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Obama Golfs for the Fifth Weekend in a Row

Updated May 2, 2:44 am ET

UPDATE: The raid to kill Osama Bin Laden may have cut short President Obama’s Sunday golf.

The president left the White House to play golf at 9:42 am, arriving at the Andrews Air Force Base course about 25 minutes later, according to the press pool report. He then ended his game after nine holes at 1:39 pm and made it back to the White House at 2:04 pm, about two hours before the attack on Bin Laden appears to have occurred.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, the attack on Bin Laden’s compound north of Islamabad seems to have happened at about 1:10 am local time, which would be 4:10 pm Washington time.

The pool reporter noted that it was a little chilly and rainy, but this would not normally have prevented Obama from playing through. Obama would certainly have been alerted, however, that the attack was about to get underway.

The Original story:

The 2011 Obama golf season is off to a a roaring start, with the president headed out today for the fifth time in as many weeks.

This is Obama’s 66th time golfing as president and his eighth time this year.

After a Hawaii vacation session at the beginning of January, this year’s Obama golf season officially got underway with two chilly outings in March. Obama resumed play on April 3, and has hit the links every week since.

While there are no official statistics being kept, it’s probably safe to say that no president has ever golfed five weeks in a row. It’s not even clear that Dwight Eisenhower, who also loved to hit the greens, ever pulled this off.

The weather at Andrews Air Force Base, where the president is playing, is a pleasant 60 degrees, with a chance of rain by mid afternoon, though he should be done by then.

Along with him is his usual posse – junior White House officials Ben Finkenbinder and Marvin Nicholson, and the Energy Department’s David Katz.

UPDATE: Golf cut short due to chilly weather and rain. Nine holes only.

110 thoughts on “Obama Golfs for the Fifth Weekend in a Row”

  1. I notice the criticism of Obama for only golfing with guys has died down. He does a token outing with one woman, and … voila! no more bad guy!

    He’s a piece of work…

    1. Yes, like the REAL Military, not that (supposed ) CinC who bought the WH. Is the Military allowed to use the course while the o is there?
      Interesting that he plays with “junior White House officials”. Are they on payroll for golf time?

        1. But then, it does also cut short his time to delve into the collected works of Rienhold Niebuhr–remember when he tried to convince us this was his fave?

          You know–some fresh air might help me!

  2. Come on, Keith. We should support him golfing as often as possible. When he’s on the links, he’s not implementing his ideas.

  3. I guess Duh Won is all rested from his big night at the Bully Pulpit. I am not sure if you are going to do an apres WHCD thread, but why did it turn into a Trump Roast? Isn’t the ‘roastee’ supposed to get a turn at the podium to skewer back?

    I guess in Obama’s upcoming travels, he WON’T be playing any Trump owned courses?

    1. Noticed that too. Watched some of it on Fox where the so-called comedian made mincemeat out of Trump. Never heard of the guy before and now I know why…funny he was not. I would never vote for Trump as president, but he certainly appears to have the beltway crowd on the warpath. Good thing Trump is as big a narcissist as Barry.

  4. I do not want the Dems to ever say one word about the GOP President when he takes over the WH in 2013 taking any vacations or playing golf. Or whatever. Not one word.

    1. If a “she” ever makes it to the WH, instead of golf outings, there could be “big game hunts” with all of the game processed and donated to charity! jb

  5. He is a joke, who thinks the world loves him. To bad he surrounded himself with people who can’t or won’t tell him the truth. He spends more time vacationing, golfing, playing basketball, sucking up to Hollywood and campaigning than he does working for the American people. Oh yeah, GET YOUR FEET OFF OF THE HISTORICAL FURNITURE!

  6. Russell Gates via White House Dossier
    I think it would be neat if the prez went for an outing of puttputt with his daughters. Instead of 5 straight weekends of golf with a few minions. if he doesn’t like the job why is he running for a 2nd term?

  7. You know, after taking out our greatest enemy in the morning, I think he deserves a little time on the links to celebrate.

  8. Obama left Andrews AFB early supposedly because of inclement weather. He played 9 holes instead of his usual 18. The weather looked fine in DC only 10 miles from the WH. Was Obama playing golf when Osama went down?

  9. Give the guy a break. He spends alot of time looking for Ghosts. He needs some time off. After all, how many people do you know that can find dead people? That takes alot of work and imagination. For all of you who voted for this spook….You are going to get what you deserve, and you are not goint to like it. But don’t worry…At some point in time , those of us in the know will put you out of your misery.

    1. Sorry – Obama didn’t accomplish anything!

      The ‘accomplishment’ was by a group of our very best – U.S. Navy Seals

      1. Those minimizing the President’s role in making this day happen are misguided. Obama appointed Leon Panetta as director of the CIA and told him to make getting bin Ladin his no. 1 priority. He put Panetta in charge of the entire operation and gave him command over SEAL Team 6 and other special ops forces. The fact is that the president ordered this operation and of course must receive the credit for its success, just as his critics would insist he take the blame if it had failed or if he had decided to cancel it out of fear of inflaming Pakistan or other concerns. May I suggest a tasty order of crow for you today?

