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Today’s Obama Poll || America Wants Repeal of Obamacare

Forty four percent of voters believe the health reform law should be repealed compared with 38 percent who do not, demonstrating a persisting thumbs down for Obamacare even after its initial measures – like guaranteeing insurance for those with pre-existing conditions and keeping young adults on their parents policies – have been rolled out.

Obama has pretty much given up trying to sell the law, rarely mentioning it much, though I suppose he’ll have to come back to it as it’s attacked by Republicans during the campaign.

The stats are included in a new poll conducted this month by Hearst Television and Franklin and Marshall College, which finds that Obama has unfortunately fixed something most people don’t believe is a problem. From the F & M report on the poll:

Americans are generally satisfied with how well the current healthcaresystem meets their needs. More than one in three (36%) says the system meets their needs very well, and another two in five (43%) say it meets their needs pretty well, leaving about one in five (20%) Americans who feel the system is not serving theirpersonal needs. These proportions have not changed since the health care reform law was passed.

Nearly nine in ten (85%) respondents report the health care they receive is about the same as it was before the health care reform law passed, and three in four (74%) say the reform law has had no effect on them personally.  More people believe the health care reform law will make the health care system worse (42%) than better (32%) and fewer than one in three (30%) believes the law will bring down the long-run costs of health care.

Obama made a choice. He had enough political capital – or personal willpower – to achieve one or two Big Things. He chose a $789 billion stimulus and Obamacare. The public doesn’t like either. He DID NOT choose immigration reform, deficit reduction or tax reform. He will have to live in 2012 with his choices.

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  1. The NYT is debating whether doctors should be on Facebook….Obamacare is that times a zillion–you are not sure of the details, but just sense it’s not going to help you.

    1. Your question is silly. No one wants to pay much for of anything.

      The relivant question is how much more are you willing to pay for insurace, deductables and co-pays for decreased levels of gov. controlled medical treatment from fewer and more poorly trained doctors?

  2. BO-Kare wasn’t wanted, still isn’t wanted. That won’t deter the political elitist “liberals” determined to put – and keep – us pee-ons, I mean us peons of America as far under the hobbed heels of the central government as possible.

  3. We didn’t want BO-Kare, still don’t want BO-Kare. They knew it, they still know it. That won’t deter our elitist “liberals” who are determined to put, and keep, us pee-ons, I mean us peons of Americal as far under the hobbed heel of govenment as possible; may their tribe rot in Hades.

  4. The problem with these polls is that people do not have enough information to provide a considered answer.

    If you’re healthy, as most respondents are, of course you’ll have a good opinion of the system and your insurance provider, because you don’t need to use them. Then, when you actually make a claim, you find out how the insurers are willing to be a “death panel” by finding every possible loophole to make you pay as much as possible.

    Thanks to what this blog calls “Obamacare,” I now have the opportunity to start a business, a dream which I had wanted for many years but was unable to afford because nobody would ever cover me due to preexisting conditions. The only travesty in the process is that I will have to wait until 2014 to do so, and that people will die for three more years until the patient protections take effect.

    I don’t care if it costs me more in taxes for health reform, because covering everyone and preventing needless illness and death is simply the right thing to do.

    1. Thanks to what this blog calls Obamacare, I had my leg amputated by government doctors because it was cheaper than a cast for my broken ankle. Oh, wait, I just made that up to drum up sympathy.

      You know you’re losing the argument when you have to hide behind anonymous sob stories. Especially stories as ridiculous as “Obamacare helped me start a small business.” Yeah, and entitlement reform helped my grampa buy a vacation house.

      Feeding everyone and sheltering them is also “the right thing to do,” but nobody actually suggests we do that because we know the end result of Communism. The bottom line is, nobody wakes up at 6 and leaves the house for 10-30 hours because “it’s the right thing to do,” yet that’s how you get every last CC of your health care. We already have a shortage of doctors because the decade of study and huge liabilities aren’t worth the salary. Money makes the world go round.

  5. A reasonable approach is what is wanted. Not a monster bill that has billions of dollars wasted on issues other than Healthcare. Like the college student loan part. Why is it even in this bill? And lets not mention the goodies for buddies.

  6. Here is what Obama’s health-care reform law has done to me. Not FOR me; TO me.

    BEFORE Obamacare, that is up until December 31, 2010, the family deductible for my company-paid medical coverage was $300…and it had been $300 for years.

    AFTER Obamacare, that is on January 1, 2011, the family deductible for my company-paid medical coverage went up to $2,800. You can do the math. And because my company is self-insured, it was a take it or leave it situation.

    Obama LIED when he said that if I liked the plan I currently had, I’d be able to keep it. He was WRONG. Instead, my company canceled the plan I liked and in its place substituted the aforementioned high-deductible plan.

    Obama LIED when he said his plan would “bend the cost curve downward.” What he really meant was: “Bend over and face downward.”

    Thanks, Obama!

