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Obama Golfs for the Fifth Weekend in a Row

Updated May 2, 2:44 am ET

UPDATE: The raid to kill Osama Bin Laden may have cut short President Obama’s Sunday golf.

The president left the White House to play golf at 9:42 am, arriving at the Andrews Air Force Base course about 25 minutes later, according to the press pool report. He then ended his game after nine holes at 1:39 pm and made it back to the White House at 2:04 pm, about two hours before the attack on Bin Laden appears to have occurred.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the attack on Bin Laden’s compound north of Islamabad seems to have happened at about 1:10 am local time, which would be 4:10 pm Washington time.

The pool reporter noted that it was a little chilly and rainy, but this would not normally have prevented Obama from playing through. Obama would certainly have been alerted, however, that the attack was about to get underway.

The Original story:

The 2011 Obama golf season is off to a a roaring start, with the president headed out today for the fifth time in as many weeks.

This is Obama’s 66th time golfing as president and his eighth time this year.

After a Hawaii vacation session at the beginning of January, this year’s Obama golf season officially got underway with two chilly outings in March. Obama resumed play on April 3, and has hit the links every week since.

While there are no official statistics being kept, it’s probably safe to say that no president has ever golfed five weeks in a row. It’s not even clear that Dwight Eisenhower, who also loved to hit the greens, ever pulled this off.

The weather at Andrews Air Force Base, where the president is playing, is a pleasant 60 degrees, with a chance of rain by mid afternoon, though he should be done by then.

Along with him is his usual posse – junior White House officials Ben Finkenbinder and Marvin Nicholson, and the Energy Department’s David Katz.

UPDATE: Golf cut short due to chilly weather and rain. Nine holes only.

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  3. Pres. Obama should be given credit for his leadership regarding this historic military operation. Instead, you choose to talk about golf. This is a time to be proud of your country and your President. Rick of Levittown

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  5. Bill Maher: “Somali pirates, Gaddafi’s son, now bin Laden – do NOT fu*k with Obama, he’s Gangsta!!”
    So what if he golfs. If he gets this much done while golfing, who am I to criticize? Hail to the chief!

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  9. The Obamabots are all over this story like a cheap suit. Remember Bush’s poll ratings after 9/11 and remember them a few years later. Nothing is constant in DC. People still can’t get jobs, are paying outlandish prices for gas and food and we are still fighting 3 wars. Ultimately, dead Osama doesn’t change any of that.

    1. Remember Bush’s re-election. Dead Osama changes everything about this country. It takes a legacy of failure (Bush) and turns it into victory. Obama will be our President until January 2017. By then, his daughters will be 19 and 16! ObamaCare will have been in effect for 3 years! Lebron James will be 33! Kobe Bryant will probably be long since retired! Rand Paul will be in his mid-50s (although Paul Ryan will still be 23). We’ll have Obama as President until January 2017! Deal with it!

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  16. Glad to see our President has his priorities in order – placing his personal play time ahead of his job. “Sorry your golf was interrupted, Mr. President,” but really, Osama’s execution could easily have been handeld without interrupting your golf game. Oh, that’s right – you’re a multi-tasker!”

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  18. Can anybody provide an official link (or screen shot) showing that Obama was
    scheduled for 18 holes and he had no plans to cut his game short. This would lend great credence to the story that Panetta, Gates etc were really the ones
    behind the ‘go’ command. This would mean we may have a ‘deep throat’ in
    O’s administration which could be invaluable.

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