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Bin Laden Killing Fails So Far to Help Obama in Polls

President Obama’s authorization of a successful mission to kill Osama Bin Laden has so far failed to boost his approval rating, according to two polls released today.

CNN/Opinion Research polls conducted Monday and in the days prior to the announcement of the attack show Obama’s approval rating rising from 51 to 52 percent, well within the margin of error. Newsweek/Daily Beast polls taken before and after show no change in Obama’s 49 percent approval rating.

Both polls offer separate results for Monday and the period directly prior to Sunday nights announcement by Obama that Bin Laden was dead, unlike other polls which show a “rolling average” of three day numbers.

These early polls suggest that Americans are unwilling to change their view of the president until the economy improves. Survey respondents continue to give Obama low marks on his handling of economic issues.

In the Newsweek/Daily Beast poll, two thirds said the killing of Bin Laden did nothing to change their view of the president. Even so, 59 percent give him “some of the credit” for the operation, and 10 percent said he deserved “all of the credit.”

Strikingly, 31 percent think George W. Bush was more responsible for Bin Laden’s killing than Obama.

Some Republicans have complained that Obama has failed to share credit with George W. Bush, during whose presidency the initial intelligence that led to Bin Laden’s hideout was developed.

5 thoughts on “Bin Laden Killing Fails So Far to Help Obama in Polls”

  1. Apparently, the WH thought they might be looking a little crass so they invited George Bush to the ground zero event. He declined but will be there for the 10th anniversary.

    I had a thought…probably wishful thinking on my part…you know how people like to take someone down a notch when they’re at the top of their game? Could this possibly happen to Obama? Will the press start doing their job?

  2. Some news outlets are reporting that MrO invited GWBush to attend the hoopla that’s planned for GroundZero on Thursday, but GW declined.
    MrBush is probably wary of any invitation from MrO considering how the other unsuspecting invitees have been ambushed in the past.
    Or, MrBush might think it would be unseemly to celebrate the murder of an unarmed man (no matter how evil he might be) by order of the POTUS.

    1. I think this is sort of ugly and gross, all this. Do they really want this to be their trademark? As for Bush–when he said what he said, I think he should let that rest. Quit while ahead.

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