    1. ACA had ZERO to do with your company changing the plan. ZERO! Go ask your HR folks or CIO why they raised the deductible. Costs were going up and that has ZERO to do with reform.As a self insured plan your Employer makes the decisions on costs to employees.
      You likely have the chance for an HSA and your monthly premiums are lower than they were before.
      FYI – the average deductible these days is over $1000.
      ACA goes into full effect in 2014. If your employer blamed ACA for this they lied to you.

      1. Wrong! BO-Kare has in fact driven cost up NOW, as it was designed to do, well before full implimention of it’s supposed ‘benifits.” That point was made clear even by it’s proponents before passage — were you ‘lost in space’ during that period of “librul” tyrannical govenment power over the clear and LOUD protests of some 60% of the public?

        But, if you really do think the provisions of BO-Kare are a boon to all mankind, how do you explain why the administraton has already exempted over a thousand specific Dem party supporters from being tied to its demands?

      2. I’m a full-time, licensed health insurance agent. Your comment that “ACA had ZERO to do with your company changin the plan” is THE BIGGEST LIE YOU COULD TELL. You apparently don’t know anything about the details, the movement in the health care market, or the way carriers and businesses have adjusted their coverage in anticipation of the changes forced by this horrible approach to health care. You, sir, are woefully misinformed. That from a professional in the field.

      3. You keep thinking that, mmm-kay? When my premiums went up this year, and the deductibles as well, the HOSPITAL I work for was very clear the increased cost to us was directly due to the additional coverage they are now required to provide. And you can believe our executives and HR people were asked more than once in our open employee meetings why our costs were going up!

      4. Wrong again…my employer also self-insures…and aca has driven the costs up. My empower cannot lie to me..we have an employee health insurance committee. We review claims and negotitiate with local doctors, hire the third party administrator…we do it all in out committee. But guess what…aca has raised our cost by nearly fifty percent. We had to cut benefits and raise deductible. I have a 25 year old daughter, married for four years and a baby. She is not my dependent and has not been since graduating college three years ago. But now my employer must provide her…and dozens more like her with fun coverage on our group plan…and because I have dependent coverage…they collect no additional premium. My daughter does not need the insurance…she has her own…most of the 21 to 2y year olds we had to take into the pan for free are unemployed, not going to college and wont join the military….im so pleased Obama is looking out for his base….at the expense of my felon empoyees

    2. Jack, ObamaCare had nothing to do with the increased cost of your insurance, other than setting up a future structure for the health care economy. You were NEVER going to have the same plan you had last year. Count yourself fortunate to have had the low deductible last year. BTW, beware if you ever do need hospital care. Look at the bill and the EOB carefully. My kid went to a hospital ER in Philly for a migraine headache, and we got a bill submitted to our insurance company for $35,000 — WHICH WAS PAID — and the hospital now wants another $1700 from me. ALL CROOKS.

    3. “ACA had ZERO to do with your company changing the plan. ZERO! ”

      Yeah, Obamacare didn’t change his plan, it just mandated that his plan cover a host of ancillary, unneeded, and politically favored procedures for him, his wife, and his children until they turn 27. They never said he couldn’t keep his plan!

      Make sure you tell the White House about Jack’s employer, If we’re going to turn this country around, we need to make sure Sebelius punishes these lying corporate fat cats who are taking advantage of Obamacare to make themselves less attractive to employees.

      Don’t worry though Jack, once Obamacare takes “full effect,” you can get on the subsidized healthcare plans. You can be sure that politically popular diseases like breast cancer or autism will be fully funded, if you ever come down with a case of those.

      1. is inoperative now. I tried it the other day and my message bounced. I wanted to tell Linda Douglas, the NYU ABC CBS wh-re who set up the rat line. She was exposed a few weeks ago as a CIA operative under Hillary Clinton in the 90’s, feeding her lies strait into our minds through CBS.

  7. The American sheeple generally have no idea how health care works. The Obama plan is intentionally set up to increase conflict within the health care industry, playing market forces of insurance against health care providers, but putting up high walls within which these parties must fight it out. We the Sheeple are the noisy crowd outside the octagon, paying an ever higher ticket price to see how the fight turns out. Right now the game calls for us to drop our pants and take the cost increases, so once the rules are set the insurance and health provider industries will be so profitable that the whacks applied by the new law will not really hurt their bottom line. It will be a good five years before the system makes any sense to anyone. The only consolation is that it will be better than what we currently have . . . lousy, inequitable access to care at exorbitant rates.

    1. Nope… You’ll just end up having health care like the UK or Canada. And that’s a given–any time you socialize something, care suffers because there are fewer doctors, more patients, more costs, more fraud and waste.

      You are clueless if you think this whole effort is going to benefit your personal health care. I can guarantee in five years you’ll be wishing for the “good old days” when the government wasn’t the distributor of health care. (They’ve done such a good job of promoting green energy–wind turbines have no beneficial impact, and solar–heavily subsidized. Anytime the government gets involved in something, it creates a surplus in one sector of the economy and an excess in another sector, with the taxpayer forced to pick up the difference. Problem is, the “something” rarely if ever improves.)

