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Osama Bin Laden is Dead || Live Stream – Obama to Speak

Obama will announce any minute. The president will say that we have the body, and we have done the DNA work.

Reports are suggesting that the action was result of intelligence from a human source that resulted in a CIA operation killing him. Bin Laden was apparently killed in a ground operation, not by a bomb or a drone.

CNN’s Ed Henry is reporting that Bin Laden was killed in a mansion outside the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.

An extremely large crowd has gathered outside the White House to celebrate.

Obama’s remarks have concluded.

49 thoughts on “Osama Bin Laden is Dead || Live Stream – Obama to Speak”

  1. I think it’s going to be about Libya,where fighting has spilled over into Tunisia,and all the UN and EU embassies were attacked in Tripoli,and Barry is going to duck the attempted assassination attempt. This would all qualify as a pre empt to jumping back in the Game.Or since he is a dolt,jumping to the left.
    He definably needs to slam Syria,even if in 2-3 sentences.I know we have no intention of doing anything there but we should be at the least telling him to step down,
    I could be wrong,maybe like Kim Jong Il has previously in the past,wants to announce that today he got 4 holes in one in a single game…

    1. Maybe he is going to announce that Al-Qaeda secretly sponsored The Donald who was behind that vicious hate crime at McDonalds all because Bin Ladin wanted a health care waiver.

  2. Maybe he’s going to give back his Nobel Peace Prize after causing so many civilian deaths in Libya in order to prevent civilian deaths. Reminds me of Curtis LeMay’s statement during Vietnam, we had to destroy the village in order to save it. (I don’t know if he really said it)

        1. Nah, obama with dead osama dosn’t buy gas or food, he’ll take a small jump but it will go right back down. I’m surprised he isn’t putting the body on ice and trot him out in time for the election.

  3. Almost ten years of really hard work by our CIA/Military hunting for him and Ayman Al Zawahari.

    All of this started when Barry was negotiating highway ramp speeds from the Illinois State House.

    No matter. He’ll tell us like he just came back from an op in the Hindu Kush.


  5. UnrepentantCurmudgeon

    Geez. He can even take a major announcement like this and turn it into a snooze. Who ever said this guy was a great speaker? My cup of coffee just fell asleep.

  6. Re: the “spontaneous” gathering of mostly young people outside the White House…it looks like many of them don’t even understand what they’re cheering about. They probably got their marching orders via Twitter to leave their dorms and get down there asap to show their support for Barry. Would be fine if it were authentic, but it looks very staged to me.

  7. To all you anti-obama-racist commenters – shut TFU! and – always remember: OBAMA GOT osama! Not bush or any repug! Way to go PRESIDENT OBAMA!! Way to go U.S. Military and CIA!

  8. 9 months of planning to make sure b hussein didn’t kill any more of his mooslim borthers than necassary in executing W’s mandated justice…

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