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Update || Carney to Brief at 1:45 With Obama Advisers

He’ll bring out members of the national security team. We’ll live stream the event.

3 thoughts on “Update || Carney to Brief at 1:45 With Obama Advisers”

  1. If they knew about this for weeks, why spring it at night? Ask them that! That dopey Geraldo was saying he didn’t “think” it was a nuclear attack. I am about to move into a cave myself–are we just beeing played once again? Bah!

  2. Actually I think that this was a very well thought out operation. Of course at night, so to minimize civilians getting involved one way or another. Burial at sea, of course. If he was a prisoner, there would be no end of jockeying around for deals with different brokers. If there was a grave it would become a shrine. The sea is big and deep, kind of a dust to dust scenario.

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