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Obama Morning News || May 2, 2011

Speaking Sunday evening from the East Room, President Obama announced that U.S. special forces killed Osama Bin Laden yesterday. Bin Laden has already been buried at sea. He was shot in the head as he and his bodyguards resisted the assault.

Obama cancelled a March bombing of the compound, wanting a ground assault that would reduce casualties and offer proof Bin Laden was dead.

The president is sure to get a bump in the polls, but before the strike, Democratic strategists were saying his reelection may be even tougher than it appears.

Republican leaders hailed the news and congratulated Obama. Among them were George W. BushDick Cheney and John McCain. There were jubilant crowds gathered outside the White House into the early morning hours.

The killing of Bin Laden strengthens calls for an Afghan pullout. Obama must decide by July how many troops to take out by July.

18 thoughts on “Obama Morning News || May 2, 2011”

  1. ‘Obama cancelled a March bombing of the compound”

    From a ‘mockfest’ Saturday night coming at the end of a very long week for the One to a ‘rockfest’ with his so-called liberal groupies screaming in the streets against their own ‘no death penalty’ principles. I mean isn’t ‘an eye for an eye’ kind of conservative, Old Testamenty for these libs?

  2. Over at the NYT–many calls for pullout, plus many predictions that this puts a lock on Obama’s re-election. I doubt both. I was completely disgusted with Geraldo’s fisting of the air, grinning, high-fiving etc. What are we, 5 yrs old? Seems to me Bin Laden brought a lot of death and more death is not exactly a party. Maybe it’s just me. They have been saying all along (when they couldn’t find him–though he was where that weird Michael Scheuer guy has been saying all along)–that the movement had spread far beyond him. We shall see, I guess. As for the burial at sea…what’s up with that? I thought they wanted proof.

    1. I don’t believe that they just dumped BinLaden’s body “at sea”. What sea? just threw him out of the helo?took his body to a ship and then threw him overboard? called a Muslim cleric to verify proper burial?
      Where’d they get the DNA to match? How many brothers did he have?
      Did he have a twin?
      They still have the body and will dispose of it at a later date.

      1. I agree completely SRDEM. This is too fishy of a story. The military/CIA has his body, and it is being kept in an undisclosed location. And OF COURSE this is a calculated move. NOTHING in politics is not deliberate. This was done to increase O’s ratings and to take attention away from how bad he is doing, the crap going on in Libya, the unemployment/economy issues and the Royal Wedding that the O’s DIDN”T get invited to. And I do not believe this was done yesterday. It takes a while to do DNA analysis. I think this operation was done a week or so ago, and he just kept it secret until it was politically advantageous for him to reveal it. Just my opinion…

    2. I agree Star, the more we celebrate death, the more we are like animals, …or fundamental lslamists. Yes, I do believe in the death penalty, very much so, but I don’t feel it is an occasion to celebrate. Just put him down like the hopeless animal that he was.

  3. I find this hasty burial at sea very strange but I guess we will see believable evidence of what really happened soon…

      1. Agreed.
        It’s a shame placed right at the feet of our political system that we no longer believe every word uttered by the POTUS.

          1. Plus–this is all being set up to ridicule anyone who asks awkward questions–the commenters already say Trump is asking for the long-form death certificate, ha ha. Yeah, it’s all big video game, bang bang, I got revenge, elect me, your macho protector.

  4. Not to beat a dead horse but in your updated golf story, Keith, you reported (correctly I’m sure) that Obama got back to the WH at 2:04 pm. Well, that detestable Mike Allen (Playbook/Politico) states that he was in the Sit Room at 1 pm. Now O probably would have had to freshen up etc after getting back from golf. A minor detail perhaps but still ….

    Just one more example of the Obama-worshipping press fudging on the facts in order to make Dear Leader look good.

    1. Good catch Miranda. Also noticed journolisto Mike doesn’t even mention he was out on the golf course when he got the call…

  5. The jubilant crowds outside the WH were a little unnerving. They were clearly made up of young people who are not usually known for their love of the American way. I can’t help but remember the videos of the crowds of muslims cheering after 9/11, and the hatred they invoked. Can only imagine how this is going to play out with our enemies.

    1. Everyone in that crowd hadn’t even reached puberty when 9/11 occured. They don’t have the emotional tie that someone who was older has to the event. Very concocted audience to say the least. It was embarrassing to watch the juvenile nature in which they were celebrating. 9/11 was a terrible day and we should remember it in that way even with the death of the one that planned it.

      I’m happy he is dead but it’s not the feeling I thought I would have. Yes we got revenge and in this case it was served cold. Terrorism is bigger than UBL and his death will have no impact on reducing it.

      God Bless America.

  6. I’d like to see the general muslim clerical community state that UBL’s body didn’t deserve proper muslim handling because of his terrorism against muslims and non-muslims. But we won’t hear anything like that. Why not?

    1. My point is that the younger, impressionable future whack-jobs are going to grow up admiring UBL as a martyr for Islam. Muslim clerics are at the moment encouraging the next UBL with their silent approval.

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