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Bin Laden Was Killed in a Daring U.S. Operation

Osama Bin Laden was killed in a firefight while resisting the small U.S. assault force that raided his huge, well-fortified compound in a wealthy suburb north of Islamabad, according to senior administration officials who briefed reporters early this morning.

Along with Bin Laden, who was living in the compound with his family, two couriers of his and one of his adult sons were also killed. A woman was killed when she was used as a shield by one of the men. Osama was reportedly killed with a bullet to the head.

No Americans were harmed. The operation was entirely a U.S. affair. No other country was alerted, including Pakistan. The Pakistanis were told afterward, the senior officials said.

The compound was built in 2005, likely for the purpose of harboring Bin Laden, but it is not clear how long Bin Laden had been living there, though it appears it was months and probably years.

Officials described what was likely an extraordinarily perilous operation. Four helicopters entered the compound, and a team of U.S. military operatives was on the ground for about 40 minutes completing the mission. One of the choppers failed, but everyone got out on the others.

The compound was a huge residence with twelve to eighteen foot high walls topped with barbed wire.

The planning for the raid took months.

The operation was the result of years of intelligence legwork that had its origins in the Bush administration and accelerated in the last two years as analysts zeroed in on Bin Laden’s location.

Officials many years ago were told by al Qaeda detainees about a highly trusted courier for Bin Laden. Four years ago, they uncovered his identity. About two years ago, they identified the area in Pakistan where the courier and his brother operated.

In August 2010, U.S. officials identified the compound where the two brothers, their families, and a third family lived. The third family matched what was believed to be the composition of Bin Laden’s.

Adding to their belief that a high value terrorist – likely Bin Laden – was at the compound were the extreme security measure being taken there, the lack of internet or telephone service in the buildings, a seven foot privacy wall on one terrace, and the lack of any apparent source of income by the two brothers.

Officials eventually determined that it was highly likely Bin Laden was living there with his family, including his youngest wife.

Bin Laden’s body is being handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition, the officials said.

They warned that there might be a heightened threat to the homeland in the days to come, either from al Qaeda operatives hoping to exact revenge or other terrorists who may decided to accelerate planned attacks.

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  1. Curious that Obama clearly said in his speech that it happened TODAY; yet all reports are that it happened last week and testing occurred through today. Guess the Teleprompter can’t get it right. That would mean it happened on or about Easter! What a fitting date that would have been. Now to get all those terrorist aliens who have crossed our sieve-like borders….

  2. First, thanks for the ‘heads up’ e-mails and the story behind the story.
    Now we know why the long-form BC was unveiled this week. MrO knew that this was coming and wanted to put the everlasting speculation of his birth out before this news about BinLaden’s death.
    What’s amazing is that MrO was aware that the CIA believed they had killed BinLaden last week and he went golfing this morning. Stunning.
    I pray that God will indeed bless us all and keep us safe.

  3. Curious how William & Kate put off their honeymoon too – security reasons it was alleged yesterday.

    Yet Obama can go golfing …. even though the WH reported that he was in the Sit Room most of the afternoon.

    Keith, can you find out definitively (as much as you can) exactly when this operation took place? I read some accounts that say O was killed a week ago – they had to get our guys, plus O’s body, out of Pakistan safely before the news broke – then they had to do DNA tests. Surely that still takes time. Yet Obama said clearly in his msg that he gave the go ahead this morning. Which would be what time I wonder in Pak? they’re 9 hrs ahead I think. BTW now O’s compound is on fire – …

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  5. Keith, do you need a proofreader or is this some sad unconscious slip?

    “Obama was reportedly killed with a bullet to the head.”

    If you’re actually a journalist you’ll correct your copy posthaste.

  6. I hope this true! One sentence concerns me. His body was taken care of according to Islamic customs and practices. This means no one else can observe or prove that is is actually him. [No x-rays etc.] It is well known that he has many doubles posing as him. Did they get the right man??

  7. “Bin Laden’s body is being handled in accordance with Islamic practice and tradition, the officials said.”

    Whew!!! That’s good. We wouldn’t want to make them mad.

  8. I have a good feeling about this because Obama was acting like a president. Just image the heat he would have taken had the mission gone wrong. We should send a thank you note to the military guys and the others who did this mission.

    1. Our paper, AZ Republic, went cuckoo with the 72 pt banner head–but the editorial was more realistic–this is not over. As for the president saying let’s remember back to where we were united, if he thinks this means united with him, he can think again as far as this Arizonan goes.

  9. God bless our brave soldiers who are the true heroes here. It is a good day for America, but it is only one victory in the ongoing war with radical Islam. Osama may finally be dead, but the evil he has spawned is still among us.

  10. A job well done! Congrats! BUT ~~ be aware/beware ~~ there will be retaliation. And when we least expect it. This is far from over! One chapter has closed and another opened!


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