  10. After killing Osama Bin Laden, our President deserves a few rounds of golf. He had more than 5 meetings with CIA to discuss Osama mission and authorized the attack. Good job mr. President. and good job Bush for leading to all of this.

  11. How heartless and mean-spirited of you, Keith! I mean, the President was only able to get in just 9 holes – HALF A ROUND – today! And you just want to attack has he spends 3-4 hours out playing golf, instead of a typical 6-8 hours…


    1. It’s also been reported that Obama sleeps 5-6 hours a night and sometimes eats 3 meals a day! Can you believe this guy?

  12. I love all the idiots dissing Obama for playing golf. I’m no Democrat but please, my Republican friends, how does it feel to read through these comments with the knowledge that Obama just accomplished what President Bush promised he would but never did? His name will be in the history books as having been the Commander in Chief who took out bin Laden. This is great for our country! Readers of this site, please realize that our President is not the enemy. In reality, he’s pretty darn competent. I guess it doesn’t matter since he just cemented his re-election anyway! 2012 will be a great year to put up your Goldwater Tea Party candidate after all!

    1. Dear I’m not a Democrat. *cough cough*
      BO has accomplished great things: 10% unemployment, $5 gallon gasoline, 14 trillion dollar deficit, skyrocketing inflation. I could go on.

      Nice touch how Osama will get a traditional Islamic burial according to the WH. I could go on….

      1. Osama’s body should have been sewn inside a pig skin for all to see.
        Every muslim terrorist leader should be told that you will be buried like Osama wrapped in pigskin if you are killed.and your body is recovered by american forces.

      2. Granny, you forgot two other accomplishments: pulling combat troops out of Iraq after 7 years, and one other one that I can’t seem to remember . . . oh, yeah, he effected the killing of Osama bin Laden. What a great day, and only a partisan grouch like you would be unhappy about it. I suspect the a “traditional Islamic burial” consisted of a bunch of Special Ops dudes throwing his corpse out of a moving airplane, hopefully setting it on fire first.

  13. Better than spending weeks on end at a Texas ranch. It took a real leader to get the job done, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

  14. Just shows how clueless Obama is as to what the “real” government employees are doing while he “plays” President.

    And then HE takes credit! LOL

    Obama to announce later today: “Tomorrow, on my direction, the sun will rise in the east.”

    What a tool.

    1. So in your ignorance you believe the military either does or should take this sort of action without the direction of the CinC? Go back to “sportsworld”, it should better suit your intellect.

      What a tool.

  15. Koffler,

    I just came across your blog. To dwell on Obama playing golf the way you did is absolutely PATHETIC. The President is reachable at all times and of course, having authorized the attempt to apprehend or kill Bin Laden on Friday, it was important that he keep the whole thing under cover. If you can’t come up with something of greater substance than keeping tabs on Obama’s golf outings, then please move to the National Inquirer where you’ll feel right at home.

    1. It’s kind of embarrassing that BO was on the golf course when the strike occurred, but now that I know it was all part of a deep cover operation I feel so much better.

      It is odd though that the White House said BO was in the situation room all afternoon. Who knew that Andrews AFB golf course had a situation room on the 9th tee?

  16. What can you say? Obama is an ACHIEVER. Can he go for six or seven, oh, isn’t there a trip to Europe coming up? Perhaps he can spend the weekend on the golf course there. Does it matter whether the streak is continued on multiple continents?

  17. Likely what happened: Obama was upset like the loud mouthed fatso on The View that there weren’t enough black people at the Royal Wedding on Saturday. After secretly puffing a few cigarettes he told Michelle he was going golfing the next day to calm himself down. And because he was getting bad press coverage over the killing of children in Libya, he finally gave the green light, after months, to go after Obama. The mission was a success and cut Obama’s 18 holes short. PS..I feel guilty golfing more than once a year due to the long time needed and I have my own one man business that does ok

  18. Keith, do you have a Drudge alarm? Your update caused him to change his story. Does he have a Koffler alarm?

    So apparently Obama was keeping to his ordinary activities to avoid suspicioun. If he hadn’t played golf it would have been very suspicious….whatever

  19. The President is the most unfocused president in the history of America. Why is he golfing so much 66 times that is a shame.

    1. I hope you realize how unlikely it’d be for him to lose re-election now that he’s killed the world’s most wanted man. Looks like maniacs on these message boards will have to keep frothing at the mouth until January 2017!!! Seriously, January 2017, can you imagine, Obama that whole time. John McCain will be 81 then. Many of the Tea Partiers just elected to various statehouses will already be termed out. Derrick Rose will be almost 30. Cam Newton will be finishing his 6th NFL season, assuming he lasts that long. And Obama will STILL be in office! What a world! January 2017!

  20. Obama is a bigger enemy to our America than “Bin Dead before a few times Osama.” The display at the white house was a disgrace. This is not who Americans are.

