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Obama Schedule || Monday, May 2, 2010

11:55 am || Awards Private First Class Anthony T. Kaho’ohanohano, U.S. Army, and Private First Class Henry Svehla, U.S. Army, the Medal of Honor for conspicuous gallantry; East Room
8:15 pm || With the first lady, hosts a group of bipartisan leaders and ranking members and their spouses for dinner; East Room

All times Eastern
Live Stream of Carney briefing at 1:00 pm

Note: Due to last night’s announcement, the schedule may change.

3 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, May 2, 2010

  1. Keith, now we know why he only played 9 holes today. He got the Osama news. Inclement weather was just a cover. It looked fine in DC. Anotherwords, Obama was on the golf course when Osama went down.
    It would be easy to check on the weather at Andrews. It’s 10 miles from the WH. If I were a reporter I’d be all over this. Think if George Bush had been on the golf coursetoday. I rest my case.

    • Granny Jan, if what you wonder about is true, it seems clear that the Real Situation Room is, in fact, at Andrews AFB on Hole 8?
      Nah, we would know that when Beyonce and Whatshisface sat in the chairs…