice how suddenly there are a lot of confusing & conflicting stories coming out? First OBL’s wife was shot dead – then not – then she was shot in the calf – the wives & kids were left in the compound unguarded etc. – then they were walked out of the compound, then some were sent to Paki hospitals, …. plus all the confusion as to what to do about the corpse photo etc. Get the press & public to focus on the little inconsequential details …. so they won’t question the larger issues – like how long exactly did we know OBL was probably there – since Aug. btw there’s a good American Thinker article on the timing of the mission – re Wikileaks & the CIA spook Ray Davis.

      According to the “Insider”, there were no weather issues. The real issue is that Obama/Jarrett vetoed the mission – Panetta et al were furious – they proceeded anyway. O was literally (well, almost) dragged off the golf course – pretty much presented with a done deal. He just had to show up – as the infamous photo so clearly shows. Also note who’s in the big chair – a general I think – O is in a little bitty chair to the side. He’s an afterthought.

      Prediction from the Insider – Holder is going down. Watch Holder & the Grassley hearings re Project Gunrunner hearings starting tomorrow I think.

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