  8. How many of that 44% want the current law repealed and and replaced with real health care reform, such as Medicare for all? Unless you know, I don’t see how you can use that number to justify your conclusions.

    1. I would love a single payer system, but only if Medicare layers on a strong case management system to keep everyone honest. A third of Medicare money (at least) is wasted because bills are not adequately audited and until recently it was easy to set up a fraud mill to milk the system. On the flip side, we do need “death panels.” Why should we pay half of all medical expenses for the last 2 weeks of life? We are all going to die someday, and quality, not quantity, of life should be the primary consideration. If I am terminal, give me lots of strong painkillers and let me go quick and painless.

  9. 44-38 isn’t much of a margin especially when you consider that those with govt. healthcare (Medicare) gain nothing from it – here in America, those with are generally not of mind to give a crap about those without

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  11. If you want to see how government health care works. Google “Tico Times”.
    They have an article about how the Cost Rican government run health care is broke.

  12. The monstrosity we call Obamacare must be repealed. If anyone has elderly parents or grandparents, they will be the first casualties of this law if it ever goes into effect. Why you may ask? It is called the Independent Payment Advisory Board (aka death panel), which was modeled after Great Britain’s health care rationing board National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, with the Orwellian acronym NICE. Rham’s brother Ezekiel will be testing out his “complete lives system” on Grandma and Grandpa if we don’t stop this takeover of our health care system at the earliest opportunity.

  13. I don’t understand this big love affair with doctors. I believe that over-doctoring is a major big deal. Going to a doctor is sure to result in some kind of major modification of your body. In so many cases it is totally unnecessary surgeries, some of them quite major, and some resulting in death. People need to be a lot more hesitant to go to doctors. Most conditions will ultimately go away if you just think about what it is you did that caused it, change your diet, or just wait it out. So many of my friends and relatives have died from what appears to be the treatment, not the ailment. I’m surprised that more people have not observed this. Look how many thousands of men get that devastating prostrate surgery. I think they are getting talked into it. In my opinion it is not needed. Look how many women are getting surgery for breast cancer. What about the fact that lumps on the human body are related to deficiency of iodine, you arn’t to likely to hear that when you go to the doctor. Having “good” insurance may be dangerous. I don’t know why everyone talks about “quality health care”. I think that’s another term or “over-doctoring”. I think that insurance should not be used for health care. It makes it too easy to go to a doctor, and it makes it too easy to give in to over-doctoring.. I won’t go to doctors, I want to stay alive.

    1. Most conditions will ultimately go away if you just think about what it is you did that caused it, change your diet, or just wait it out. So many of my friends and relatives have died from what appears to be the treatment, not the ailment

      I tend to think this way, too. I always wait–and wait… A few years ago, I faithfully took medicine that may have given me an ultimately fatal lung thing–I am getting shorter of breath, but not going back to the doctor, what’s the point. I also was put on blood thinners for something else many Americans have–and it blew out my right retina–four surgeries later, blind in that eye. Everything I worry about is from a treatment! Not from being old and fat–but from being treated. You really need to be your own death panel–or you could…um…well… I am not saying this always applies–but you have to use judgment–it’s your body, not your doctor’s.

  14. Yes, I want Obamacare repealed.

    The sooner the better.

    No Cap and Trade by Congress or the EPA.

    No immigration reform until the boarders are secured.

    Obama is the wrong man for the job. Worst President ever.

  15. Lots of hyperbole on the comments here.

    Polls with “repeal vs. keep” are misleading. This is not an either/or choice. Fox News actually has the best polls on this issue, and they show that when you split the choices up into 4 – “repeal completely,” “repeal parts,” “keep as is,” and “expand,” You get about 30% for complete repeal, 30% for partial repeal, 20% for expansion, and 15% for keeping it as is.

    Dig deeper and give the “repeal parts” and “repeal completely” people further choices and they’ll split between what issues they want out of the ACA, and whether they want the system to be returned to the way it was or replaced with the GOP plan.

    Public opinion on this is not cut and dry. In my personal experience, the reaction I get most about ACA is confusion and frustration. No one seems to know what it actually does. People never like things they don’t understand.

  16. This article is a load. Read which contains the latest Kaiser Foundation poll of this issue which totally refutes this “Franklin and Marshall college” poll. The latter does not even appear as it is too obscure.

    Kaiser, on the other hand, is one of the LARGEST health care groups in the business. Right wing sites cherry pick garbage.

    1. Other independent polls are consistent with F & M, which is a widely respected poll. This F & M poll is actually not as bad for health reform as some others. A Bloomberg poll in March found 52 percent favor repeal vs. 42 percent who don’t. Kaiser is not an independent polling firm.

  17. 40% now support the Public Option or Single Payer. Wow, hopefully we will soon replace DoleCare with either one of the. The old failed ConCare is headed for the trash heap of history.

    And that “the current healthcare system” is the one Conservatives have been whining about since it was implemented a year ago. So it appears that people are at least content with DoleCare.

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