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Will Obama Go Golfing Twice This Weekend?

Updated 4:05 pm ET

The White House is calling for the press pool to arrive both Saturday and Sunday at about the time he usually heads out.

He did the family thing Friday, as everyone accompanied him to Alabama and then to Cape Canaveral.

AND  . . . it’s about 70 degrees here in the Washington area both days. Perfect weather.

I say he goes out both days. What do you think?

UPDATE: No golf Saturday. He will golf Sunday, and I don’t need a Magic 8 Ball to know it.


10 Responses to Will Obama Go Golfing Twice This Weekend?

  1. Of course he will. How could anyone expect him to actually work on a weekend. It’s bad enough that we expect him to at least show up at the Oval Office during the week. Guess he needs somewhere to put his feet up and rest from all the parties and golfing.

  2. While it is off point, I am happy to see the SF Chronicle to call the WH out on the lie. Perhaps the bloom is off the rose…and some of the other reporters will actually report the truth.

  3. He’s got all that pesky consoling of the little people out of the way so why not get some R&R on the links. Who cares about the military who can’t do the same because he’s hogging their golf course.

    Hey, isn’t the WH Correspondents’ dinner tonight? Wonder if there will be anyone from the SF Chronicle attending. Heard Trump was on the guest list too, unless he got dis-invited.

  4. How did girls and MO get home? A separate plane, I’m guessing? I’m guessing a separate plane for MO to get from Chicago to DC, when our fearless leader went to NYC for fund-raising? I’m appalled at the transportation costs and the WASTE of money. And yes, I was appalled at the Crawford visits, too.

    • They went home on a separate plane. They are not worried about the “optics” (love the new term). Same thing when they went to Chicago for the Oprah love in. She went back to DC on one plane and he went to NYC for a fund raiser on another plane.

  5. If the Republicans were smart, next week they would place an order for a new 747 Air Force One.. By the time Obama goes out of office the one he has now will be wore out.