    No one beleives the Stock Market got healthy. We believe the liar is looking for a way to shred what is left to our constitution and will invent a problem of retaliation by Osamas people is coming so therefore we need to surrender something else from our Constitutional rights.


    1. Just be glad your Prez is young and strong and knows well enough that a round of golf is temporarily relaxing, and more important allows for deep thought about planning and a heartfelt search of his own mind as to what to do and what NOT to risk. Negative posters on here have NO idea at all about extreme stress to do with RISKY raids like last night. There MUST always be a balance in order to wrap you mind around such historic events, not sitting around biting your nails.

    1. Clowns are funny, not stupid. They’re amusing, but not stupid!

      To label a clown as stupid — now that’s just plain silly!

  21. A great day for all americans. And all you losers can talk about is golf. If there was a set of balls between all of you, you would congratulate the president on a job well done.

    1. This article was written before there was knowledge of the event. It isn’t even related except the two events occured within hours of each other.

      If George Bush had been on the golf course while Navy Seals were preparing their attack you would be singing a different tune and it would be all over the media.

      1. It’s the foot-in-mouth aspect of this message board that’s so hilarious to those of us who don’t read this garbage regularly. What was he doing on the golf course! How dare he! Oh, wait, he was waiting for word that bin Laden had been killed at his direction. Yet you idiots are still lambasting him for playing golf. So that is why your vitriol is so amusing to normal, non-crazy people.

  22. “Let them eat ARUGULA”, he must be thinking! And Michelle Antoinette agrees with him! I guess the White House bowling alley (yes, there is one) isn’t good enough for the Obamas for recreation. They must spend millions of taxpayer money instead.

    And they say they disposed of Osama bin Laden’s body at sea. So we may never know if they REALLY got him!

    “Just trust me”, Obama says. Yea, right! Look what happened the last time America trusted him. We got the Teleprompter Tyrant!

    Sounds to me like the Deceiver in Chief needed a campaign boost more than a lower handicap!

    1. You are aware that it was Nixon, not Obama, who built the WH bowling alley, right? And that it was paid for by his family and their friends and not the taxpayers, right?

  23. Glad to know the Playboy in Chief is keeping his handicap in proper shape! And on Sunday! And to think! I thought so-called Christians considered Sunday to be a day of worship. He was “playing” proper veneration to the GOLF God, of course! Or was it the golf IDOL! Ah, the idols people worship instead!

    1. I heard that instead of going to a Christian, or even a Muslim, church, that Obama worships a totem pole in the shape of Lee Trevino. Imagine, someone who plays golf on the weekend! How un-American can you get!

  24. He will likely miss the place: According to CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller, today’s trip marks Mr. Bush’s 149th visit to the presidential retreat. The planned three-day stay, during which the president is being joined by family and former and current aides, will bring his total time spent at Camp David to all or part of 487 days.

    Yes, that’s 487 days. And Camp David is not even where the president has spent the most time when not at the White House: Knoller reports that Mr. Bush has made 77 visits to his ranch in Crawford during his presidency, and spent all or part of 490 days there.

    My comments:

    According to my math, that’s 977 days on vacation or close to 3 years of vacation over the 8 years he was president. So next time, put a round of golf, which lasts 4 hours max, in context to Bush’s 3 years of vacation/sleeping on the job. I think President Obama deserves a quick round of golf on a Sunday if it helps him clear his head while he makes one of the most crucial decisions in our nation’s history. Because if it went wrong, people like you would have been all over it. So do us a favor, and put you’re foot back in your mouth where it belongs.

  25. Ok this is really too much. This whole Osama been found, killed, then less than 24 hours We dispose of the body in the ocean. Yea right and he must be next to kenedy and Jimmy hofa. What a bunch of bullshit common America pull the wool off your eyes and wake the hell up.

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  27. Reagan never accomplished anything this great.

    Before you cue the soviet union, ask yourself, did Americans dance in the street in the middle of the night? Answer: No

  28. Can you believe our golfing hack marxist ruler actually stop playing because of an urgent government situation.
    I guess there is always a first time for everything.
    Looks to me that this announcement will most likely result in another lavish vacation.

  29. Yes America vote for this jerk, lets give him some more golf on our dime. he sure has earned it. Just go away barry.

    1. Just think, after this round of golf and Obama’s killing of bin Laden, we’ll have Obama as President and Commander in Chief until January 2017!!! And Republicans might just lose the House in 2012, also, especially as old people continue to realize what the GOP budget will do to the welfare programs (Medicare, SS) that they rely on. Unfortunately, their loss will mean that the Dems move back in, but that’s our system. But the main point is that Obama will now probably be President until January 2017! 2017!!!!

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  31. Just looking at the time lines. Obama plays a quick round of Golf. 3.5 hours
    10-1:30 is plenty of time to play a round. Kind of slow for 9.

  32. Obama did what Bush couldn’t – got rid of Osama. Maybe if Bush wasn’t such a Saudi lover he could have done this years earlier.

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